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Joel demay

  1. 1. InterpersonalStylePrepared exclusively forJoel Demay© SGA Inc. 2012 Materials contained herein are proprietary to SGA Inc. (SGA) and may not be copied or redistributedwithout permission. They are intended for use only by those to whom they have been distributed by SGA, and only inconnection with their activities on SGA’s behalf.
  2. 2. Others see you as an “A4” ExpressiveYou are seen as very skillful at establishing and ou Your ambition, enthusiasm for work, and need ourmaintaining productive relationships, and for recognition are assets to any organization.others respond favorably to your candid and You are socially lively and stimulating, andopen approach. You are able to strike an people enjoy being in your presence. Theeffective balance between the seriousness of a importance you place on motivation and results tancetask or project and the “softer,” human constitutes an important aspect of your style.component of business. Most see you as an You set your sights high and vigorously pursueimpressive persuader who can get thing done things those goals that interest you most, whichin the face of apparently insurmountable normally have high visibility. However, in yourobstacles. You respond well to incentives, and enthusiasm to accomplish your mission, youyou use your highly developed interpersonal may create unproductive tension with others,skills with proficiency in reaching your personal especially with those that need more time orgoals. information before committing themselves to courses of action.In work situations, your persuasive manner nenables you to positively influence the thoughts sitively Your behavior is highly dominant with a ourand actions of others. You are described by as component of great emotional openness;poised, calm, agreeable, adventurous, people of your style are described as: ourcompetitive, assertive, and as open in Assertive, outspoken, and resourcefulcommunication. Emphasizing of interaction and involvementYour response group describes you as creating a ourlow level of tension in your interact interactions with Motivational, persuasive, and futuristicthem, and the productive environment you Tending to aggressively act ambitiously inhave created should assist you in the highly visible rolesachievement of your goals. Productive tensiondoes cause people to strive for results, butwhen the tension becomes too great, peoplemay lose interest or turn-off. You should strive uto maintain your ability to others at ease. © SGA Inc., 2012 A4-H
  3. 3. Strengths and Growth Opportunities Strengths and Growth OpportunitiesYour self-assured stance is a definite asset. You will probably find some aspects of thisPeople respect your decisiveness and are analysis easier to accept than others. You mayreadily willing to accept your direction. even wish to accept some of the comments asHowever, when you push too hard in you true of your style in general but not of you as aneagerness to accomplish your mission, you may individual. Remember that with regards to yourcreate tensions that cause people to withhold perceived style, it is perfectly normal and okaytheir support and co-operation. You may fail to to be as you are. There is no need for you to trynotice this lack of support as you optimistically to make permanent changes in your behavior,press on towards your goal. You will build more nor is it advisable. If you can come to accept thetrust in your relationships if people become description of your observed behavior - youraware that you want their feedback and that Interpersonal Style - you will better understandyou genuinely take notice of it. your impact on others. Increasing the effectiveness of your interpersonal interactionsYou should further develop your listening skills. is largely a matter of increasing your versatility.Seek first to understand and then to be To create productive relationships you mustunderstood. Learn to become a better demonstrate concern for other people - the skillnegotiator by creating options rather than of Empathy - and behave in a manner that isfocusing on the most visible or highest risk appropriate for them as well as for yourself.solution. Knowing how others differ from you (based onPeople see you as energetic and imaginative. an awareness of your own style) is a solidYou excel in interpersonal situations. Career foundation from which you may begin to makeambition and personal image are high priorities appropriate changes in your interactions.for you. However, your enthusiastic demeanormay be interpreted as superficial, particularlyby those who are less demonstrative.Even though excessive structure and routinetend to bother you, try to be more tolerant oforganizational realities. Try to meet the needsof those who require more detail and structure,slow yourself down, and concentrate on theprocess rather than just on the end productitself. © SGA Inc., 2012 A4-H
  4. 4. People of the B4 style are described as:Your Self-Profile Assertive, outspoken, and resourceful Emphasizing of interaction and involvement Motivational, persuasive, and forward forward-looking Tending to act ambitiously in highly visible roles B4s are seen as people who easily gain acceptance and endorsement from others. They use their considerable social skills to build harmonious relationships, and they are confident in their ability to influence through the strength of their personalities. Others describe B4s as agreeable, accepting, rs supporting, adventurous, resourceful, co co- operative, and as people who care how others feel. Strengths and Growth Opportunities B4s have the ability to make others feel 4s comfortable and accepted. They tend to foster hhigh morale among their colleagues and gainYour perception of your style is based on the same our endorsement through formal or informallist of adjectives your survey participants used. leadership. They may appear pre pre-occupied withYour Interpersonal Style "self report" appears in maintaining good relationships, and it may provethe matrix above. difficult for B4s to be demanding and formal whenMost people see themselves in much the same way necessary. They may benefit from putting greater romas others see them. However, what you be believe emphasis on technical competencies and fromabout yourself – who you “really” are or who you paying more attention to detail.are on the “inside” -- might be obscured from When working with people with high control henothers by your external, observable behaviors and needs, they should settle the specifics first andhabits. Remember, the Profile reflects behavior then concentrate on selling themselves and theirand actions, not personality, thoughts, or ideas. They should also temper their enthusiasm dintentions. The greatest significance of the e and try to become a little more business business-like inInterpersonal Style Profile is that it will focus your their dealings with others, especially at first. B4 B4sattention on what others see and react to in you – can always relax later on and bring things ontothat is, how you are perceived -- rather than on more personal levels. If they concentrate onyour inner thoughts and feelings. To be sure, these balancing interpersonal nuance with the structure nuancesfeelings are important, but our focus here is on the tant, of projects, they will become even more valuedperceptions of others. members of any organization.The "self profile" will allow you to contrast the way heyou are perceived by others with how you perceiveyourself. If others perceive you as you perceiveyourself, fine. On the other hand, if the two viewsare wildly divergent, you may want to considerwhat is causing that difference.Your personal responses indicate that you see ouryourself as a B4 "Amiable-Expressive." Expressive." © SGA Inc., 2012 B4