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Facebook Platform Open Graph Social Commerce


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Facebook Platform Open Graph Commerce: With the launch of Facebook Platform for Mobile we will see a new approach to social commerce.

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  • Thanks for your work - it's great!!! Although, I looked into F-Stores and I can't seem to find any that actually sell their products on FB's site/platform, even through FB credits. Am I just looking in the wrong spot or what?
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Facebook Platform Open Graph Social Commerce

  1. 1. Commerce inside F-Commerce F-Stores Ecosphere Facebook e-commerce stores where shoppers Version 2 can purchase real goods with real currency without leaving Facebook Commerce Inside Facebook Ads Facebook Credits &This is commerce that happens inside Facebook, referring Sponsored The mandatory currency used Stories specifically to the purchase of real goods and real services and and in-app virtual for games goods digital goods on Facebook Ad and Sponsored Story productsFacebook with a credit card or other valid monetary inside help drive Facebook. Credits are now a mobile payment option for system. awareness, engagement and purchase Facebook Facebook mobile web apps Platform Open Graph FacebookOpen Graph Facebook Commerce Commerce Facebook Mobile Platform Social Plugins Facebook Platform for Mobile Facebook Commerce Open Graph Facebook influenced This is commerce that takes advantage of Facebooks enables shoppers to engage with friends and the shopping commerce on e-commerce Open Graph, allowing shoppers to sign into Facebook experience through Notifications, Requests, Timeline and News websites with Like, Share, Recommend and Facebook Feed from any online site with a PC or mobile device. on Facebook mobile apps. Connect Facebook Facebook Places & Open Graph Beta Location Tab Define Facebook social Facebook’s Location TAB is shopping actions and objects cataloging physical location for (verbs and nouns) and share every Facebook business page. them through user’s Timeline, Retailers are integrating online News Feed and Tickers and mobile with in-store experiences © October 25th, 2011, Janice Diner @janicediner