Social media, Gov 2.0 and government workers


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At the annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration in Las Vegas on March 4, 2012, JD Lasica and Chris Abraham of will be giving a Super Session on social media strategy for public sector managers and employees. This presentation covers topics such as the importance of a social media strategy, metrics, SEO, keywords, Gov 2.0 sites, and lots more.

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Social media, Gov 2.0 and government workers

  1. 1. SUPER SESSIONCreate impact witha Social Media Action Plan American Society for Public Administration Las Vegas, March 4, 2012 JD Lasica Chris Abraham
  2. 2. Today’s hashtag Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Prakhar Tweet this preso! Hashtag: #aspacon
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today1. Survey of ecosystem2. Begin with a strategy3. Meaningful metrics4. Content & conversation5. Gov use of social media6. Campaigns with impact7. Use your communityQ&A, summary, hugs, tearful goodbyes
  4. 4. Relax! Creative Commons BY photo on Flickr by Tom@HK
  5. 5. 8 color handouts. Be happy!
  6. 6. THE ECOSYSTEMSocial media a game-changer• Blogs• Social networks• Microblogs (Twitter)• Online video (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)• Widgets• Photo sharing (Flickr, Photobucket, etc.)• Podcasts• Virtual worlds• Wikis• Social bookmarking• Forums• Presentation sharing
  7. 7. Staggering growth• 77% US adults are frequent social media users.*• 150 million active blogs; 1 million blog posts created per day• 6 of top 10 websites in US are social sites (YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Blogger, Craigslist, Twitter)• Twitter: 100+ million active users, 250 million tweets per day• Flickr: 35 million people, 4 billion-plus photos• YouTube: 3 billion videos watched per day *source: Nielsen Online, spring 2010
  8. 8. Facebook: The social network 850 million members worldwide — 76% of US Internet users are on Facebook 900 600 3002004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 0 2010 2011 Today Facebook’s global growth rate, 2004-2012, in millions
  9. 9. Revolutionizing revolutions• Egypt: 18 days from Facebook-organized protest to Mubarak’s fall• Facebook group One Million Voices Against FARC mobilized 10 million people to march against FARC in hundreds of cities in Colombia• Different outcome in Iran & Myanamar
  10. 10. Revolutionizing politics 2012 Obama Re-election Campaign
  11. 11. Revolutionizing governance• Open gov initiatives in New York, Chicago, elsewhere• Nationwide 311 efforts•• 2.0• Virtual Alabama• Washington, DC’s Gov 2.0 efforts• Cook County’s open data portal• New Orleans’ open data platform
  12. 12. Revolutionizing communications • 8 trillion text messages sent in 2011 • 5.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide — 77% of Earth’s population • 500 million to 1 billion people access Internet via mobile, many of them only through mobile • Almost 1 in 5 global mobile subscribers have access to fast mobile Internet (3G+) • Today 85%+ of new handsets can access mobile Web Sources: mobiThinking, Wikipedia
  13. 13. DON’T FORGET MOBILE!Is your site mobile-ready? WPtouch Pro for mobile phones, Onswipe for iPad
  14. 14. EXERCISECreate a mobile calling card Text jdlasica to 50500 Create your own at
  15. 15. 2 . L AY T H E G R O U N D W O R KBefore you plunge in ...• Understand that social media is a series of stages: crawl, walk, run, fly• Do you have a social media policy or guidelines?• Do you have a Strategic Social Media Plan in place?• Have you defined a clear theme?• Are you listening to your constituents & community?• Have you built a program before you turn to a campaign?• Have you identified and trained your team members?• Do you have buy-in from top management?
  16. 16. Begin with a strategy Elements of a Social Media Action Plan:360 assessment of socialmedia capabilitiesSpell out business goalsIdentify online communityProposed use of socialtools & platformsLay out metrics programRecommendations onexpanded capabilitiesCompetitive/peer analysis
  17. 17. E S TA B L I S H G O A L SHow can you use social media?• Raise public awareness of your program or cause• Reach new constituents & supporters• Involve the community in decision-making• Build a community of passionate champions• Get people to take real-world actions• Enhance existing communications programs• Raise funds for a cause• Advance your organization’s mission
  18. 18. 3. MEANINGFUL METRICSBefore you start, measure! ‘Data is better than gut’: Gather, analyze, act Photos on Flickr by Emran Kassim, left, and Vee Dub (CC-BY)
  20. 20. Map goals to metricsGoals KPIs to measure• Grow email list # newsletter subscribers• SEO: Increase online visibility increase in traffic or linkback #s• Increase comments on blog avg. # comments/post• Increase positive mentions of mentions or pick-ups in blogs organization or program & social networks• Have visitors stick around stick rate, bounce rate• Make our content more viral # of shares• Get people to take action # of petition signatures• Get people to attend event # of registrants, year over year
  21. 21. KEYWORDS ARE KEYWhat does your site rank for? Search your own site’s keyword juju on &
  22. 22. New metrics of engagement Beyond page views "We dont really care about page views as much as we care about comments. If we get 1,000 video views, that is good. The comments are a focus group with our influencers. If they like it, theyll spread it and that helps get us to our objectives." - Jake Brewer, PowerShift
  23. 23. HANDOUTSTwo cheat sheets
  24. 24. 4 . C O N T E N T & C O N V E R S AT I O NThe power of storytelling Cave drawing, Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago
  25. 25. C O N V E R S AT I O N F O L L O W S I N T E R E S T I N G C O N T E N TYour organization is a media outlet Awareness > Influence > Action > Impact
  26. 26. Create lightweight mediaDon’t look now but you’re a content creator! Using Animoto
  27. 27. F O R N O N P R O F I T S & C A U S E O R G A N I Z AT I O N S Make the stories personalFind emotional core, use videos or photos to make us feel
  28. 28. Find your internal storytellers• List staffers’ skills• Who’s good at photos?• Video?• Writing?• Facebook or Twitter?• Create a Blog Squad• Who’s good at campaigns?• Open your blog to guest posts
  29. 29. 5. GOVERNMENT USE OF SOCIAL MEDIAOpen government When citizens believe their governments are sharing more information, they are more likely to feel satisfied with civic life. Pew Internet & American Life Project, “How the Public Perceives Community Information Systems”
  30. 30. Civic engagement platform
  31. 31. CONNECTING CITIES & CODERSCode for America
  32. 32. O B A M A I N I T I AT I V EHelping kids get healthier
  33. 33. W I N T E R C I T Y S T R AT E G YCity of Edmonton
  34. 34. IN GOVERNMENTTwitter power users @corybooker @bouldercolorado @clairemc @PhiladelphiaGov @MikeBloomberg @StateDept
  35. 35. D . C . O F F I C E O F C I T Y A D M I N I S T R AT O ROne City Map &
  36. 36. D C . G O V D ATA C ATA L O GRoll your own data
  37. 37. D ATA V I S U A L I Z AT I O NMap mashups with open data Broadband speeds at schools & colleges in Miami
  38. 38. D ATA V I S U A L I Z AT I O NDescry Project’s Obesity Epidemic
  39. 39. 6 . C A M PA I G N S W I T H I M PA C TChampioning a cause online Unity Productions Foundation
  40. 40. U N I T Y P R O D U C T I O N S C A M PA I G N Using the Long Tail• 1,387 bloggers responded, 800 shared My Fellow American video• Video has received 655,000+ views• Thousands of Americans shared personal stories about positive experiences with Muslim-American neighbors
  41. 41. FRESH AIR FUNDIntegrated social media
  42. 42. FRESH AIR FUNDReal-world outcomes• 11 blogger outreach • 1600% increase in campaigns online mentions• Expanded Facebook, • Strengthened brand Twitter presences awareness• Enhanced website SEO • Expanded donor funnel
  43. 43. SAVE MARY LAKEThe rise of micro-giving $300,000 raised in 2 months
  44. 44. C H A R I T Y: WAT E RMake your cause tangible
  45. 45. TWEET FOR A CURESpinal Muscular Atrophy2,922 people have tweeted reaching 1.6 million followers
  46. 46. EXERCISESMA: Tweet for a Cure
  48. 48. 7. USE YOUR COMMUNITYDon’t do all the heavy lifting! Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Jason Means Tap into the sharing community
  49. 49. Find your external champions! Find the big kahunas in your sector by using your listening post. Then, influence the influencers. Post on their blogs & retweet. Establish a rapport and only then reach out to try to convert them into evangelists & ambassadors for your cause. Scope out Twitter Lists that intersect with your organization or social cause. Useful tools: Klout, SocialMention, Google Analytics.
  50. 50. Use social love handles! Generate an Attention Wave to socialize your campaign
  51. 51. The awesome power of free Free content! Free resources!• Free photos •• Free videos (eg, TED talks) •• Free music & audio • Techsoup Free services! Free expertise!• Google Grants • BarCamp• YouTube for Nonprofits • PodCamp• Google Earth for Nonprofits • WordCamp • Social Media Club Free software & platforms!• WordPress & its plug-ins• Open Office, Google docs• Drupal, Joomla
  52. 52. • Rich source of free commercial & noncommercial images • Flickr: 210 million Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivatives & ShareAlike licenses • Use them for your blog, website, email or print newsletter, presentations, etc. • Don’t just take. Share!
  53. 53. RESOURCES Productivity tools• Google docs• LibreOffice• Google groups• Private group on Facebook• Project management (, SharePoint)• Skype
  54. 54. SOCIAL MEDIA DASHBOARDSPace yourself, don’t stress! HootSuite ThinkUp Tweetdeck Spredfast Crowdbooster Netvibes
  55. 55. Key takeaways• Begin with an aligned strategy, not with the tools.• Measure, measure, measure! Evaluate, iterate, relaunch.• Tell your stories.• Use your community — your biggest resource: your advocates!
  56. 56. Don’t settle for the status quoIf you do not change direction, you mayend up where you are heading. — Lao Tse
  57. 57. Thank you, let’s talk! JD Lasica Chris Abraham Twitter: @jdlasica Twitter: @chrisabraham