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Ric fys100 g2-how-do_children_view_monsters


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Ric fys100 g2-how-do_children_view_monsters

  1. 1. HYDRAS TRIP TOKINDERGARTEN Charissa, Scott , Ava & Maria
  2. 2. We started off our visit with the kindergarteners by reading thestory “ I need my monster” on their reading rug. They all seemed very interested and interactive with their teacher.
  3. 3.  We were then separated into groups where we each talked to thechildren, asked them our questions and learned more about how theyinteract and their opinions on what monsters are, what they look like,what they do and so on. It was interesting to hear the things that they had to say.
  4. 4. The favorite part of the story for most of the girls in the class was when the female monster appeared.The favorite part of storyfor most of the boys was when Gabe reappeared.
  5. 5. We were then sent to the art room where they discussed thebook further and were given their assignment to draw what they thought a monster was.
  6. 6. They were then asked to create some sort of background to show where their monster lived.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION  Overall it was a good experience, it gave us more of a hands onapproach to learn what children really think monsters are, rather thenjust reading articles or books on other peoples findings. We really gotto interact with the children and saw how they establish connections and how they react and their opinions to certain questions.