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Magazine front cover


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Magazine front cover

  1. 1. Magazine front cover analyzed
  2. 2. The masthead is typed in white with red highlightingThis attracts making it stand out andin the lazy attract the audience. It isaudience, also located behindfirstly because Eminem’s head and can’tits bold be seen properly, showingwriting and that the magazines name iseasy to see recognisable. Thebut allows the magazine has a close upbuyer to gain image of Eminem whihfree songs, so would get people to buyenticing the this issue. This Is becauseaudience into the use of celebritys on thebuying the front cover sells. By havingmagazine. headlines of the main stories inside the magazine gives and overview of whats inside. Quote from emiem
  3. 3. Q magazine famous red and white colours are used a lot on their front cover to makeQ magazine them iconic and easilyalso uses little recognizable and stand outsnippets of from the others. The mise enwhat is inside sene of the main imageof the (cheryl cole) red lips and palemagazine to face go with the overall colourentise the scheme. The main image ofaudience it. Cheryl cole attracts the maleThis time by audience because she isusing a plain performing a sexual teasewhite attracting the male audience.backgroundwith blackwriting.
  4. 4. By using a bold, Using two famousdarkred font it people attractallows for the title buyers who aren’tto stand out on the sure on what theymagazine. Also with are going tothe extra title (the purchase, thisHollywood issue) helps to persuadeallows for the the audience intomagazine to put the buying theprice up because it magazine.can be seen as aspecial edition.By using the plain This magazine useswhite background cover lines to drawin allows for the in the customersmain title to standout more and alsothe main imagetoo.