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Cloud development using play, scala and openshift


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Demo on how to use Play with OpenShift and a trial to get it working with Jenkins

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Cloud development using play, scala and openshift

  1. 1. Cloud development Play, Scala and OpenShift
  2. 2. Overview● Its about OpenShift● Its not about Play● Its not about Scala● Theres a hidden agendaBased on:
  3. 3. Demo 1●●●
  4. 4. Available cartridges
  5. 5. Lets create CloudIT● Download Play framework● Download RedHat Command Line Tools● Get Play2 OpenShift quickstart● Create new Play app "CloudIT" play new CloudIT● Initialize git git init● Create app on OpenShift (diy) rhc app create -a cloudit -t diy-0.1 --nogit● Link git repos git remote add origin ssh:// git pull -s recursive -X theirs origin master git add . git commit -m "initial deploy" git remote add cloudit -m master git:// git pull -s recursive -X theirs cloudit master
  6. 6. Lets create CloudIT● Play stage play clean compile stage● Add to git git add . git commit -m "some first app" git push origin● Test
  7. 7. How does it work?● .openshift/....● git repo● Based on standards
  8. 8. Lets create CloudIT● Make some changes● Add Jenkins ○ Online: enable jenkins ○ Add "play clean compile stage" to build Use $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR ○ Add Play framework to jenkins Create PLAY environment variable ○ Doesnt work. Why?
  9. 9. Pricing & Production use● Pricing mailto: 3 applications for free● Production use Not yet!
  10. 10. OpenShift vs. Heroku● Create your own PaaS?● Based on open standards?● Free for developers?● Production ready?
  11. 11. Other stuff● Architecture● Build your own Paas:● Build your own cartridge
  12. 12. Hidden agenda Applications
  13. 13. Next stepsPossibilities:● Fix Jenkins build● Create OpenShift Play cartridge● Add persistence cartridge to demo app● Put DeployIT on OpenShift● Arquillian● Other ideas?