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Structure and function of cells


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Structure and function of cells

  1. 1. Structure and Functionof Cells
  2. 2. Species Group of organisms Share certain characteristics Can mate and produce offspring
  3. 3. SO…..True or FalseA = TrueB = FalseMembers of different species that mate can produce fertile offspring.Members of the same species share similar characteristics.A dog and a cat are the same species.
  4. 4. Cell Discovery Web QuestPage 32in our texthttp://filscience.wikisp %26+the+Cell+6th+G rade
  5. 5. Cell Theory Theory stating All living things are made of cells that the cell is the basic unit of all living organisms, only living cells can produce new living cells
  6. 6. Cell Theory1663 – Robert Hooke discovers cells1683 – Leeuwenhoek observes “very little animalcules”1831 – Brown discovers the cell nucleus1838 – Schleiden and Schwann propose the cell theory1855 – Virchow states that cells could come only from other living cells
  7. 7. MicroscopesCompound Microscope = microscope having more than one lensParts of the microscope
  8. 8. Microscope GuidelinesHold arm with one hand and base with other handDO NOT set on edge of table or counterALWAYS store on low powerFocus FIRST on low power using course adjustment
  9. 9. Microscope GuidelinesAdjust diaphragm under the stage to adjust the amount of lightTurn to medium power, then high power using fine adjustment for exact focusingClean eyepiece and objectives with lens paper ONLY!
  10. 10. Parts of Animal/Plant Cells and theirFunction Animal Cell Handout Plant Cell Handout
  11. 11. Comparison of Plant And Animal Cell PLANT ANIMAL
  12. 12. Plants…Why are they important??