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Stage Audition Tips


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Stage Audition tips is one in the “ridiculously simple” series designed to give you straightforward information on a variety of subjects in a condensed format. The books help guide an artistic vision in a business setting. For book purchase, or other licensing information please visit our website.

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Stage Audition Tips

  1. 1. D ProsperAn Opportunity to Grow and Prosper
  2. 2. Ever wonder what’s out there?
  3. 3. Maybe land the acting role of your dreams?
  4. 4. Self Help eBooks Can Help You Find Your Way…
  5. 5. Get tips on: How to Audition for the Stage
  6. 6. But… how do you get there?
  7. 7. And, have you made the tough choices for your audition? Monologue Song Characte Dance r
  8. 8. Some experts agree that unless you’ve created a memorable experience during the audition process, casting directors will remember little about you or your performance… In fact, their attention spantowards the experience can equal around nine seconds – the equivalent to a goldfish.
  9. 9. So… just how do you fix this?
  10. 10. Here is a Little More About the eBook…10 Ridiculously Simple Audition for the Stage Tips - touches on all the thingsyou need to know about auditioning for a role and ultimately improving yourchances of getting cast. This process could be for the role of your dreams or in areally fantastic production.We’ll give you 10 of the most important tips to remember when determiningexactly what to plan for in content, style and other considerations as it relates tothe type role and production.
  11. 11. Let’s Review… Straight- Forward Information It’s All Here! All the In a TipsYou Condensed Need Format
  12. 12. For as little as 99 cents you can download in seconds any title to your kindle or ebook reader. Please see below for website information. Available on Amazon and
  13. 13. To sum it up… Think outside the box
  14. 14. Find what’sout there John DeGaetano Productions Licensing available for stage productions Visit our Website: Amazon Author Page: