ICS Oil & Gas Controls Brochure


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Description of Services that ICS can offer in the areas of Oil & Gas Automation

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ICS Oil & Gas Controls Brochure

  1. 1. Oil & Gas Controls & Automation Have you been asked to improve the performance or reliability of your facility?Have you been asked to improve the performance or reliability of your facility?Have you been asked to improve the performance or reliability of your facility? Innovative Control Solutions can help deliver these ever changing dynamics! ICS prides itself on being a diversified control systems integration firm that offers extensive knowledge & experience in a wide variety of industries & applications As a premier control systems integration company with strong expertise in a wide variety of industrial markets , we have a prov- en track record in delivering superior performance and results to our customers. ICS has the proven experience required to execute the design, implementation, and startup of major industrial control system projects which include retrofit or grass root types.
  2. 2. Professional Services Offered  Control System Engineering & Design  Control System Integration Services including advance system programming & graphics configuration  Microsoft .NET Software Engineering/Development  After-Market Support & Field Services  Control System Packaging Design  Instrument Engineering  Project & Construction Management  Installation Engineering & Design Packages  Operations & Maintenance Training  Onsite Field Services for Commissioning & Startup  Maintenance & Troubleshooting  Turn-Key Projects  Technical Staffing Services  Equipment Packaging & Skid Fabrication  Control Panel Integration & Packaging  Design Adherence to Meet Agency Standards (NFPA/FM/UL/CE/ NEC/IEC/ATEX/) Introduction and ApplicationsIntroduction and ApplicationsIntroduction and Applications HMI Visualization Software Packages  RA Factory Talk ME /SE/ Studio  RSView32  Clear SCADA  Cygnet  Wonderware Archestra /Intouch  Proficy iFix/Cimplicity  Siemens WinnCC  Iconics Genesis 32/64  NI Labview HMI Visualization Solutions  Client /Server Architecture  Distributed SCADA Architecture  Stand Alone Architecture  Web Based Servers  Data Historians & Reporting Industrial Application Expertise Oil & Gas SCADA & Process Systems  Upstream/Midstream Process Systems  Salt Water Disposal Site Controls  Compressor Control Systems  Gas Processing Plant Control Systems  Gas Well Monitoring & Control  Remote Monitoring of Process Subsystems  SCADA & Wireless Control Systems  Emergency & Safety Shutdown Systems  Plunger Lift Control  Fire & Gas Detection  Pipeline Leak Detection & Surveillance Balance of Plant Control Systems  Industrial Process Applications  Utility Power & Cogeneration Power  Fuel Gas Compressors  Industrial Material Handling Systems  Waste Water/Water Treatment Systems  Motor Controls  Data Acquisition & Performance monitoring  Advanced Process Controls & Automation Control Panel Integration & Packaging Current Hardware Platforms  Allen Bradley  Invensys Triconex  Control Microsystems SCADA Pack  Emerson Delta-V  Square-D Modicon  Siemens S7/Quadlog/APACs  Honeywell Experian  GE Fanuc 90-70/90-30/ RXi Current Hardware Platforms  Allen Bradley Logix & Legacy PLC’s  Invensys Triconex (Tricon & Trident)  Control Microsystems SCADA Pack  Emerson Delta-V  Square-D Modicon  Siemens S7/Quadlog/APACs  Honeywell Experian  GE Fanuc RX3i/RX7i & Legacy PLC’s  NI Fieldpoint/Compact Fieldpoint Skid Fabrication Solutions Modular Building Solutions Integrated Control System Hardware or Electrical Equipment
  3. 3. Learning a new or upgraded control system can be a major concern for any facilities O&M staff. Control systems provided by ICS can be supplied with complete simulation features that allows your operations & maintenance staff to get intimately familiar with the actual HMI graphics design & control functionality prior to startup. Typical Control System InfrasturctureTypical Control System InfrasturctureTypical Control System Infrasturcture Authorized Rockwell Automation System Integrator Certified Control Microsystems SCADA Pack & Clear SCADA Integrator Authorized GE Fanuc & Intellution Integrator Authorized GE PMCS Integrator & VAR Distributed SCADAArchitecture SolutionsDistributed SCADAArchitecture SolutionsDistributed SCADAArchitecture Solutions
  4. 4. Innovative Control Solutions, Inc., Who Are We?Innovative Control Solutions, Inc., Who Are We?Innovative Control Solutions, Inc., Who Are We? Company Mission StatementCompany Mission StatementCompany Mission Statement Innovative Control Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing unmatched quality products & services in order to meet or exceed our customers expectations. Additional commitments also include adhering to high business standards and ethics along with making our customer satisfaction our highest priority.  Type of Business Organization.  Innovative Control Solutions, Inc. is privately owned and is incorporated in the State of Texas.  Date Established / Inception of Present Management  ICS was formed and incorporated in 1997. This corporation has been under the same ownership and management and is currently debt free.  Office and Shop Facilities  Our main headquarters is located in Plano, Texas.  Typical Size of Contracts  There is no minimum or maximum limits to any type of project. ICS will only pursue projects as long as we can pro- vide resources that meet the quality, expertise, and dedication that is required.  Work Sub-Contracted to Others  We are often required to provide installation services for electrical and mechanical tasks which requires us to sub- contract. We have built solid relationships with a various mechanical and electrical contractors to allow us to provide these type of services.  Bank References & Financial Statements  For understandable and practical reasons we restrict financial information. This information can be provided upon request for potential clients.  Liability Insurance, Professional Liability, General Liability, Workman’s Compensation Wood, Wilson Janette International 8111 LBJ Freeway Suite 585 Dallas, TX 75251 Bruce Klingman (972) 783-4915  Federal Tax Identification Number  75-2733277 Phone: 972-509-2979 Fax: 972-509-2981 http://www.icstexas.com 840 F Avenue, Suite 100 Plano, Texas 75074 Proud Member of the Control System Integrators Association