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Nokia's annual Human Factors Engineering conference. The theme for 2018 is "Being Digital"

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. GLOBAL CONFERENCE NOVEMBER 7 2018 Join the discussion on pursuing, enabling and expanding The Human Possibilities of Technology Future Talks 2018 Program - Nokia TLC= innovating by humanizing technology crafting optimal technological solutions our needs & expectations behaviors & experiences elements key to results & outcomes H HUMAN F FACTORS E ENGINEERING x x HFE2018 BEING DIGITAL #MakeTechHuman 06NOV18 v12 FILE VERSION
  2. 2. “Bell Lab’s Claude Shannon came up with an idea we now all take for granted—the bit.” “Before Shannon, data was mostly analog, and that’s how people thought of it— as flows, pulses, and waves, travelling through a turntable needle, or over a telegraph or telephone wire.” “But in 1948, Shannon suggested that all data could be reduced to zeros and ones, easily measured, processed, and copied—and that’s now the basic architecture that underlies large chunks of our everyday lives.” “John von Neumann, Alan Turing and many other visionaries gave us computers that could process information. But it was Claude Shannon who gave us the modern concept of information-an intellectual leap that earns him a place on whatever high-tech equivalent of Mount Rushmore is one day established.” “Shannon had written “a blueprint for the digital age.” Excerpts from: MITCHELL, M. Claude Shannon: A Reluctant Father of the Digital Age. MIT Technology Review, July 1, 2001. MORRIS, David. Google Celebrates 100th Birthday of Claude Shannon, the Inventor of the Bit. Fortune, April 30, 2016. Seven decades later we all experience digitalization’s ever present impact… …. but, what does “Being Digital” actually mean in today’s day and age?
  3. 3. 3 © Nokia 20162018 #MakeTechHuman 2015-16 HFE 2018 Nokia and Wired Magazine partnered to launch the MakeTechHuman program Being Digital HFE 2017 Nokia’s Technology Leadership Council and Bell Labs resumed the HFE Conferences MakeTechHuman involved interviews with public figures, podcasts, an e-book and debates about the exciting promises and ominous perils of a tech driven future Nokia celebrated its 150th year anniversary and a proud tradition of innovating by “Connecting People” HFE17 Conference registered 300+ participants engaged by luminaries across industry and academia, and released the Human Factors Engineering Manifesto HFE17 celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the team of creative technologists who pioneered human-centered-design practices at Bell Labs in 1947 by “Designing for People” HFE18 Conference is set to address the role of Design Thinking and how Human Centered Innovation delivers game changing “digital experiences” HFE18 celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the release of Bell Labs’ groundbreaking research on Information Theory in 1948 IIT
  4. 4. 4 © Nokia 20162018 Your conference chairs, Betsy Covell Distinguished Member of Technical Staff ISG Standardization Bell Labs - Chief Technical Office Betsy.Covell @ Jose de Francisco Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Solutions Engineering Studio Nokia Software Group Jose.de_Francisco_Lopez @ Making Tech Human and, therefore, Designing For People, is unequivocally centered on critical factors that address not only initial acceptance, but also further adoption of emerging digital technologies. Human Factors Engineering’s inter-disciplinary practices made a difference when first introduced by Bell Labs in industry all the way back to 1947. More than seven decades later, that same thoughtful and innovative spirit delivers a relentless source of differentiation. Business-wise, that translates into sustainable competitiveness because the Quality of our Users’ Experiences is an undeniable and decisive success factor. Creative technologists who are passionate about Human Centered Design (HCD) get the no- nonsense meaning of outcome driven practices. This is achieved by obsessing about positive impacts, prioritizing and left-shifting quality considerations, effectively addressing user journeys and reverse-engineering ‘signature experiences’ that make all the difference. We would like to thank everyone involved in making HFE18 happen: our speakers, a tireless team of global volunteers working behind the scenes and, most importantly… …all Nokians joining any discussions taking place during the event and, better yet, thereafter. Looking forward to connecting at HFE18!
  5. 5. Reference Stage Setting Videos & HFE18 Speakers Chirryl-Lee Ryan Dan Kraemer Nicholas Negroponte‘s stage setting book & videos recorded in 1984 and 2014 JC Gubbs Iana Kouris Glenda Helmer Morgan West Eric Haddleton Alema Fitisemanu Jose de FranciscoBetsi Covell HFE18 SPEAKERS : Bret Victor’s video on the Future of Programming
  6. 6. 6 © Nokia 20162018 HFE18 Conference Brief for Speakers THEME ‘BEING DIGITAL’ FOCUS Human Centered Design & Applied Innovation HASHTAGS #MakeTechHuman @Nokia @Bell Labs AUDIENCE Open to Nokia personnel worldwide, HFE17 Alumni, and HFE18 guests by invitation only HFE17 registered 300+ online attendees across multiple global locations, business groups and product units Post-event consumption and further distribution involves larger viewership on NokiaEDU (corporate training platform) over the weeks and months that follow RATIONALE Digital Transformation initiatives have become pervasive across industries and emerging technologies shape our experiences What does ‘BEING DIGITAL’ really mean? What does it entail? What are the success and failure stories? Are there best practices worth sharing? FORMAT “15+10” entails 15 minute talks discussing the topic, followed by 10 minute Q&A CONTENT Each speaker can address the topic as they see fit during their 15+10 minute sessions Revealing, thought provoking and impactful insights with clear examples and practical implications are preferred and highly encouraged Contextual information is welcome, though disproportionate introductions and sales-pitches are highly discouraged given the knowledge sharing nature of the event DELIVERY OPTIONS LIVE ONSITE Joining the conference at a local Nokia office LIVE ONLINE Leveraging Nokia’s Webex for remote participation CANNED RECORDING Providing a video file of a 15 minute pre-recorded presentation (instead of joining the conference on Nov 7) SCHEDULE CONFIRMATION Monday, September 17 Email reply suffices SESSION INFO Monday, October 1 Title, abstract, speaker bio & picture, social media and web links DELIVERY OPTIONS Monday, October 1 See ‘delivery options’ above and let us know which one applies to your case PRESENTATION FILES Monday, November 5 PPT, PDF (slideware) and WMV (video) PRE-RECORDED TALKS Monday, November 5 WMV (video) EVENT DAY Wednesday, November 7 See next page on detailed agenda COURSEWARE All sessions will be recorded and packaged as ‘internal’ self-paced courseware by NokiaEDU SOCIAL MEDIA Selected sessions and excerpts will be ‘publicly’ distributed over social media platforms HFE ALUMNI NETWORK Please let us know if you would allow us to keep your name on our distribution list for subsequent activities
  7. 7. 7 © Nokia 20162018 HFE18 Agenda – Wednesday, Nov 7 2018 – Nokia Worldwide Webcast PST (-2) CST EST (+1) GMT (+6) CET (+7) AGENDA DELIVERY SPEAKERS SPEAKER LOCATION 06:00 08:00 09:00 14:00 15:00 AM 1.0 15 mins AGENDA & LOGISTICS LIVE / ONSITE Conference Chairs NAPERVILLE, IL. USA CST AM SESSIONS BEING DIGITAL SESSIONS 06:15 08:15 09:15 14:15 15:15 AM 1.1 15’ MIT MEDIA LAB TEDx TALK YOUTUBE VIDEO Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman Emeritus PRE-RECORDED VIDEO 06:30 08:30 09:30 14:30 15:15 AM 1.2 45’ IDEAN - CAP GEMNI LIVE / ONSITE Chirryl-Lee Ryan, Head of NY Studio MURRAY HILL, NJ. USA 07:15 09:15 10:15 15:15 16:15 AM 1.3 30’ COO - TRANSFORMATION LIVE / ONSITE Iana Kouris, Design Lead MUNICH, GERMANY 07:45 09:45 10:45 15:45 16:45 AM 1.4 30’ IA COLLABORATIVE LIVE / ONSITE Dan Kraemer, Founder & Chief Design Officer NAPERVILLE, IL. USA 08:15 10:15 11:15 16:15 17:15 AM 1.5 30’ DEVMYND LIVE / ONSITE JC Gubbs, CEO NAPERVILLE, IL. USA 08:45 10:45 11:45 16:45 17:45 AM 1.5 40’ PANEL DISCUSSION LIVE DISCUSSION Above live speakers 09:25 11:25 12:25 17:25 18:25 AM 1.7 05’ ‘BEING DIGITAL’ RECAP LIVE / ONSITE Conference Chairs NAPERVILLE, IL. USA 09:30 11:30 12:30 17:30 18:30 AM 1.8 90’ BREAK CST PM SESSIONS NOKIA SESSIONS 11:00 13:00 14:00 19:00 20:00 PM 2.0 15’ AGENDA & LOGISTICS LIVE / ONSITE Conference Chairs NAPERVILLE, IL 11:15 13:15 14:15 19:15 20:15 PM 2.1 15’ DYNAMICLAND DBX CONFERENCE YOUTUBE VIDEO Bret Victor, Founder PRE-RECORDED VIDEO 11:30 13:30 14:30 19:30 20:30 PM 2.2 30’ NSW HFE INTERNSHIP NOKIA YAMMER VIDEO M. West, E. Haddleton, A. Fitisemanu PRE-RECORDED VIDEO 12:00 14:00 15:00 20:00 21:00 PM 2.3 30’ NSW CTO CSF UX LIVE / ONSITE Glenda Helmer, Design Manager OTTAWA, CANADA 12:30 14:30 15:30 20:30 21:30 PM 2.4 30’ NSW HFE STUDIO LIVE / ONSITE Jose de Francisco, Senior Creative Director NAPERVILLE, IL. USA 13:00 15:00 16:00 21:00 22:00 PM 2.5 30’ PANEL DISCUSSION LIVE DISCUSSION Nokia speakers 13:30 15:30 16:30 21:30 22:30 PM 2.6 30’ HFE19 + CLOSING REMARKS LIVE / ONSITE Conference Chairs NAPERVILLE, IL. USA All sessions will be recorded and made available as self-paced courseware on NokiaEDU for Nokia employees
  8. 8. 8 © Nokia 20162018 Nokia HFE18 Conference Control Room @ Henry Schacht Auditorium Nokia CTC, Chicago Technology Center – Naperville Campus Nokia Chicago Technology Center 1960 Lucent Lane Naperville, IL USA Henry Schacht Auditorium Nokia CTC Front Entrance
  9. 9. 9 © Nokia 20162018 NokiaEDU Conference Registration & Training Credits Nokia Employees Only
  10. 10. 10 © Nokia 20162018 On event day… Join Nokia’s online conferencing system - Information provided upon registration - Join other Nokians at any company location - See local group gatherings on Yammer - ONLINE & ON ANY SITE
  11. 11. 11 © Nokia 20162018 Nokia Yammer Conference Updates Nokians Access Only HFE STUDIO 300+ Members Future Talks Program 800+ Members Feel free to repost and share in any other Nokia Yammer Groups
  12. 12. 12 © Nokia 20162018 Did you know that HFE is not just an annual conference… …but a rolling program that also features standalone full-length talks throughout the year? TALK SERIES Special thanks to last year’s HFE17 Talk Series Speakers for their enlightening presentations: Houshang Darabi Univ. of Illinois at Chicago “Utilizing Process Mining & Machine Learning to optimize how we work” Tim Goldrein Innovia Technology “Leveraging Behavioral Sciences to deliver breakthrough technologies” Dr. Mark SubbaRao Adler Planetarium “Science Visualization in Practice” “Taking stock of ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” Doug Hohulin Nokia
  13. 13. 13 © Nokia 20162018 Did you know that HFE is not just an annual conference… …but that Nokia speakers are featured at leading design & industry events? OUTREACH Sample of conferences showcasing Nokia’s thought leadership in Human Centered Design:
  14. 14. 14 © Nokia 20162018 Food for thought & discussion… -connections/ec/autonomous- systems.html s/110/1108855/more- human/9780753556634.html en/insight-human-machine-ai
  15. 15. Courtesy of
  16. 16. 16 © Nokia 20162018 “Bell Labs was one of the HFE pioneers (…) starting with the first psychologist hired to design telephone systems in 1945: John E. Karlin.” “In 1945, the idea of a symposium like this for human factors people was simply out of the question. For one thing, there were not any human factors people.” “In the future, the user should come first.” “A 100-Year View of User Experience” by Jacob Nielsen “The Establishment of HFT and the Early History of Human Factors in the Telecommunications Industry” by John E. Karlin ”The Human Use of Computing Machines” by Philip H. Abelson “Operations Research at Bell Laboratories through the 1970s: Part III” by Cree S. Dawson, Charles J. McCallum, Jr., R. Bradford Murphy and Eric Wolman “By the 1950s, Bell Labs definitely did UX (User Experience) work.” “In the 1960s, those aspects of the hardware, software, or system that affect and are affected by the physical and psychological makeup of the people who install, operate, or maintain it became a major concern of engineering design.” “Embodied in the term human factors, this aspect of design was studied at Bell Labs by psychologists, engineers, and statisticians.”
  17. 17. 17 © Nokia 20162018 Welcome to “Future Human,” a new podcast series exploring the human potential of technology. Many of the innovations we take for granted have been hatched over decades, forged by an unlikely and ongoing collaboration between emerging artists and the keenest engineering minds in the world. As the science fiction of days past – self-driving cars, Star Trek-like communicators and interstellar tourism – becomes everyday reality, where will the next great ideas come from? Listen in as today’s most adventurous creators inspire their scientific peers to unleash a more connected world.
  18. 18. 18 © Nokia 20162018 We are delighted to welcome Alex "Sandy" Pentland, director of the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs and previously helped create and direct the MIT Media Lab, as our next Shannon Luminary Lecturer. He is one of the most-cited computational scientists in the world, a member of the U.S. National Academies, and has received numerous awards and prizes such as the McKinsey Award from Harvard Business Review, the DARPA Network Challenge, and the Brandeis Award for work in privacy. His most recent books are Social Physics (Penguin Press) and Honest Signals (MIT Press). Pentland will deliver his Shannon Luminary Lecture "The future of AI and human society: HumanAI" on October 25, 2018. AI is most often thought of as creating artificial humans, which raises the question of AI replacing humans. But if we ask how to build an intelligent system that incorporates both humans and AIs, we will find that there is a (relatively) clean formalism for building such a hybrid. Moreover, there are already early examples of such systems that feel not only human and natural but even positively delightful. Alex "Sandy" Pentland "The future of AI and human society: HumanAI" Reference MIT Links:
  19. 19. 19 © Nokia 20162018 Program Credits Anne Lee Chicago, USA Betsy Covell Chicago, USA Bob Hanmer Chicago, USA Brian Ostberg Chicago, USA Charles Bahr Murray Hill, USA Colleen Liddle Ottawa, Canada Craig Hopson Chicago, USA David Zahn Chicago, USA Dominique Chiaroni Villarceaux, France Jose de Francisco Chicago, USA Joseph Urban Munich, Germany Josephine Horn Chicago, USA Linda Foley Dublin, Ireland Mateusz Kozlowski Warsaw, Poland Randee Adams Chicago, USA Shina Liu Chicago, USA Tom Tirpak Chicago, USA Tyler Tamplin Plano, USA Vickie Klick Chicago, USA Stanford University Alema Fitisemanu San Jose, USA Capgemini - Idean Cherryl-Lee Ryan New York, USA Nokia Doug Houlin Overland Park, USA IA Collaborative Dan Kraemer Chicago, USA Wake Forest University Eric Haddleton Vienna, Austria Nokia Glenda Helmer Ottawa, Canada University of Illinois Houshang Darabi Chicago, USA Nokia Iana Kouris Munich, Germany DevMynd JC Grubbs Chicago, USA Nokia Jose de Francisco Chicago, USA Adler Planetarium Mark SubbaRao Chicago, USA ArtCenter Morgan West Pasadena, USA Innovia Technology Tim Goldrein Cambridge, UK Speakers Nokia Volunteers
  20. 20. = innovating by humanizing technology crafting optimal technological solutions our needs & expectations behaviors & experiences elements key to results & outcomes H HUMAN F FACTORS E ENGINEERING x x HFE2018