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API Line Pipe


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JD Fields is a recognized API line pipe distributor, stocking 150,000 tons of tubular steel, hot and cold rolled steel, and more!

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API Line Pipe

  2. 2. LINE PIPE  Used to transport oil, water, gas and petroleum  Offered in various different lengths and thicknesses  Can withstand high pressure
  3. 3. LINE PIPE MATERIAL  Timber  Widely available so less expensive  Not best choice for heavy loads  Concrete  Corrosion-resistant  Transportation of concrete not as easy as other materials
  4. 4. LINE PIPE MATERIAL CONTINUED  Steel  Most popular choice because its durability and sustainability while driving  Can be costly  Can be more noisy during driving compared to other materials  API certified line pipe is made from a strong carbon steel
  5. 5. WHY API LINE PIPE?  Sole national trade association representing every aspect associated with the U.S. oil and natural gas industries.  Created over 500 standards and practices over 85 years history – some have been made laws.  Standards focus on operational and equipment safety practices, as well as environmental protection.  Both conducts and invests in research in the petroleum industry.
  6. 6. HISTORY OF API  The American Petroleum Institute was established in March of 1919.  Originally offices were in NewYork, before moving toWashington D.C. in late 60s – still remains there today.  Remains advocates for the industry and focus on communicating with the public.  Over 500 corporate members.
  7. 7. API CERTIFICATION PROCESS  API Monogram Program  Created to be sure manufacturers are operating under API standards and recommended practices.  Makes it easier for operators to find high-qualityAPI certified line pipe  Thousands of organizations throughout the country are certified by the API Monogram program
  8. 8. API LINE PIPE SUPPLIERS  Omega Steel  U.S. Steel  JD Fields  Tex-isle
  9. 9. WHY BE AN API MEMBER  Can influence and shape future industry positions.  Strong network with over 600 members with same interests in mind.  Support from well-informed API staff.  Invitation to yearly, members-only meeting.
  10. 10. CONTACT US Address: 55Waugh Drive, Social Media : Suite 1250 Houston, Texas 77007  Ph: 281-558-7199  Fax: 281-870-9918  Email ID:  Website: