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Prepare To Be A Smarter Company


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In a Marketplace Where Only 20% of Value Comes From The Tangibles, Smarter Companies Focus on the 80%, the Intangibles

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Prepare To Be A Smarter Company

  1. 1. Smarter-CompaniesValue In The Social Era Comes from Intangibles In a Marketplace Where Only 20% of Value Comes From The Tangibles, Smarter Companies Focus on the 80%, the Intangibles
  2. 2. In The Old Days….. Those That Had The Most Tangible Assets Were The Kings of Industry…
  3. 3. Thatwasthen
  4. 4. Thisisnow
  5. 5. It’s a seismic shiftAgricultural Era  Industrial Era  Social Era
  6. 6. Understanding the shift Industrial  Social Era Tangible  Intangible Assets Factory  Networks
  7. 7. Intangibles Fuel The Social EraThey influence:1. How we organize2. How we deliver value3. How we sell and market4. How we create economic value from our business models5. How we compete6. How we view the value people bring to creating value7. And most of all how we think
  8. 8. Believing The Right Things.. smarter-companies – believe that thepath to prosperity and sustainable profit is a new focus on what’s important in the Social Era: leveraging intangible capital
  9. 9. Investments Follow Value..
  10. 10. Where has the money gone?…to build intangible assets:• In technology • In designs,• In people products• In processes • In networks • In brands
  11. 11. Investment created new value “Intangible,” off-balance sheet portion of corporate valueSource: Ocean Tomo
  12. 12. Shift happened economy-wide Intangible Value as a % of Total Market Capitalization by Sector 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 1975 50% 2005 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% gy s s les ar e s s ner ter ia l rial ary tap ia l c es gy ilit ie E a d ust tion rS lth C in anc Servi olo Ut M In scr e e He a F ns chn Di ns um tio n Te er Co ica tio s um un ma Co n mm Inf or l eco Te
  13. 13. For now, holding at +/- 80%
  14. 14. This is aboutthe rise of anew kind ofeconomicasset in theSocial Era
  15. 15. Whatis IC?
  16. 16. Human Capital• People: – Competencies – Experience – Loyalty• Management – Industry experience – Systemic expertise – Learning designs
  17. 17. StructuralCapital• Processes/IT (the heart of modern business)• Technology/IP – Data, stored information and knowledge – Own product/service designs and knowledge – Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets)• Sales and marketing processes
  18. 18. RelationshipCapital• Customers• External partners (suppliers, outsourcing partners, regulators, communities, press)• Brand and Reputation (the new bottom line)
  19. 19. StrategicCapital• Business model – How the Social Era fits together• External factors: – Industry – Economy – Competition – Globalization – Regulation
  20. 20. IC Management -Measure -Manage -Monetize
  21. 21. Intangible Capital Is The Core ofEvery Business
  22. 22. Benefits of IC Management• Optimized performance Remove barriers and Let people fix the obvious• Increased innovation Collaboration from within and outside• Higher valuation Intangible Capital brings more value than tangible• Great reputation Reputation is driven by relationships and performance
  23. 23. The Social Era Of Smarter Companies Prepare Your Company To Be Smarter Coming Soon…Case Studies, Examples, & StoriesA Community of Practioners and PracticesOnline Assessment & Measurement Tools.The First Ever Intangible Index By IndustryAnd Much More Value From Intangibles