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Charlotte Observer digital marketing solutions overview


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Digital Marketing solutions offered by The Charlotte Observer. We are much more than print and Services include PPC, Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC, Bing PPC, Facebook PPC, Social Media, Site Retargeting, Search Retargeting, Contexual Retargeting, Email Marketing, Mobile marketing and Native Advertising with advertorials. Call John for details. 704-358-5329

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Charlotte Observer digital marketing solutions overview

  1. 1. Growing Your Business Through Observer Digital and Media Solutions
  2. 2. Banner Ads on • Reach new and existing customers creating additional value and brand awareness
  3. 3. Native Ads • Tell a story to your customer and strengthen your brand with display ads and custom content
  4. 4. Email Marketing • Provides targeted customers with a reason to respond quickly • Choose between Charlotte Observer database or national database to extend customer reach – Exclusive – Target by gender, age, & geography – (zip code, city, county). – Subject line and email content co-branded with – 100,000+ registered users within the Charlotte DMA. – Scrubbed Daily Average open rate for Observer emails is 8.96% Average click rate for Observer emails is 0.44%
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing • Increase your online presence to strengthen your brand awareness • Capture people who are online researching your product/services at the exact moment that they are seeking information about you
  6. 6. Retargeting • With retargeting technology we can serve ads to consumers who are: Customers who are familiar with your website (have visited) Customers who are looking for the products and services you sell Customers who are learning about the products and services that you offer Site Retargeting Search Retargeting Contextual Retargeting
  7. 7. Banner Ads on Mobile Websites & Apps • People turn to their mobile devices when they are researching, shopping, ordering lunch, or waiting in line. • Put your brand in front of customers on the go with high visibility offers or to let them know you are in their neighborhood
  8. 8. Tablet • Combines the quality of print design with the engagement of mobile • Tablet users interact longer and more frequently with ads than any other device and are 43% more likely to tell their friends and family about new products and services
  9. 9. Banner Ads on Facebook • Make targeted connections with people who fit within your demographic • Position your message to be easily shared within a network of friends
  10. 10. Social Media Management • Social Media is the online word of mouth! • Manage instant connections with customers and grow your social presence • Social media presence directly impacts your SEO performance
  11. 11. • No risk for advertiser, only pay if it sells • Reach new customers or bring back current customers by extending them an offer to try your product or service
  12. 12. Dashboard • See your campaign performance in real time with personal log in
  13. 13. Print • Target your customer reach in your community with our network of full run, community and niche products