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In this presentation I show you how to get inspiration from the Christian church on how to do proper content marketing and SEO, showing you some tactics to come up with a content marketing strategy.

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  • Great resource for people learning about serious SEO (and SEO in WordPress).
    By the way, point taken (from one of Joost' webinars), I ought to change my ID to display my name (instead of my company's name): Razvan Radulian. On my To-Do list :)
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  • Interesting insights, thank you for sharing. If its not much of a burden, can you share some tips how to generate good contents that will help rank #1 in search engines?
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SEO & Content Marketing - Fusion Marketing Experience

  1. 1. Content Marketing & SEO
  2. 2. But first, let’s briefly talk about me and tell you who I am
  3. 3. I’m a bit of a hippie. I firmly believe in open source & open standards.
  4. 4. I started developing open source on a project called WebKit, which powers Safari and Chrome
  5. 5. From there on I went and founded
  6. 6. Which was powered by WordPress
  7. 7. For which I’ve since developed 30+ plugins totalling more than 3 million downloads
  8. 8. So basically, I’m a geek.
  9. 9. Funnily enough though, I also studied International Business & Management
  10. 10. And Theology
  11. 11. I speak in public
  12. 12. I run a blog and a podcast
  13. 13. In other words: I’m a marketing guy.
  14. 14. So you combine geek
  15. 15. And a marketing guy, and you get:
  16. 16. ME! :)an online marketeer :)
  17. 17. Some of my clients
  18. 18. Now everybody’s looking for that customer attracting magnet
  19. 19. Google is the biggest magnet on the planet, so, let’s talk about Google and how to get a topranking. The way to top rankings consists of three things.
  20. 20. #1: technical excellence
  21. 21. #2: content for the right topic
  22. 22. #3: links.
  23. 23. but nobody seems to get this simple equation.
  24. 24. #1: technical excellence
  25. 25. #1: technical excellence: check
  26. 26. You start out with WordPress
  27. 27. You deck it out with my SEO plugin
  28. 28. #2: you start producing great content and BOOM.
  29. 29. Larry & Sergey will love you.
  30. 30. Because great content isn’t just great content for the search engines,
  31. 31. It also generates links.
  32. 32. So what is good content?
  33. 33. Let’s get some inspiration
  34. 34. And no, not in the beer! In the church!
  35. 35. εὐαγγέλιονeu-angelion (good message) literally translated in Old English as “god-spell” later, “gospel”.But also the root of “evangelism” and “evangelist”
  36. 36. In the early days of christianity, the church didn’t rely as much on awe inspiring buildings yet.
  37. 37. They used stories and tablets to answer people’s questions about life and law.
  38. 38. <insert iPad joke />
  39. 39. They relied on the power of symbolism
  40. 40. and parables, as these are very easy to remember, a great example of a parable is, of course,“The boy who cried wolf” and other parables from Aesop (over 2,500 years old).
  41. 41. This is how most websites leave people. They need answers, not vague marketing bullshit.
  42. 42. If you sell bathroom remodeling.
  43. 43. You need to give people stuff they can work with. Give them a checklist of things to consider.
  44. 44. If you claim to be a WordPress SEO expert, like me
  45. 45. You write the definitive article on WordPress SEO.
  46. 46. Or Magento SEO, for that matter
  47. 47. Give, and you will receive. Luke 6:38As I said, learn from the bible
  48. 48. The linklove from that will make you the expert in your field, as I rank #1 for the termWordPress SEO now
  49. 49. and for Magento SEO
  50. 50. The next thing we can learn from the bible is the golden rule: do unto others as you wouldhave them do unto you.
  51. 51. We think we’re hip, when we say we “pay it forward”. Whatever you call it. Do it. Link out.
  52. 52. It’s called linklove for a reason. Link to other people, if you work with other people, othercompanies, link to them, link to bloggers, be social!
  53. 53. You see, as they said in the best book written about the web, ever, the cluetrain manifesto:“learning to speak in a human voice is not some trick, nor will corporations convince us theyare human with lip service about "listening to customers." They will only sound human whenthey empower real human beings to speak on their behalf.”
  54. 54. So you need one-on-one conversations. In the church, they called this:
  55. 55. Confession.
  56. 56. I don’t care where you have those conversations, as long as you have them.
  57. 57. Don’t commit adultery. Don’t go cheat.
  58. 58. The “rewards” can be painful.
  59. 59. You’ve just burned all your cards.
  60. 60. So, you’ll have to be remarkable.
  61. 61. Why do you deserve to be number one?
  62. 62. These can be all sorts of things; place, price, product, promotion, hey wait, that’s just oldschool marketing :)
  63. 63. How do you get to be the best of class?
  64. 64. εὐαγγέλιονThat’s where evangelism comes into place.
  65. 65. People often need help. They’ve got questions, they’re searching for products or companiesto solve these problems.
  66. 66. This is where your content strategy comes in. Go and talk to your call center and sales guys:what are the questions they’re getting from customers?
  67. 67. What are those tweeters saying about your product?
  68. 68. Tell people on your site what does make you unique, ask your customers what makes youunique.
  69. 69. What are people searching for, mine Google Suggest.
  70. 70. Let’s say I want to buy a new car and I’m exploring some of the options
  71. 71. I get a nice image or two
  72. 72. And a website that looks pretty good
  73. 73. And if you’re looking for your new car on your iPad, this isn’t quite as compelling, don’t youagree?
  74. 74. But what I actually wanted was a video, showing me the back trunk, I need to carry a lot ofstuff around.
  75. 75. There are video’s in youtube for the interior of the Peugeot 5008, just none created orendorsed by Peugeot, a missed opportunity.
  76. 76. As you can see, Google suggest is actually telling Peugeot that more people have thesequestions.
  77. 77. This is where your blog comes in. Don’t be afraid to address issues with your product. Befrank & open.
  78. 78. Skip all the buzzwords. Talk in the language your users / clients / prospects use.
  79. 79. Use the words that people use on Twitter, in comments on your blog & in search.
  80. 80. Don’t build your website like it’s a brochure
  81. 81. If you do you’ll still leave people like this.
  82. 82. Build it as a book of revelation about your products and services.
  83. 83. And you’ll enlighten people.
  84. 84. And make more business.
  85. 85. Get in touch:Twitter: @yoastE-mail: joost@yoast.comSite: Questions? Remarks?