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Kba february newsletter


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Kba february newsletter

  1. 1. February 2013 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Volume 2, Issue 2 Autism and Infectious Disease According to likely a combination of genetic, the Centers for immunological and environmental Disease Control factors, and may encompass several (CDC, 2013), 1 in diseases with distinct 88 children has origins” (Goines, Ashwood andbeen diagnosed with Autism, a Water, 2006). Goines, Ashwood andPervasive Developmental Disorder Water point out that(PDD). Because the symptoms of children with autism oftenautism differ from child to child, it suffer from gastrointestinal immunitydefined as a “spectrum” disorder (abdominal pain, bloating, and Table of Contentsbecause symptoms vary from child to constipation) and autoimmunity (a CEO’s Corner ............... 2child and can go from the lowest end condition where antibodies can Highlights ......................... 2of the spectrum, to include mental attack the body‟s own tissue). Ifimpairment and lack of language, to autoimmunity occurs in the brainthe highest end, keen knowledge of during development, it can cause Featured Articles:certain items of interest but severe significant impairment to the Centralsocial deficits and some “odd” Nervous System. Autoimmunity thus Healthy Recipes.............. 3behaviors. Autism is found in The makes children with autism more Body Wellness ................ 4Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of susceptible to infectious diseases. In ........................................... 5Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition 2001, parents across the world were(DSM-IV-TR, 2000), under the shocked and frightened when a studycategory of Pervasive Developmental appeared in the British MedicalDisorders and includes: Autism, Journal that reported a connectionRett‟s Disorder, Childhood between Thimersol, a mercury-basedDisintegrative Disorder, Aspersers preservative, and the Measles,Disorder and Pervasive Mumps and Rubella vaccinationDevelopmental Disorder Not (MMR). This correlation was madeOtherwise Specified (Including public by lead researcher, AndrewAtypical Autism) (pp. 69-84). Think of Wakefield, Ph.D., after he and hisPDD as an umbrella and beneath the team conducted a study in Britainumbrella on the left end is the lowest and found the correlation. Uponfunctioning form of autism and on further investigation and additionalthe right end is the highest studies, the CDC found no Our Mission and Visionfunctioning form, or Aspersers, with correlation between the MMR To increase diseasethe other disorders previously vaccine and autism. As a safety awareness among childrenmentioned, making up the middle of precaution, Thimersol was removed and parents; To promotethe spectrum. The three primary from the MMR vaccine (CDC, 2011). healthy behaviors, reducecharacteristics of autism include As panic set in, many parents across the spread of infections,impairments in social interaction, the country opted not to vaccinate and to reduce health-communication, and repetitive and their children and, according to a related issues in ourstereotyped behaviors (DSM-IV-TR, report by CNN Health (2011), by 2004, nation’s children.p. 75). Although the actual cause of the number of MMR vaccinationsautism has yet to be identified, “it is given in Britain dropped by 80%. The
  2. 2. Page 2 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. CEO‟s Corner...Howdy! The current need of this organization is to getGreat News! We are volunteer to help usopening our center March conduct the center’s1st, 2013 at 600 West upcoming activities.Cummings Park Woburn, Together, we can raise your support and hopeMA 01801 . disease awareness among that you find it in your children and parents. heart to help us decreaseWe are currently looking We have been growing our health disparities amongfor volunteers to help us face book community and our children.with children’s activities. invite you to have friends Also I wanted to bring toI’m always overjoyed to and families like our page. your attention the talkbring more good news to We are also selling T-Shirt show that I host everyyou all each and every Mugs and Notebook for other Saturday frommonth and hope that you fundraising need and hope 12:00PM Eastern timeenjoy reading us as much as that you will help us in our until 1:00PM. Please listenwe enjoy writing these continue effort to sustain to us online as we bring toarticles for you. our organization mission. you many subjects and On Behalf of KBA, we are resources necessary forWe have sent out grant asking for in-kind your day to day life. Weapplication to a couple of donations. All donations strive to bring better lifefoundations and hope to get are tax deductible. to all and we work harda positive outcome from at everyday to accomplishleast one of them. From our modest this. beginnings, and with only aWe are eager to partner little bit of help, we are “Teach me about health sowith organizations all growing and we still need that Tomorrow I mayaround town whose mission your financial support that teach others” Together weand vision is in line with will enable us to expand can!ours. While we are pleased our Kids Be Aware mission, Cheers and Peace to You!in the many milestone of and to uphold our vision forour organization, we are children everywhere.conducting our first Jeannette Bryant, CEOAnnual a dance for your You may donate by goinghealth May 4th and hope at our website: http:// “We strive to partner with or schools, churches, andthat we will organize this simply by mailing in your organizations to focus on theevent within our own checks. At Kids Be Aware, health and well-being of ourcenter. Parents and children”Children are invited to sign Inc. PO BOX 2173 Woburn,up for our program MA 01888 We are seeking NEW Enrollment!beginning February 20th. We are seeking Volunteers for various roles. I thank you in advance for Contact us and Volunteer!
  3. 3. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 3 Healthy Treats for children Cheese Kabobs Peppermint Stick Hot Chocolate The protein in this kid-friendly Nutritional Information snack keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. We like to stick Amount per serving salt-free pretzel sticks into Calories: 194 cubes of low-fat cheese to make"satellite snacks," but you can also make cheese Calories from fat: 18% Fat:more interesting to kids by cutting it into fun 3.9g Saturated fat: 2.3gshapes with a cookie cutter and making kabobs Monounsaturated fat: 0.0gwith your favorite fruit. Polyunsaturated fat: 0.0g Protein: 7g Carbohydrate: 34g Fiber: 0.8g Cholesterol: 10mg Iron: 0.6mg Sodium: 96mg Calcium: 32mg recipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.html The vegetable group is where you Naturally sweet and find many of na- juicy, fruits are also low ture‟s healthiest in calories, fat, sodium, foods. Vegetables and cholesterol and are are full of fiber, bursting with an array of vitamins, and miner- vitamins and minerals. als and are low in Fruit may already be a calories, fat, so- staple in your house, so if dium, and choles- that‟s the case, keep itterol. Vegetables are divided into five sub- up! Remember to intro-groups based on nutrient content—dark- duce kids to all types of fruit because each offersgreen vegetables, orange vegetables, beans its own assortment of nutrients. And try to chooseand peas, starchy vegetables, and a group for whole fruit or cut-up fruit over fruit juices to getall others. Serve your child a variety of vege- more fiber and fewer calories per serving. Be sure totables from all the subgroups each week. cut fruit into appropriately sized pieces for younger children.Nutrients: Fiber and abundant vitamins and Nutrients: Carbohydrates, fiber, folate, vitamin C,minerals, which vary by vegetable potassiumServings: Approximately 1 1/2 to 2 cups for Servings: Approximately 1 to 1 1/2 cups for kids and 1kids and 2 to 3 cups for adults 1/2 to 2 cups for adults recipes-kids-00412000072333/page5.html
  4. 4. Page 4 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Body Wellness Putting the Pieces Together: When your Child is diagnosed with Autism There can be nothing quite like it- the moment that a provider tells you that your child has autism. It may be that you wanted, no needed, to know the name for this that you are going through with your child. While there may be relief in knowing what you are dealing with, the apprehension soon sets in when you realize that you are unsure where to go from here. Experts have determined that parents of newly-diagnosed children may exhibit certain patterns after hearing the diagnosis such as: shock, sadness, anger,denial, loneliness, and then gradually move into acceptance. These experts also encourage parents tobecome involved in support groups where they can meet and learn from other parents whose children alsohave autism. While your provider may not have explained how to cope with your child‟s needs, parents wholive with autism day in, and day out, may actually have tips and resources that may work for you.Often providers will prescribe a course of action (school and home behavior modifications and monitoring)in an attempt to help the autistic child with daily functions. Parents tend to research autism on their ownin an attempt to learn what to expect. This is a necessary and very useful route to take for parents new toautism. Even for parents who have been living with autism for years, may find some new and relevantinformation that will help them manage this child.Obtaining more information as parents is vital: the more we know about autism, the better we may be atworking through changes such as school, puberty, and socialization skills. Parents should also evaluate theirstate and local resources for programs that work expressly with autism and children on the spectrum. Someof these programs may include an agency-paid staff member that provides support to parents at home, andwith teachers at the school. Techniques for managing difficult behaviors are continually being developed.While none of these techniques totally resolve the child‟s autism, the techniques often prove to beeffective to some degree over time.Agencies such as: the Autism Society, and Autism Speaks, are excellent resources for parents of autisticchildren. The websites for these organizations have been included here for your convenience.While this month‟s newsletter has additional information on Autism, I encourage you to seek additionalsupport if you have an autistic child. Sometimes the very best that we can be as parents, will happen whenwe are refreshed and rejuvenated after we let someone help. You do not have to do this alone. There arestruggles and that is true but there is positive progress to be made just as well! We at KBA, wish you andyour child, all the very best!By: Susan Ruiz, MSChair, Kids Be Aware, Inc.
  5. 5. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 5 References Autism and Infectious Disease (cont.) Centers for Disease and Control PreventionCDC reported the rate of measles in the UnitedStates significantly increased in 2008, compared to (CDC). (2011). Vaccine safety. Retrieved on February 13,rates from 1997 and more than 90% of thoseinfected had not been vaccinated or their 2013 from status was unknown. According to theMayo Clinic (2012), avoiding vaccinations can cause thimerosal/thimerosal_faqs.htmlchildren to be more susceptible to catching andspreading infectious diseases, such as such as CNN Health. (2011). Medical journal: Study link-pertussis (whooping cough), measles and mumps. ing autism, vaccines is „elaborate fraud‟. Retrieved on February 13, 2013 from The United States Department of Healthand Human Resources (DHHR) have created a HEALTH/01/06/autism.vaccines/index.htmlprogram entitled Healthy People 2020. Thisprogram encourages the use of vaccines to prevent Mayo Clinic Foundation. (October 6, 2012). Au-17 vaccine-preventable diseases across the lifespanto include: Viral hepatitis, influenza, and tism: causes. Retrieved on February 13, 2013 from http://tuberculosis (TB), which are leading causes of and death and are the most widely spreaddiseases in the United States. Healthy People 2020 DSECTION=causesalso pointed out that immunization schedules afterbirth (e.g., DTap, Td, Hib, Polio, MMR, Hep B, and U. S. Department of Health and Human Services.varicella vaccines) has saved 33,000 lives, prevented14 million cases of disease, reduces direct (2012). Immunizations and infectious diseases. Healthyhealthcare costs by $9.9 billion dollars, and saves$33.4 billion in indirect healthcare costs. People 2020. Retrieved on February 13, 2013 from http:// In addition, although these statisticsindicate that progress has been made, there are still overview.aspx?topicid=23approximately 42,000 adults and 300 children whodie each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. ~Article Written By Renee Sullivan~There were 140 reported cases of measles in 2008;three times the number of cases from 2007. Together, we can prevent the spread ofinfectious diseases by promoting awareness andtaking necessary precautions to protect ourchildren. To ensure the health and safety of yourchild, discuss available options to prevent thespread of infectious diseases, as well as other waysyou can keep your children safe and healthy.
  6. 6. Page 6 KIDS BE AWARE, INC.Kids Be Aware, Inc.PO BOX 2173Woburn, MA 01888 Monthly Highlights We are seeking NEW “We strive to partner with schools, churches, Enrollment! and organizations to focus on the health and We are seeking Volunteers for well-being of our children” various roles. Contact us and Volunteer! We welcome any donations to help us with the expansion of our program Kids Be Aware, Inc Center opening Listen to our Talk Show March 1st We are on the Web! on BBS Radio Station 2 Every two weeks Woburn, MA Visit us at: Beginning at 12:00PM To donate to our organization please use this link: KBA Board Members Jeannette Bryant CEO 781-354-2701 Tiffany Henderson Treasurer 678-431-6543 Susan Ruiz Chair 301-302-4215 Teresa Godley-Chase Co-chair 240-515-4222 Renee Sullivan Co-Chair 478-718-1306 Regina Rainey Board Member 864-303-2151