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A short description of how to choose your photography coursework styles.

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Coursework styles

  1. 1. Coursework Styles
  2. 2. Make your style bold• But be aware of the colours you use• But be aware of the colours you use• But be aware of the colours you use
  3. 3. Make your style uniform•Don’t change your text style or background from slide to slide
  4. 4. Allow space to explain what you’ve done • At each stage of your work you have to show a screenshot or the picture itself and what you have done to make that picture the way it is. • You must also say why you did that.
  5. 5. Put in your mistakes • “I tried this and it didn’t work out the way I expected so I undid the work.” • ALWAYS give every step even if you don’t like it.
  6. 6. Keep the text on the same side• Don’t be tempted to move the text box to the other side of the screen
  7. 7. Make your own logo • Try making your own unique logo which goes on your slide somewhere. • It must go in the same Just use your place on every slideinitials to make it simple • It must match your style
  8. 8. Exemplar PresentationOliver Browning Year 11
  9. 9. PhotographyJerry Uelsmann Style
  10. 10. JerryUelsmannStep 1I took this picture atthe No.5 tower. Thiswas my startingpicture. I liked theangle of the tower andthe way the picturewas taken made theviewer feel small incomparison with thetower
  11. 11. JerryUelsmannStep 2I used the MagicEraser tool to removemost of thebackground. As youcan see, the bushesnear the bottom ofthe picture neededfixing.
  12. 12. JerryUelsmannStep 3I took this picture acouple of weeks aftertaking the one of thetowerI used this picture ofthe sky as it wasdramatic and I likedthe way the light wascoming through. Iused this as a newbackground for mytower
  13. 13. JerryUelsmannStep 4I copied and pastedthe sky into a newlayer, which I putbehind the tower layer
  14. 14. Jerry UelsmannStep 5The flag would havebeen difficult to erasearound, so I just erasedit completely using theeraser tool
  15. 15. Jerry UelsmannStep 6The hedges on the leftand right of the picturehadn’t been erasedvery well, so I used theEraser tool, with a smalldiameter with 100%hardness and I justmanually erased thetop of the hedge on theleft hand side.
  16. 16. Jerry UelsmannStep 7I did the same for theother side
  17. 17. Jerry UelsmannStep 8I usedFilter>Distort>Twirland set the twirl to 346degrees. This gave thesky a vacuum effectwhich I really likedbecause it made it feellike the tower wasbeing sucked in.
  18. 18. Jerry UelsmannStep 9I pasted in a picture ofa model in a new layerbetween thebackground and thetower.
  19. 19. Jerry UelsmannStep 10I used Free Transformto make the picturesmaller and I moved itto the top of the tower.I did this because Ihoped it would give asense of mystery andsurrealism.
  20. 20. Jerry UelsmannStep 11I then went toImage>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast.I set the brightness to-100 and the contrastto +100. This made theperson asilhouette, making itfeel more mysterious.
  21. 21. Jerry UelsmannStep 12I was going to put threeof the same silhouetteon the top of thebunker, but I decidedagainst it because itwould have looked toocrowded. I used themove tool to move thesilhouette to themiddle of the bunker.
  22. 22. Jerry UelsmannStep 13I pasted anotherpicture of my friend onthe top layer
  23. 23. JerryUelsmannStep 14I used the eraser toolto erase the roughedges of my friend.
  24. 24. Jerry UelsmannStep 15I used Free Transformto shrink and move theperson. The edges stilllooked rough, but asthis was going to be asilhouette it didn’tmatter
  25. 25. Jerry UelsmannStep 16Again, I made the persona silhouette using theBrightness/Contrastfeature.Brightness -100.Contrast +100.I realised the badge ofthe school uniform hadaccidentally gonetransparent, but I likedthe effect, so I kept it.
  26. 26. Jerry UelsmannStep 17I used the Magic Erasertool to erase out thewindow of thewatchtower.
  27. 27. Jerry UelsmannStep 18I pasted in a picture ofa model’s eye that Itook. I was going to putthe eye in the windowplace
  28. 28. Jerry UelsmannStep 19I set the eye to thelayer in-between thetower and the sky, sonow the eye was inwhere the window was
  29. 29. Jerry UelsmannStep 20I used Free Transformagain to size and movethe eye accordingly.This gave a‘watchtower’ feel, tyingin with the theme ofmy photography
  30. 30. Jerry UelsmannStep 21To see how it wouldlook in the Uelsmannstyle (black and white) Imade the eye black andwhite by going toImage>Adjustments>DesaturateI was pleased with theway it turned out
  31. 31. Jerry UelsmannStep 22I decided to crop outthe right half of thepicture. I felt that if Ihad kept the rightside, it would havemeant that I had to putsomething in it, whichwould run the risk ofmaking the pictureovercrowded.
  32. 32. Jerry UelsmannStep 23I used the freetransform again. Ishrunk the silhouetteand moved it to theright of the tower
  33. 33. Jerry UelsmannStep 24I duplicated the layerbecause I was going tocreate a ‘colony’ ofsilhouettes
  34. 34. Jerry UelsmannStep 25I went toImage>Adjustments>Brightness & ContrastBrightness was +100 aswas the Contrast.This made thesilhouette white, givinga nice contrast whenturned Grayscale
  35. 35. Jerry UelsmannStep 26I moved the whitesilhouette to the left ofthe other silhouette. Iwas going to repeat thisuntil I had a ‘colony’scaling the side of thewatchtower.
  36. 36. Jerry UelsmannStep 27I used free transform toshorten the silhouette.I did this because Ithought it made thepicture more in-depth.
  37. 37. Jerry UelsmannStep 28As I wanted to createan army ofsilhouettes, I duplicatedthe layer with the blacksilhouette and moved itto the left of the whitesilhouette
  38. 38. Jerry UelsmannStep 29I repeated this processwith the whitesilhouette
  39. 39. Jerry UelsmannStep 30I wanted my army to goall the way around thefortification, so Irepeated the processeslike before
  40. 40. Jerry UelsmannStep 31All Jerry Uelsmannpictures are ingrayscale, so I did justthat by going toImage>Mode>Grayscale
  41. 41. Jerry UelsmannStep 32I felt my image waslacking something so Igot this picture of aseagull that I took. I feltthat adding a seagullwould help fill in someof the empty space inthe document
  42. 42. Jerry UelsmannStep 33I selected it inPhotoshop using theMagic Wand tool, thenI then pasted it into myWatchtower picture
  43. 43. Jerry UelsmannStep 34Using Free Transform, Ishrunk the seagull andmoved it slightly
  44. 44. Jerry UelsmannStep 35Zooming in, Idiscovered that therewere a couple of pixelsof sky from the seagullpicture, whichshouldn’t have beenthere, so I used theEraser tool to get rid ofthem. I used a largediameter eraser, as itwas quicker.
  45. 45. Jerry UelsmannStep 36I decided that the leftside of the towerlooked more bare thanthe other, so I movedthe seagull to the otherside using the Movetool.
  46. 46. Jerry UelsmannStep 37I wanted the seagull tolook like it was flyingtowards the tower, so Iwent to Edit>Transform>Flip horizontal
  47. 47. Jerry UelsmannStep 38The seagull had quiterough edges, that onlybecame apparent whenit was against a darkbackground. I used theEraser tool with a smalldiameter just to goaround the edges ofthe bird
  48. 48. This was my final image. I like the way it turned out, especially with the black & white tone.
  49. 49. Our Second Artist Jerry UelsmannOuter Limits Opening