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Kids be Aware, Inc Newsletter

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Kba september newsletter[1]

  1. 1. September 2012 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Volume 1, Issue 6Tips for a Stress-Free Morning RoutineNow that school has resumed for fall, if smoother and stress levels willyour children are like mine, they are not decrease for you and the children.always excited about climbing out of bed You and the children will be in aand getting ready to leave the house on better mood and frame of mind totime. Because of this, they often waste being work once you arrive atvalue time looking for needed items school or work.before they are ready to go. To 3. Establish a “special” place and timedecrease your daily morning stress, for studying (i.e., specific chair/table,there are several techniques you can use desk, etc.) and make sure that allto make the mornings go smoother so materials needed are present before Table of Contentsyou and your children can leave home homework begins. When finished,and get to school on time with fewer check to make sure all items have CEO’s Corner ............... 2concerns about what to wear, where to been returned to the book bag and Highlights ......................... 2find one’s shoes, books, book bag, coat, the book bag has been returned toor other necessary supplies for the day: the bin by the specified door.1. Place a coat rack or several hooks 4. Establish an evening bath time and Featured Articles: on the wall near the door in the afterwards, have your children lay Healthy Recipes.............. 3 home that you most commonly use out their clothing for the following and instruct children to remove and Body Wellness................ 4 day. Assign morning time limits for hang coats, hats, gloves, etc., upon ........................................... 5 the bathroom. entry. Also, place a small bench or chair (if room permits) and place a 5. Eliminate distractions but not turning large plastic bin, shelf or basket (if on the TV or leaving it on a news enough space, use one individual channel instead of placing it on a container for each child) and instruct cartoon channel while your child is him/her to place shoes and book getting ready. bags into the bins upon entry. When 6. Ensure that your child begins each it comes time for homework, they morning with a good, healthy and can easily retrieve their book bag, balanced breakfast. complete their assignments, place items back in the book bag and As an added bonus, encourage your child return it to the bin for easy retrieval to keep his or her room clean and as they walk out the door for school organized. Not only will this help them, the next morning. Likewise, you can it will also help you when it comes to Our Mission and Vision avoid the shoe scavenger hunt in the overall home maintenance. Each morning that so often wastes To increase disease evening, set aside 15 minutes and send valuable time, especially when you awareness among children everyone, including you, to their are in a rush. bedrooms. Place a trash bag in the and parents; To promote2. Create a weekly schedule and hallway and a laundry basket in each healthy behaviors, reduce develop a daily routine. Your room. Have children remove all trash the spread of infections, children may need some constant from their rooms and place into the and to reduce health- reinforcement until they learn the trash bag and any dirty laundry into the related issues in our routine. Children thrive on basket. Other clothing items can be nation’s children. structure! Once they learn the hung up and placed into the closet or routine, morning transitions will be folded and put away, along with books,
  2. 2. Page 2 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. CEO’s Corner...Howdy! have envisioned much more for Malden. We are nowGreat News! We are reaching out to individualsofficially a 501(c)3 and organizations fororganization. We are now support and financialmoving forward with our backing in order to fulfill You may donate by goingmission and vision. You this need. at our website: http://may find us at www.kidsbeaware.org orhttp://www.guidestar.org simply by mailing in your The current need of this checks.We have also updated our organization is to open awebsite. Now you can go new health facility among I thank you in advanceonline and see who are our our Malden residents. for your support and hopeorganization donors. All Together, we can raise that you find it in yourdonors are listed on our disease awareness among heart to help us decreasewebsite. children and parents. health disparities amongI’m always pleased to bring our children.more good news to you all On Behalf of KBA, we areeach and every month and asking for in-kind “Teach me about health sohope that you enjoy reading donations. All donations that I may teach others”us as much as we enjoy are tax deductible. We seek Together we can!writing these articles for to acquire a facility withyou. approximately 1200 to 1500 Cheers and Peace to You! square footage of space toWe have been working house our program. To do Jeannette Bryant, CEOovertime getting ourselves this, we need $25,000.00 by Kids Be Aware, Inc.ready for a capital December, 30th 2012.campaign that ourorganization is launchingto help us raise needed From our humblefunds to open our children’s beginnings, and with only ahealth and wellness center little bit of help, we arein Malden, MA. growing and now we are in the position to make our “We strive to partner withWe are eager to partner dream a reality but to do schools, churches, andwith organizations all this, we need your financial organizations to focus on thearound town whose mission support that will enable us health and well-being of ourand vision is in line with to expand our Kids Be children”ours. While we are Aware mission, and todelighted in the progress uphold our vision for We are seeking NEW Enrollment!that KBA is making, we children everywhere. We are seeking Volunteers for various roles.
  3. 3. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 3 Best food Choices for kids For example, foods in the milk Whole grains are the best group, such as yogurt, cheese, choice because they contain and milk, are all good sources more fiber, vitamins, and of protein, calcium, and minerals. Both kids and adults vitamin D. Eating foods from should aim for at least half of each group every day provides their daily servings to be frommost of the nutrients that kids need. whole-grain sources http://www.cookinglight.com/food/lunch-box-http://www.cookinglight.com/food/lunch-box- recipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.htmlrecipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.html The vegetable group is where you Naturally sweet and find many of na- juicy, fruits are also low ture’s healthiest in calories, fat, sodium, foods. Vegetables and cholesterol and are are full of fiber, vi- bursting with an array of tamins, and miner- vitamins and minerals. als and are low in Fruit may already be a calories, fat, so- staple in your house, so if dium, and choles- that’s the case, keep itterol. Vegetables are divided into five sub- up! Remember to intro-groups based on nutrient content—dark-green duce kids to all types of fruit because each offers itsvegetables, orange vegetables, beans and own assortment of nutrients. And try to choose wholepeas, starchy vegetables, and a group for all fruit or cut-up fruit over fruit juices to get more fiberothers. Serve your child a variety of vegeta- and fewer calories per serving. Be sure to cut fruitbles from all the subgroups each week. into appropriately sized pieces for younger children. Nutrients: Carbohydrates, fiber, folate, vitamin C,Nutrients: Fiber and abundant vitamins and potassiumminerals, which vary by vegetable Servings: Approximately 1 to 1 1/2 cups for kids and 1 1/2 to 2 cups for adultsServings: Approximately 1 1/2 to 2 cups forkids and 2 to 3 cups for adults http://www.cookinglight.com/food/lunch-box-http://www.cookinglight.com/food/lunch- recipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.htmlbox-recipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.html
  4. 4. Page 4 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Body Wellness “Protecting Your Children from Flu” Well, school has begun for most of the country and that means our children will face numerous exposures to a variety of pesky germs. Some children will be fortunate and be “missed” in that these germs will not cause them illness during the school year. For other children however, these germs often find a suitable host resulting in a bout of seasonal illness. The reality is that no one knows who will contract an illness. The result can be in the form of influenza, or more commonly known as flu. The key then, lies in prevention. Influenza is a viral illness that can be spread by coming into contact with someone who has the flu and by touching items touched by those with the flu.When children cough, sneeze, and have runny noses, these secretions carry the influenza germwhich then seeks another acceptable host to set up shop. Children who have been exposed toinfluenza can become symptomatic: cough, sore throat, fever, aches, runny nose, and generalmuscle aches. http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/immunizations/a/flu_shots.htmWhile most adults would automatically think about their getting a flu shot, most parents may notknow that the formal recommendation now is that children 6 months to 18 years of age should geta yearly flu shot. For children 6 months to nine years of age, it is recommended that they receivetwo shots in the first year (one month apart) for best response. Children over nine years of ageand younger children, who have already had flu shots the previous year, should receive the flushot once a year. http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/immunizations/a/flu_shots.htmThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state that, “Each year an average of 20,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized because of influenza complications”, and in some case, these complications result in the death of the child. For children who have chronic diseases (like asthma) or certain brain and nervous system disorders, getting the flu could be life-threatening. http://www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/children.htm The simplest way to offset issues with flu this year is to be proactive- get your childimmunize against the flu. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, the 2012-2013 flu shot willprotect against seasonal flu and the H1N1 or swine flu. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/flu-shots/HQ00700/rss=1There is so much truth in that old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Bytaking the time to learn more on preventing a visit from the flu this year, and by getting everyonein your house vaccinated against the flu, you will be taking the necessary steps toward a healthierand happy school year for all!By: Susan RuizChair, Kids Be Aware, Inc.
  5. 5. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 5Tips for a Stress-Free Morning Routine (cont.) Providing Safe Drinking Water for Your Family KNOW YOUR WATER SOURCEtoys and other items. If your weekly cleaning •Find out if the pipes in your home or apartment building areschedule is on weekends, allow your child to pitch made of lead or contain lead solder.in and participate in age appropriate activities (i.e., •Send tap water samples to your local EPA-certified labora- tory for testing, or buy a water test kit.from picking up toys to vacuuming, dusting or •If your water is supplied by a public system:changing bed linens). Of course younger children ◦ Ask your supplier what chemicals and parasites are testedmay not be as capable to doing some chores for and how the water is treated.compared to others but even a toddler can put toys ◦ Obtain a Consumer Confidence Report on your waterinto a toy box or books onto a shelf and you can quality from your public water authority. •If your water supply is a private well: ◦ Test your wateralways get more cooperation when you make the yearly for pesticides, metals, coliform bacteria and other possi-chore/task fun. Try challenging your child by ble contaminants.making clean up a game or teach your child the ◦ Avoid using pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals nearClean Up song….http://www.youtube.com/watch? your wells supply source as they can pollute your ground-v=PJhXVg2QisM. This not only encourages the water.child to be personally responsible, but it also IMPROVE YOUR WATER SUPPLYteaches the value of working together as a team as •Install water treatment filters or conditioning systems.they help you to keep the house cleaner, plus you ◦ Several types are available, depending on what contami-there is an added advantage of having things nants are present.organized for easier retrieval when needed. •Consider buying a water distiller. •Flush your pipes by running cold water for at least one min- ute.By Renee Sullivan, M.A., CCLC •Do not use hot water from the tap for cooking or drinking, as toxins are more likely to leach into hot water. •Make sure formula is prepared with safe water since boiling increases the lead concentration. Infants are at particular risk of lead poisoning because of the larger amount of water they consume relative to their body size. •If necessary, install shower/faucet filters since babies can swal- low water when bathing. •Immediately dispose of household chemicals like batteries, fluorescent bulbs, used motor oil, etc., at your municipal haz- ardous waste depot. (Do not leave them around your home where they may contaminate your water supply.) IMPROVE YOUR WATER SUPPLY •Read the label of your bottled water. "Spring" water comes from one or more underground sources and some bottled water may come from a "municipal source" or from a "community water system," and may have had additional treat- ment. •Avoid plastic bottles with the following recycling codes #1 PET, #3 PVC, #6 PS, and #7 Polycarbonate, which may leak suspected carcinogens and hormone disruptors. •Look for safer plastic bottles, such as #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, and #5 PP. Read more: http://www.healthychild.org/live-healthy/checklist/ providing_safe_drinking_water_for_your_family/ #ixzz1sbN9gsgz
  6. 6. Page 6 KIDS BE AWARE, INC.Kids Be Aware, Inc. Dance for Your Health beginningP. O. Box 123456 October 20th From 5:30 PM– 9:00PMBoston, MA 01100 In Malden, MA Monthly Highlights We are seeking NEW “We strive to partner with schools, churches, Enrollment! and organizations to focus on the health and We are seeking Volunteers for various roles. well-being of our children” Contact us and Volunteer! We welcome any donations to help us with the leasing of a space and equipments for our center Kids Be Aware, Inc Wellness and Health We are on the Web! Center coming soon around Visit us at: www.kidsbeaware.org “Dance for Your Health” beginning October 20th From 5:30 PM– 9:00PM Malden, MA Contact us Now for more information KBA Board Members Jeannette Bryant CEO kidsbeawarenow@gmail.com 781-535-2448 Tiffany Henderson Treasurer donald_and_tiffany@yahoo.com 678-431-6543 Florette Dihewou Board Secretary dflorette3@yahoo.com 774-242-8480 Susan Ruiz Chair susan.ruiz@waldenu.edu 301-302-4215 Teresa Godley-Chase Co-chair teressa.godley-chase@waldenu.edu 240-515-4222 Renee Sullivan Co-Chair renee.l.sullivan@gmail.com 478-718-1306 Regina Rainey Board Member reginarainey@ymail.com 864-303-2151