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Similar video analysis


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Similar video analysis

  1. 1. Similar video analysisWelcome to jamrock-Damian Marley
  2. 2. • This is the opening shot of the music video, it is a mid shot of the artist (Damian marley) and the audience can clearly see his star image, a scurfy beard, bandana and baggy clothes. Also pictured in the backdrop is flats, with poorly dressed children in the balcony, showing the trend for the local area
  3. 3. • This next screen shot I have taken is of women hanging out her washing, this still image shows the target audience Damian Marley is trying to target. By using scenes and images they can relate to will entice the target market to have a connection to the video and the song
  4. 4. Three little birds-Bob Marley
  5. 5. • This is a screen shot from Bob Marley’s three little brids, I want to try and incorporate the use of editing that has been shown here. The clip has been used aswell as added to by the graphic being created. I think this would go well with my video because it would break up some of the longer shots and scenes.
  6. 6. Kingston town-UB40
  7. 7. • This is UB40-Kingston town, im going to use shots of the band a lot throughout my music video, like this mid shots will be the perfered shot because it shows the costumes worn and the facial expression which can add to the star image of my band