Contents page analysis


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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Contents page analysis
  2. 2. This magazine is called Mojo, its shows this by having it nice and bold at the top of the content list. This then draws the attention of the reader and then it will lead them to read the contents list. Also around the contents area there is plenty of free space, coloured in white, this also adds to attraction of the logo. These are the pictures of the featuring bands and artist that are going to be featured in the magazine. Also it makes the reader to go on and delve into the magazines storeys. Also this can be used as a UPS to sell the magazine because exclusive interviews can be advertised here and make the reader more interested. The two columns in which the pictures and the contents list are situated are of different widths, this is unusual because is makes the overall image distorted and messy.
  3. 3. The index down the side gives a quick place for the reader to look what content is inside the magazine The most important story is the main focus of the page, with a large picture taking up most of the page so that you know it’s the most important, Special offers on the contents page as they know everyone will look at here, which means the advert will get the most views The masthead has very thick and bold writing, this is to keep the reader aware of the magazine they are reading at all times, trying to increase there brand image The headers down the side gives the reader an idea what the information is categorized by
  4. 4. Main headline story is the biggest picture on the page, highlighting its importance. It draws the reader attention to it straight away The secondary stories are acting as a frame round the main story, big enough to show importance but small enough so it doesn’t take the highlight off the main story The masthead is small, meaning you can fit more vital information onto the page, allowing for more content for the readers. The list has been used so that it allows the readers to easily locate what they are looking for, this increases the satisfaction of the customer.