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A sampling of interactive products produced over the course of my career. Focus is on work created over the past several years while heading up Interactive Media at the California Academy of Sciences.

Earlier work includes products produced while employed at Electronic Arts, Creative Wonders, Real Time Learning, and others.

Technologies and distribution platforms include CD-ROM, Web, Mobile, Kiosks/Exhibits and Social Media.

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J.Denholtz - Products

  1. 1. California Academy of Sciences
  2. 2. Web Sites Centra Centr Centr l Park al al Park Park www.calacademy.org m.calacademy.org research.calacademy.org teachers.calacademy.org
  3. 3. Digital Products video.calacademy.org live.calacademy.org www.calacademy.org/sciencetoday www.calacademy.org/share
  4. 4. Mobile Applications
  5. 5. Mobile Applications (continued) “Get ready for an app that will have you walking into poles, missing your stop on Muni and cooing at your phone screen. The California Academy of Sciences just released their free Pocket Penguin app, which is a live webcam continuously pointed at their tiny colony of African penguins, and essentially the biggest time suck to ever hit your phone (both Android and iPhone). Trust us – it’s hard to look away.” - NBC Bay Area
  6. 6. Social Web Facebook, Twitter iTunes, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. Yelp, TripAdvisor FourSquare, GoWalla
  7. 7. Kiosks & Exhibits Facebook, Twitter
  8. 8. Earlier Work – 1992-2007
  9. 9. Earlier Work “Superman couldn’t fly you around faster or show you a better time.” - Washington Post Best Information & Reference Awards – Communication Arts, MacUser, EMMA, SPA and more…
  10. 10. Earlier Work “Counting on Frank is a first-class math adventure that kids, parents and teachers will love!” - Electronic Games for Education Best Kids and Home Software Awards – SPA, NECC and more…
  11. 11. Earlier Work “After-school education programs like Real Time Learning offer Boston’s students the chance for academic success outside of the classroom’s walls. With this project, the Boston Public Library is not only a place for continued learning but also a place where Boston’s kids can bridge the digital divide.” Mayor Thomas Menino Boston, MA
  12. 12. Jonathan Denholtzjdenholtz@gmail.com415-846-1967Creative executive with a unique and proven mix ofproduct expertise, business savyy and rich industryexperience.25 years designing and developing innovative andaward-winning user experiences that engage,entertain and educate.Career arc spans network television, video games,web-based products & services, mobile apps, andphysically interactive experiences that extend beyondthe desktop.Specialties include:•  Business planning and strategy•  Product vision and roadmaps•  Cross functional team-building & management•  Interactive design and development•  Editorial management•  P & L management•  Startups and intra-preneurial ventures