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Amagi Storm Edge Content Insertion


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At Amagi, we have pioneered a unique watermark-based edge content insertion platform, STORM, that allows TV networks to replace content at the headends without having to invest in new channel feeds.

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Amagi Storm Edge Content Insertion

  1. 1.
  2. 2. At Amagi, we have pioneered a unique watermark-based edge content insertion platform, STORM, that allows TV networks to replace content at the headends without having to invest in new channel feeds. Content and reach have been in unequivocal terms the cornerstone of any TV network’s success. However, varying viewership preferences, complex broadcasting regulations, and content licensing challenges are making the pursuit of reasonable RoI, a daunting task for TV networks. For instance, investing in a separate satellite feed for Turkey to address content regulations that are impacted for only a few hours in the day. Or the lack of content rights in a very small region which receives a pan-continental satellite feed. Or monetizing through local advertisements. Managing such region-specific nuances by investing in new satellite feeds can be tricky especially when the returns aren’t commensurate with the investments. STORM, Amagi’s cloud-based edge content insertion platform is an end-to-end content regionalization platform that can transform a channel’s regionalization strategy into action in both traditional satellite broadcasting and new-age cloud infrastructure environment. As part of content ingest and transfer process, content that needs to be replaced are ‘watermarked’ and pushed into a playlist. The Amagi watermark is a unique, invisible and inaudible signature that content insertion devices at the headends recognize. Regional content that needs to replace the watermarked content are predetermined and stored in the edge content insertion servers. These servers are managed through a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure. Once the edge content insertion servers receive the channel feed through satellite/fibre, the watermarked content are recognized and replaced with predetermined appropriate regional content. In addition to the patented Amagi watermark technology, the edge content insertion servers are also capable of supporting traditional triggers such as DTMF and SCTE 35-based tones. The workflow is fully automated, and integrates seamlessly with existing broadcast systems. It supports sports and news channels too with workflows that are independent of network feed schedules. The STORM edge content insertion platform can centrally manage multiple content skews across hundreds of headends around the globe. Amagi. Reimagining TV. STORM Cloud-Based Edge Content Insertion Platform AMAGI | STORM EDGE CONTENT INSERTION
  3. 3. Feature-Rich Content Insertion Local Content Transport Workflow Integration Security Broadcast-grade Reliability Manageability Monitoring Input Interfaces Output Interfaces • HD 1080i 60Hz/50Hz • Dynamic multi-layered graphics • Dolby surround sound • Subtitle support (Open/Closed) DVB, CEA 708/608 • Segmented videos/soft-parted videos • Digital Video Effects (DVE) • Internet-based • Satellite trickle bandwidth • Amagi watermark trigger integrated with broadcast ingest workflow • Triggers supported: Amagi watermark, DTMF and SCTE-35 tones • Automated local content transcode and transport system to cloud with the ability to integrate with broadcast media asset management systems • Programmable interface for local content playlist and as-run logs to be integrated with existing scheduling systems • Military-grade AES 256-bit VPN platform-wide encryption • Firewall protected edge content insertion and playout servers at headends preventing any Denial of Services (DoS) attacks • Content stored in encrypted form • 99.99% SLA on accurate content insertion and playout • 1+1 fail-safe edge content insertion and playout servers • Geographically mirrored cloud infrastructure • Smart recovery on Internet failures with evergreen playlist and content • Advanced and easy-to-use web user interface (UI) • Media management • Playlist scheduling and editing • Playout control/monitoring including Ad breaks through UI • Live programming switch in/out • 24x7 infrastructure monitoring including video playout, asset and playlist status, network and devices • 24x7 call center support • Configurable alerts on email/phone/escalations • HD-SDI, IP, and RF-IN (With Conditional Access Support) • HD-SDI, IP, and ASI STORM EDGE CONTENT INSERTION | AMAGI Features Using the STORM platform, broadcasters can avoid a capital intensive route of setting up new channel feeds to address regionalization requirements. Its comprehensive feature set includes:
  4. 4. Amagi offers a comprehensive support model designed to simplify initial deployment for edge content insertion and to offer continued support for on-going operations management. Support Systems and Workflow Integration Installation and Training Ongoing Support Playout Management Support • Edge content insertion requirements detailing • Existing system and workflow review • Systems and workflow customization and integration with media asset management and scheduling systems • Install content preparation systems and train operations team at broadcasters • Configure cloud-delivery infrastructure • Install edge content insertion servers and train staff at headends • 24 x 7 x 365 days call center support • Infrastructure monitoring • Infrastructure issue resolution • Onsite support and maintenance • Custom feature development • Product upgrades • 24 x 7 x 365 day service • Content insertion and delivery monitoring • Edge playout management and monitoring • Reporting Amagi’s Patented Watermark Technology Watermarking vs traditional triggers: Although Amagi’s edge content insertion device supports traditional broadcast triggers such as DTMF and SCTE-35 based tones, Amagi recommends the use of its watermark over traditional broadcast triggers as it offers workflow flexibilities and 100% accuracy in identifying and replacing content assets.. Watermarking workflows: Watermarking offers multiple workflow possibilities depending on the type of asset watermarked. Amagi Watermark DTMF/SCTE-35/SCTE-104 • Highly reliable trigger detection • Frame accurate splicing • Local replacement managed as independent workflow • No traffic integration or automation system changes required • DTMF tones could be easily missed • Not suitable for Sports or News channels • Needs alteration to existing workflow Watermarked Asset Types Workflow Areas Watermarked videos (Bumpers/Slates) Watermarked content The individual content assets to be replaced (i.e., the program) are watermarked • The watermarked bumper is played right before the local replacement opportunity to identify it • Replacing entire program including interstitials, Ads and promos • When the watermarked asset is played out in the network feed it is replaced with the appropriate local content as instructed by the local playlist • Most suitable for replacing individual commercials, promos, and segments of a program AMAGI | STORM EDGE CONTENT INSERTION
  5. 5. Addressing viewer preferences in Brazil A US-based movie channel customized content for audiences in Brazil on its multi-country feed by replacing select content at thousands of local headends. Using STORM, the channel saved thousands of dollars by completely avoiding setting up new satellite feeds specifically for Brazil. Complying with regulatory requirements in Singapore Regulatory requirements in Singapore requires TV networks to refrain from airing religious content. Catering to a large Indian diaspora in Singapore, a regional broadcast channel from India faced black-out in Singapore as it aired two hours of religious content on its Asia broadcast feed that covered Singapore as well. Deploying STORM, Amagi’s edge content insertion platform, the channel seamlessly replaced religious content with evergreen content at local headends in Singapore, without having to set up new satellite feeds. Managing content licensing issues in Africa A leading TV network was caught off-guard as its EMEA feed covered Africa where it didn’t possess content license to broadcast one of its popular programme. As the programme was not a regular feature on the channel, investing in a new feed for Africa would hardly serve the channel’s long-term strategy. Amagi’s STORM edge content insertion platform installed at numerous headends in Africa successfully replaced the unlicensed content and programme promotions with predetermined regional content on the channel’s existing EMEA broadcast feed. STORM Edge Content Insertion Use Cases STORM EDGE CONTENT INSERTION | AMAGI
  6. 6. About Amagi Amagi is the world’s largest platform for delivering targeted TV content and advertising anywhere across the globe. Every month, Amagi delivers and plays out more than one million advertising seconds and thousands of hours of content for many leading broadcasters. More than 1,000 Amagi edge servers in over 10 countries across four continents continuously deliver SLAs above 99.99% performance levels. Amagi’s patented core technology delivers new market access, content localisation and advertising revenue streams for broadcasters at a fraction of the cost when compared to existing traditional broadcast models. Sales Contact E-Mail Contact Corporate Office Bangalore #690, 15th Cross JP Nagar, 2nd Phase Bangalore, Karnataka 560078 India United Kingdom Sri Hari T Phone: +44 7405 176 517 Singapore & India Kalaivani Sivasankaran Phone: +65 96121566 Phone: +91 80 26588339 Malaysia Kamshul Kasim Phone: +601 0610 0001 Japan Shunsuke Matsuda Phone: +81 90 5587 9965 Singapore 238A, Thomson Road #25 07/10 Novena Square (Tower A) Singapore, 30768