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FCSarch 04 Early Christianity & Byzantine 1


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FCSarch 04 Early Christianity & Byzantine 1

  1. 1. Early Christian & Byzantine
  2. 2. SANTA COSTANZA, Rome, c. 350 AD Built as a tomb for Constantine's daughter Constantina (who is now known as Santa Costanza) Santa Constanza, 350CE, Rome
  3. 3. Santa Costanza, section and plan
  4. 4. View of the Church of Santa Constanza, Rome. Originally built in the mid 4th c. AD as a mausoleum for Constantia, daughter of Constantine. View of circular corridor and ceiling mosaics.
  5. 5. Santa Costanza, Interior looking towards tomb, note mosaic decoration of vault and the radial pairing of columns
  6. 6. San Stefano Rotondo, Rome (468-83 AD) This circular martyrium was built to house the remains of the first martyr, Stephen
  7. 7. BASILICA of Constantine (and Maxentius) 310 CE
  8. 8. Basilica of Constantine
  9. 9. Reconstruction of the interior of the Basilica of Constantine. In the apse is the colossal statue of Constantine (about 36 feet tall).
  10. 10. Constantine's Basilica at Trier,  c310 CE Constantine’s Basilica, c.310CE, Trier
  11. 11. Constantine's Basilica at Trier 
  12. 12. Constantine's Basilica at Trier
  13. 13. Santa Sabina Rome, c.42 Santa Sabina, c.420CE, Rome
  14. 14. Santa Sabina Rome, c.422
  15. 15. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, 432-440
  16. 16. (Old) St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican c.325 (Old) Saint Peter’s Basilica , c.325CE, the Vatican
  17. 17. (Old) St. Peter's Basilica
  18. 18. Basilica of St Peter, Rome ("Old St Peter's"), c.320CE Note the introduction of a transept
  19. 19. Alberti.  Mantua.   Sant'Andrea  begun 1470