E2 Business Plan | Discover How You Can Live and Work in the United States


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Discover how foreign entrepreneurs and investors can live and work legally in the United States by obtaining an E2 Visa. You will need a comprehensive business plan to accompanying your application and JDC Consultancy has been writing E2 Business Plans since 2006.

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E2 Business Plan | Discover How You Can Live and Work in the United States

  1. 1. Discover How You Can Live and Work in the U.S. E2 Visa Overview & Business Plan Requirements
  2. 2. For investors looking to buy or start a new business/franchise in America, an E2 Visa Business Plan is required to accompany your E2 Visa application.
  3. 3. There are over 180 Visas available for those looking to relocate temporarily or permanently to the US. These are the 2 categories: • Non-Immigrant Visas • Immigrant Visas
  4. 4. Very few people qualify for most of the visas available. The E2 Visa then becomes a popular choice for those looking to own their own business or franchise and legally work in the United States.
  5. 5. The E2 Treaty Investor Visa is a non-immigrant temporary visa for: • nationals of a country with which the U.S. maintains a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation • those who desire to go to the U.S. to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which they have invested, or are in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital.
  6. 6. Just based on the fact you have, or are in the process of investing in a start-up business or purchasing an existing business/franchise, is not enough evidence to demonstrate that you may qualify for an E2 Visa.
  7. 7. In 2006, it became a requirement that all E2 Visa applications be accompanied by a comprehensive Immigration Business Plan.
  8. 8. A detailed and professionally written E2 Visa Business Plan forms a critical part of your overall application. You must provide evidence that you have a proper plan in place over the next 5 years to grow and develop a new business/franchise you may have started or purchased.
  9. 9. JDC Consultancy has created hundreds of these E2 business plans since 2006 which have successfully enabled entrepreneurs and business owners and their families to: Live, Work & Study in the U.S.
  10. 10. Some of what we include in a E2 Business Plan: • 5 Year Financial Projections (incl. Sales Forecast, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Forecast) • Executive Summary • Personnel Plan (including job titles, salaries & job descriptions) • Organizational Chart • Market Analysis & Industry Analysis Summary • Marketing & Web Plan Strategy
  11. 11. Our E2 Business Plans are approximately 22-25 pages in length and are constantly customized to not only suit your specific business, but the changing requirements of immigration.
  12. 12. We work with, and communicate regularly with immigration attorneys across the United States and Internationally, combining the feedback and expert advice they give to their clients with our extensive experience.
  13. 13. The result is that your E2 Visa Business Plan is created to the exacting standards required by immigration so you stand the greatest chance of success!
  14. 14. We allow all of our clients (and their attorneys) to make as many changes as they deem necessary because we want everyone to be 100% satisfied with the final business plan.
  15. 15. Our clients only make minor changes to our E2 Business Plans. Why? • Because we create comprehensive and detailed business plans. • Because we have been doing this since 2006 and have extensive experience.
  16. 16. We take our business very seriously because we understand the life-changing effects that our clients go through in relocating to the U.S.
  17. 17. We also understand the complexities of starting and/or buying a business or franchise in a foreign country. Why? Because we have gone through the process ourselves and we know the various challenges involved.
  18. 18. We are here to help and guide you, and provide you with a comprehensive and professionally written E2 Visa Business Plan that achieves the desired result of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.
  19. 19. For More Info on Immigration Business Plans, click below: jdcconsultancy.com The following social media links are also clickable, so let’s connect!