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Body images

  1. 1. Body Images By Jessica DeAmicis
  2. 2. Criticism Continuum • Women go through the daily struggle to perfect their appearance • Are expect to be presentable at all times • Given the illusion there is a “perfect” image to obtain
  3. 3. Perception and Performance • Increased technology is shaping and reshaping our image as women • Often judged by family, friends, coworkers and etc. about our body image • It can be hard to accept the body we have
  4. 4. The Color of Beauty • Beauty is embraced by color: the white ideal • Women of color all around the world whiten their skin to try and achieve “beauty” • Women risk potential harm to their body to change the color of their skin
  5. 5. Natural Hair • Pressure is put on women to have perfect straight, silky, soft hair • Natural hair should be embraced • Women of color and certain ethnic backgrounds struggle with the dilemma – To keep their natural hair or use all sorts of chemicals to change them into “beauty”
  6. 6. More Products, Less Regulation • Cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries have little regulation on the components that make them • Some components can pose a health risk • Important to know expiration dates on cosmetics
  7. 7. Cosmetic Surgery • The pressure to accomplish complete beauty, women change their body parts • These procedures can damage the body more than help if used improperly • Bullying and judgment can influence a women to change a slight imperfection
  8. 8. Media Distortion • The consumption of naked bodies on all types of mass mediums can alter our reality of real life • Can alter self- esteem in women in their future relationships and careers
  9. 9. Designer Vaginas • Women are influenced to have perfect vaginas • After labor, many contemplate getting surgery to tighten up the muscles and organs to please their significant other
  10. 10. Selling Insecurity • Mass mediums reel in tweens and teens • They are influenced at a young age of the perfect body figure • Leads to self esteem issues and health scares in young ages • Companies such as Teen Vogue and even Walt Disney corrupt teens minds into self conscious individuals
  11. 11. Fat is Normal • Puberty naturally brings an increase in fat for women • This increase in fat is crucial for menstruation and child bearing
  12. 12. Eating Disorders • Becoming more prominent in younger ages due to the more technology created • Primary prevention: – Teaching skills for healthy nutrition and body acceptance – Leadership and media literacy skills – Range of coping skills for resisting unhealthy cultural messages
  13. 13. Healthy at Any Size • Encourage women to stop focusing on body size and body weight and instead: – Accept and respect the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes – Eat in a flexible manner than values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety and appetite – Find joy in moving one’s body and becoming more physically vital
  14. 14. Building a Better Body Image • The obsession with having the perfect body not only hinders the physical aspect of a person but it ruins the thought of living a vivid and fulfilling life – Forget what we enjoy doing – Lose sight of our passions – Need to stay away from obsessing over calorie counting and over exercising and embrace a healthy lifestyle
  15. 15. Quote that stuck out • “59.7 billion a year on diets that fail majority of the time” It’s interesting because people are so obsessed with dieting when that isn't the answer to a healthy life. Eating balanced meals with moderation of unhealthy items and exercising regularly will lead to a successful healthy lifestyle. Being fit and healthy isn't just a diet and you stop it, it’s a way of life you need to adjust.
  16. 16. Discussion Question What are your thoughts on the exposure young children are getting regarding the perfect image/body?