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High quality Uniform Boots and Shoes for large men available at Xlfeet!


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Xlfeet ( is your one stop source for large uniform shoes for men with big feet.

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High quality Uniform Boots and Shoes for large men available at Xlfeet!

  1. 1. Xlfeet is the best source for Men's uniform shoes up to size 21 in regular and wide of top brands.
  2. 2. has a huge collection of uniform boots. These are available St Paul, MN area. Categories of uniform boots which are available at Xlfeet:  Duty Boots  Nursing Shoes  Police Boots  Postal Shoes  Military Oxford Dress Shoes  Military and Combat Boots  Firefighting Boots
  3. 3. Duty Boots Our duty boots are waterproof and comes with composite safety toe. Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 Belleville 340 DES Hot Weather Flight and Combat Vehicle Boot Belleville 690 Waterproof Flight Boot For More Duty Boots Visit :
  4. 4. Nursing Shoes Our nursing shoes are non-slip and waterproof, which will keep your feet relax and comfortable even in long shifts. Mens Premium Working Dawgs - White / Black Propet Preferred Stability Walker Men's Dawgs UltraLite Tracker - White / Black For More Nursing Shoes Visit : s/141610.htm
  5. 5. Police Boots Our police boots are waterproof and mostly non-metallic. Magnum Stealth Force 6.0 Belleville 880 ST 200g Insulated Waterproof Steel Toe Boot Magnum Stealth Force 8.0 SZ CT WPi For More Police Boots Visit :
  6. 6. Postal Shoes Our postal shoes are certified to wear with your postal uniforms. Thorogood Oxford Liberty Thorogood Double Track Oxford (Non-Safety) Thorogood 8" Waterproof/Insulated Weatherbuster For More Postal Shoes Visit :
  7. 7. Firefighting Boots Our firefighting boots offers Ultimate Fire Protection, and Flexible Puncture Resistance. Thorogood 10" Structural / T.R.I. / Wildland Fire Fighting Boot Thorogood 14" Ulti-met™ Structural / T.R.I. Bunker Boot Thorogood Rubber Insulated Felt Fire Boot with Lug Sole For More Firefighting Boots Visit :
  8. 8. These are just examples for more such kind of top branded shoes, please visit . Customer Care: Direct: (612) 554-4044 Fax: (651) 788-9402 105 State St Suite 200 St Paul, MN 55107 Founder: Adrian Coulter (612) 599-0800