Facebook Innovation and the Social Consumer


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Facebook Innovation and the Social Consumer
CMA, Canadian Marketing Association - Halifax

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Facebook Innovation and the Social Consumer

  1. 1. Facebook, innovation and the rise of the Social Consumer March 21 2012 - Halifax
  2. 2. 2 A proven track record connecting major brands to consumers in the social and emerging media space Social Sales Training and Incentive Platform that engages, motivates and rewards, sales reps and customer service groups@janicediner
  3. 3. 3 Every industry and vertical is going to be rethought in a social way. The real opportunity is about people redesigning these spaces.@janicediner
  4. 4. 3 Every industry with the socialis going to Marketing and vertical graph be rethought in a social way. Engaging across all screens The real opportunity is about people redesigning products with purpose Build these spaces. we buy@janicediner
  5. 5. 4 The social consumer is a new breed of engaged and informed consumer They are researching, we talk about what we buy chatting, booking, sharing,y blogging, Facebooking, tweeting every aspect of their lives and buying before we buy while experience with their friends online, on mobile we buy after we buy devices and in multiple Social Networks @janicediner
  6. 6. 5The numbers tell the story, consumers are spending a lot of time on Facebook 11,092,299 40,491,000 29,153,439 11,399,103 34,345,293 25,416,893 1,408,654 23,223,582 8,363,218 2,403,085 13,372,043 1,357,761 7,830,495 3,761,377 8,352,658 @janicediner
  7. 7. 5The numbers tell the story, consumers are spending a lot of time on Facebook 11,092,299 40,491,000 29,153,439 11,399,103 34,345,293 845+ million people share 4 B pieces of content daily 25,416,893 1,408,654 23,223,582 8,363,218 2,403,085 13,372,043 1,357,761 7,830,495 3,761,377 8,352,658 @janicediner
  8. 8. 6Agenda 1. Facebook Commerce 2. Facebook Platform for Mobile 3. Facebook Credits 4. Facebook Location - Places 5. f8 Facebook Open Graph Beta@janicediner
  9. 9. 71. Facebook Commerce@janicediner
  10. 10. F-Stores F-CommerceCommerce inside Facebook.com Facebook e-commerce Ecosphere stores where shoppers can purchase real goods with real currency without leaving Facebook Facebook Ads Facebook Credits & Facebook The mandatory currency used Offers for games and in-app virtual goods and digital goods on Facebook Ad and Facebook Facebook. Credits are now a Offers help drive awareness, mobile payment option for engagement and purchase Facebook mobile web apps Facebook Platform Open GraphOpen Graph Facebook Commerce Facebook Commerce Facebook Mobile Platform Social Plugins Facebook Platform for Mobile enables shoppers to engage with Facebook influenced friends and the shopping commerce on e-commerce experience through Notifications, websites with Like, Share, Requests, Timeline and News Recommend and Facebook Feed on Facebook mobile apps. Connect Facebook Facebook Places & Open Graph Location Tab Define Facebook social Facebook’s Location TAB is shopping actions and objects cataloging physical location for (verbs and nouns) and share every Facebook business page. them through user’s Timeline, Retailers are integrating online News Feed and Tickers and mobile with in-store experiences © March 16th, 2012, Janice Diner www.horizon-studios.com @janicediner
  11. 11. 9 Shopping is social! Social commerce needs to actually be “social”....@janicediner
  12. 12. 10 Turning The Social Commerce market is “Like to Buy” growing fast and estimated revenues are set to US $30 billion F-Commerce globally in the next 5 years*@janicediner
  13. 13. 11Brands are selling direct to consumers on Facebook Burberry Pop-Up Fan-Store Heinz Soup fans send personalized ‘get- A fan only Facebook store that ships well’ cans of Heinz soup for $3.00 via a exclusive Burberry product with two store app on the Brand’s page samples to share with friends@janicediner
  14. 14. 12 People who click Facebook “Like’s” are more engaged, active and connected then the average Facebook user Looking at data from 12 weeks in aggregate, Eventbrite found that each social media share equates to $1.78 in ticket salesFANS CONSUME VALUE OF A INCREASED INCREASEDMORE PRODUCT SHARE REFERRAL SALESA Coca-Cola Fan consumes A share on... 40x referral traffic from American Eagle added thetwo times more product than Facebook equals $2.52 Facebook for Leviʼs “Like” button to every producta non-fan and purchase intent Twitter equals $0.43 ecommerce site after on their site and found,of a fan is ten times higher linkedIn equals $0.90 implementing the Like Facebook referred visitorsthen that of a non-fan e-mail equals $2.34 spent 57% more money than button non-Facebook referred visitors* Facebook Stats @janicediner
  15. 15. 13 Facebook Offers Facebook Interest Lists30,000claimed offer Facebook Offers, allows businesses, brands and other Facebook Interest Lists are curated list that are specific to a Page owners to share discounts and offers with their fans particular topic. The shopping Interest List above follows a variety that can be accepted from their web or mobile news feed. of retail Facebook pages. Any Facebook user can create their own list and other Facebook users can subscribe to the list @janicediner
  16. 16. 142. Facebook Platform for Mobile@janicediner
  17. 17. 15Facebook Platform for Mobile - Createmeaningful engagement anywhere anytime “Facebook would have been a mobile application if the technology had been available when Mark Zuckerberg was building it in his dorm room”. Facebook’s chief technology officer Bret Taylor 425M+ mobile users 2x more active@janicediner
  18. 18. Socialize your mobile app Recommendations from friends help Facebook Likes define what users read define music content on HuffPost for AUDIOVROOMPeople share, read and generally engage morewith any type of content when it’s surfacedthrough friends & people they know and trust.@janicediner
  19. 19. 173000 Facebook Timeline apps launch in 2 months @janicediner
  20. 20. 18Login with Facebook from anywherelogin with Facebook on pose.com Browse and share imagesor download the Pose mobile app and stories @janicediner
  21. 21. 19 • 53% of Facebook users play games • Facebook takes 30% on all Facebook Credit transactions within Game applications •3. Facebook Credits Have Arrived on the Mobile Phone*Source: Inside Virtual Goods: The US Virtual Goods Market 2010 - 2011
  22. 22. 20Facebook Credits arrive on the Mobile PhoneYour app or game can prompt the user to payfor a virtual good by using Facebook Credits. @janicediner
  23. 23. 21 Facebook Credits as incentives for shoppers pre-paid Gift Cards that can be purchased at major retailers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Check-in and Use your Facebook Credits to watch a movie get Facebook creditsEarn FacebookCredits for checking-inat retail locations, atparticipating retailerslike BestBuy, Macy’s,American Eagle 30 Credits = 1 Movie = $3 40 Credits = 1 Movie = $4 @janicediner
  24. 24. 22Facebook Teams up with MobileCarriers for Payments Facebook announced it’s partnering with mobile carriers to offer carrier billing on Facebook-based transactions. The new system has the potential to make it exponentially easier for buyers to make the purchases and for developers to develop apps for Facebook Mobile.@janicediner
  25. 25. 234. Facebook Location merging in-store, online and mobile@janicediner
  26. 26. 24Location TABThe Locations TAB forFacebook Pages enablesbusiness to register everysingle brick-and-mortarlocation Seamless integration across Facebook pages and Mobile places check ins Facebook advertising targeted by zip code drives local marketing activity @janicediner
  27. 27. 25Facebook Places, Check-inWalmart’s going local:Turning Facebook “Likes”into targeted local sales• Supports 3500 Walmart superstores• 13.7 Million fans• 260 friends - Walmart fans have 2x more fans then the average users @janicediner
  28. 28. 26It’s not just your location, where you sits counts KLM airlines Meet and Seat app links online seat reservation widget with passengers LinkedIn and Facebook profiles@janicediner
  29. 29. 275. f8 - Facebook Open Graph Beta@janicediner
  30. 30. 28Open Graph Betaallows 3rd partyapplications toinclude arbitraryactions and objects.@janicediner
  31. 31. 29 My Facebook InfoPermission screen to access 1. About Meyour personal Facebook Info 2. Activities 3. Birthday 4. Check-Ins 5. Education 6. Events 7. Groups 8. Hometown 9. Interests 10. Likes 11. Location 12. Notes 13. Photos 14. Photos Tags 15. relationships 16. Website 18. Work History 19. Contact Info@janicediner
  32. 32. 30TripAdvisor -Instant personalizationThe wisdom of friendsis replacing the wisdomof crowds When you visit TripAdvisor while logged into Facebook, the site will act like your “personalized travel planner, complete with friends’ reviews, a map showing places friends have visited, and a list of their most popular destinations.”@janicediner
  33. 33. 31Starbucks Loyalty Cardscan be managed insideFacebook and on amobile devices1.5 Billion was loadedonto Starbuck’s loyaltycards, a 21% increasefrom previous year Purchase, loyalty and rewards managed across multiple screens Photo Credit: Starbucks Facebook page
  34. 34. 32Loyalty, Rewards & SalesAmerican Express Launches"Link, Like, Love" on Facebook --First-Ever Platform to DeliverDeals, Access and ExperiencesBased on Cardmember "Likes" andInterestsLinks consumers Facebookaccount data with their AmEx card.Exclusive coupon-less deals fromcompanies users and friend Likes.Location-based Cardmember offersin Facebook PlacesGo Social offer tool for smallbusiness participation Photo Credit: Amex Facebook page
  35. 35. 33Sync! Tweet! Save!
  36. 36. 37 It is not about building a Facebook app or a mobile app it’s about building social apps across all screens. You can deliver a customized experiences, that is catered to “me”, that is built around “my” friends and “my” interests... The opportunity is now, the speed of change is only increasing and there are 800+ million people actively waiting to be engaged and buy from you.@janicediner
  37. 37. 39Thank you Janice.Diner@horizon-studios.com www.horizon-studios.com Presentations - slideshare.net/jdiner @janicediner Social Sales Training and Incentive Platform that engages, motivates and rewards, sales reps and customer service groups