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Social Media Employment Presentation


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Here is a presentation done by Jeffrey DeSocio for the Acton Networkers in 2012.

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Social Media Employment Presentation

  1. 1. Jeffrey DeSocioAIMC Business Solutions
  2. 2.  Jeffrey DeSocio/ AIMC Business Solutions– Introduction Social Media Statistics LinkedIn – An Overview Twitter – An Overview Facebook – An Overview Questions & Answers – Interactive Session
  3. 3.  Information Technology Manager/ Director for 20 years at various Fortune 500 organizations. Owns Business, AIMC Business Solutions, since 2008, which focuses on website solutions, social media management & consultation and internet marketing for small businesses. Northeastern University Alumni Steering Committee Member Northeastern University – Project LEAP Participant Host/Partner for – a business networking organization in Greater Boston. Networking and Social Media Expert LinkedIn member since 2006. Facebook member since 2007. Twitter member since 2007.
  4. 4. •62% of adults worldwide now use social media•Social networking is most popular online activity, with 22% oftime online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter andPinterest•56% of social media users have admitted to using channels tospy on their partners•Brazil has the highest online friends – average of 481 per user•Japan has the lowest average online friends – average of just 29friends per user
  5. 5.  161 million members  500 Million accounts 2 million company pages 4.2 billion searches in 2011  40+ Billion tweets 22% of traffic from mobile (last week of  175 Million tweets a day March)  70% of companies ignore complaints on More than 1 million groups twitter 35% of students search for jobs on LI, 700% increase since 2010  909 employees  11 new accounts created every second, over 1 million new per day. Largest social “content” network 850+ million members 60 million visits a month 31% check in once a day 400,000 new presentations uploaded per Avg of 20 min per day month Top 200 web sites 2.7 billion likes per day 110,000 “recruiting” documents 100 billion connections LinkedIn acquired SlideShare this past year. 20 million apps installed daily 250 million photos daily 425 million access via mobile Source: TalentHQ:
  6. 6. An Overview
  7. 7. • The “business” social networking community.• Used by recruiters to search and connect with candidates.• The social community most geared toward job search – it is a job board.• Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
  8. 8. LinkedIn – The Main Dashboard
  9. 9. • This is where you post/ share an update. Plan to post an update 2 or 3 times a week.• You can update your profile and include a summary as well as your major accomplishments under every current and past positions.• You may want to add some Applications to your Profile such as Events, Polls and Answers• You can add up to three websites to your profile such as your current employer or a personal blog. Blogs are great to expose your talents and expertise.
  10. 10. LinkedIn – The Contacts (Connections) Dashboard
  11. 11. • LinkedIn will recommend people for you to connect with that are within one degree of separation to you.• Only connect with people you know, or share a Group with.• Standard template invitation should be customized to be more personal.• Always thank someone for a connection• You will get flagged if you try to connect with people you do not know.
  12. 12. LinkedIn – The Groups Dashboard
  13. 13.  Click link of “Groups You May Like” and join at least 15-20 groups. Join Recruiter Groups and Groups Having to Do With Your Expertise. Contribute to the Groups including responding to Discussion. Use Groups Connections to send introduction messages. Create Your Own Group – It is Free!
  14. 14. LinkedIn - The Jobs Dashboard
  15. 15.  Customize Your Search for Jobs by Functions, Experience and Location. Use “Advanced” Feature. Enable “Jobs You May Be Interested In”. Currently in beta. You can set up EMAIL Alerts Daily or Weekly to send you Jobs. Make sure your profile is 100% complete to help with you job search. LinkedIn Jobs Application allows you to contact connections in your network that are connected to the hiring manager. New Application for Students and Recent Graduates is new feature.
  16. 16. LinkedIn – The Companies Dashboard
  17. 17.  Follow up to 1000 Companies including target companies, companies you worked for and the companies of your connections. Have the inside track on open opportunities. Manage your connections at the companies you follow. Get updates from the companies you follow. Respond to discussions. If you own your own company, create a Company Page for free exposure.
  18. 18.  Recommendations can help your cause. Failing to get recommendations won’t hurt you. Recommendations have unpredictable potential. Recruiters use recommendations to search out new candidates. Reach out personally when you ask for a recommendation. Only ask those who truly know your work. Don’t get too many recommendations.
  19. 19. LinkedIn – The Answers Dashboard
  20. 20.  Ask a question and encourage dialogue. Become a resident expert in your field. Have access to other experts. Set a goal to answer 2 or 3 questions a week. Helps with being discovered. Browse categories such as Legal, IT, Human Resources etc. Extensive search by categories. Like Wikipedia within LinkedIn
  21. 21. An Overview
  22. 22. The Twitter Dashboard
  23. 23.  You follow connections such as companies and people. A great connection is @LinkedIn_Jobs Twitter is a better news source than your nightly news. Gathering ground intelligence on a variety of topics using “Search” Automatic Job Postings from Companies and Career Sites Email alternative – Direct Message You can elect to have others follow you or that you have to approve them before they can follow you You can set your location and how your information is shared with others.
  24. 24. An Overview
  25. 25. The Facebook Dashboard
  26. 26.  Just like LinkedIn or Twitter, you can connect to people, companies or professional groups. Facebook Groups are FREE and you can connect to up to 1000 groups unlike 50 with LinkedIn. Facebook is a complete social media platform with Chat, Mail, Search and People Power – 900 Million Strong. Facebook has by far the most applications of any Social Media Platform. Facebook has a LinkedIn like tool called BranchOut
  27. 27. BranchOut – LinkedIn within Facebook
  28. 28.  Remember to Post, Share and Contribute. A Dormant and Incomplete Profile does not provide any value to your career. Create a YouTube video of yourself providing your 30 second elevator pitch and post it on social media sites. Get away from your computer. Use Social Media to make connections but then meet mutual connections in person to build relationships. Don’t be bashful and never beg for a job. Show off your value and brag about your accomplishments and the opportunities will come your way.
  29. 29.  Check out website, Great Book – The Social Boom by Jeffrey Gitomer My References: ◦ AIMC Social Media Group on LinkedIn ◦ AIMC Business Solutions Business Page on Facebook ◦ AIMC Company Page on LinkedIn ◦ Connect to @aimcbizsolution on Twitter for my social media updates