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FrePPLe Overview


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FrePPLe helps mid-size companies plan their production and inventory with agility. Running in the cloud, it provides an affordable and efficient way to boost planning processes for distribution and manufacturing companies, extending ERP systems with advanced capabilities and decision-making workflows. Combining 3 modules (demand forecasting, inventory and production planning), it covers all planning needs from raw materials to delivery.

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FrePPLe Overview

  1. 1. Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling Software OVERVIEW
  2. 2. Easy implementation Open source core Affordable & flexible Supply chain planning Discrete manufacturing & distribution
  3. 3. Johan De Taeye Hicham Lahlou Marie Laenen TEAM +20 years of experience in supply chain planning
  4. 4. Missing deadlines on deliveries Guerilla with suppliers Stockouts & stock excesses Time wasted updating Excel Always busy with emergencies Trouble quoting delivery dates Underutilized resources Outdated & conflicting data Planning in silos Long manual planning process PLANNING ISSUES
  5. 5. Efficient collaboration within your organization Data integration with your ERP system Fast & accurate planning computation HOW TO FIX YOUR PLANNING ISSUES
  6. 6. Military Supplies USA Disposable Medical Devices Italy Advanced Composite Material USA Building Supplies Zimbabwe High Tech Connectors Germany Medical Devices China Electronic Motors Finland Instrumentation, Control & Power Cables Italy Cosmetics Indonesia CUSTOMERS
  7. 7. MODULES Inventory Planning Production Planning Demand Forecasting
  8. 8. DEMAND FORECASTING Get an automatic forecast. Review and override values.� Share your forecast with other teams.
  9. 9. INVENTORY PLANNING Compute safety stocks. Determine reorder quantities. Propose replenishments. Rebalance excess stock.
  10. 10. PRODUCTION PLANNING Generate material and capacity plan. Adjust your schedule on a Gantt chart. Intelligently allocate resources. Prioritize orders over others.