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Recommended Reading - New Plays


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The presentation introduces the titles of several new plays from John DeGaetano Productions. All recommended reading is suitable for all ages, audiences and available for stage productions. For book purchase, licensing for the stage or more information please visit our website.

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Available on Amazon from John DeGaetano Productions

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Recommended Reading - New Plays

  1. 1. RecommendedREADING New Plays from John DeGaetano Productions
  2. 2. Plays can inspire, make you laugh or cry… move you, create awareness and change your point of view -We don’t know who said this (but we thought it sounded good)Here are a few plays we recommend reading from John DeGaetano Productions
  3. 3. IMAGINE DYSFUNCTION THEN YOU GET SOME IDEA OF THE HILARIOUS ANTICS IN THE NEW PLAY The Fat Man The Story The play brings a new twist to an old time radio show. All you’ve known to expect from a somewhat strange screwball comedy is here as the cast prepares for a live broadcast. The cast at their rehearsal attempts to iron out a few kinks in thescript of an authentic mystery. The story lightly touches on politics, chronic disorders and what reaching for the stars is really like.
  4. 4. COURTROOM DRAMA… GONE BAD. GET READY FOR SOME UNUSUAL TWISTS AND TURNS IN THIS COMEDY Once Upon… A Crime The Story Everything hits the fan in this somewhat strange screwball comedy slash courtroom drama play. Sam Wilson’s fast-paced attempt to solve a case that goes beyond what he can remember… sort of. Colorful characters are memorable as you grow to love some in astory that lightly touches on what is politically and socially acceptable
  5. 5. FULL LENGTH PLAYTHE WORLDS GREATEST DETECTIVE REACHES OUT TO SOLVE A 200-YEAR OLD SECRET Sherlock Holmes and the Princess Jewel The Story With his trusted long time companion, Doctor Watson at his side, Sherlock Holmes pursues the “code” that seemingly leads nowherein the case. Then a clue to an unexpected piece of evidence surfacesand the attraction of a woman whose resemblance jogs his memory.
  6. 6. IN THREE BOOKS NINE ADVENTURES IN ALL, SIMPLE SETREQUIREMENTS, SUITABLE FOR ALL AUDIENCES Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays The Stories Each Play mystery is just 10 Minutes in Length with Four to Six Characters and takes you on a journey back to Victorian England and the untidy flat at 221-B Baker Street. Based on the career writings of long time friend Doctor Watson.
  7. 7. All Play Scripts available on Amazon fromJohn DeGaetano Productions
  8. 8. Comedy, Silliness, Mystery, Drama,Confusion and PureDysfunctional Fun…ITS ALL HERE!
  9. 9. Check Out These New Play Titles! Also Available on Amazon
  10. 10. …And These Too!
  11. 11. “Make someone proud today… tell them you read a PLAY” Did we say they are available on Amazon and because if we didn’t, its on the next page… ok, just checking.
  12. 12. John DeGaetano Productions Licensing available for stage productions Visit our Website: johndegaetanoproductions.comAmazon Author Page: