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Facebook’s Global Currency - Facebook Credits


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Millions of Facebook users use Facebook Credits to pay for virtual goods inside games like CityVille and FarmVille. It seems that the logical next step is to use Facebook Credits to be used to purchase digital and real-world goods. This is exactly what is beginning to transpire; we are seeing a robust Facebook Credit economy for virtual goods and an early stage Facebook Credit economy emerging for digital and real-world goods.

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Facebook’s Global Currency - Facebook Credits

  1. 1. Facebook’s Global Currency - Facebook CreditsIn-Game Virtual Goods Digital & Real-World Goods Facebook Credits Facebook Credits Virtual Goods For Movies Warner Bros. become the first The mandatory currency used Hollywood studio to offer movies for games and the purchase for purchase direct to consumers of in-app virtual goods on the inside Facebook, Facebook Platform z Facebook Credits Facebook Credits Gift Cards Real-World Goods Pre-paid Gift Cards can be Consumers can pay for Facebook purchased at major retailers in Deals inside Facebook with a the U.S., Canada and the U.K. in denominations $5-$50 DEALS credit card, with PayPal or with Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits What is next for Purchase Incentives Facebook Credits? Facebook Credits are being used as incentives for shoppers with Targeting the 250 million Facebook mobile and online applications mobile users, with Facebook credits such as ShopKick, ifeelgoods and for the purchase of real-world goods plastic jungle could be the logical next step. © May 30, 2011, Janice Diner @janicediner