3 4 d powerpoint


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3 4 d powerpoint

  1. 1. 3-4 Defense Alignment, Benefits, Philosophy IntegrationJosh AbbottEDU 209
  2. 2. Benefits• Balanced.• Fluid rotations.• Multiple ways to pressure the offense.• Lets Athletes make plays in space.• Speed and athleticism are maximized.• More of the field is covered.
  3. 3. Philosophy• Defensive Linemen and Linebackers support the run first.• Defensive Backs defend against the pass first.• Pressure by the Linemen and Linebackers creates coverage.
  4. 4. Alignment fromtherumbleseat.com• - Defensive Ends (DE) and Nose Tackle (NT) line up in a three or four point stance.• - Linebackers (OLB/ILB) are four and a half yards off the ball with their feet about shoulder width apart.• - Cornerbacks (CB) are lined up across from the Wide Receivers, ready to backpedal.• - Safeties (SS/FS) are 10-12 yards off the ball, ready to backpedal.
  5. 5. Schemes• Adjust to opposing offenses effectively.• Disguise coverages.• Hide blitz.• Multiple players can “spy”. cm-life.com
  6. 6. Schemes• Defense easily translates to a 4-3, 3-5-3, 4-4 or 5-2 DE DT DE DE DT DT DE CB CB CB CB OLB OLB OLB OLB MLB MLB MLB MLB MLB 4-4 3-5-3 FS SS FS DE DT DT DT DE DE DT DT DECB CB MLB MLB CB OLB MLB OLB CB SS FS 4-3 SS 5-2 FS
  7. 7. Pursuit AnglesGo towards where the ball will be, not where it is. Ball Flow
  8. 8. CoveragesCover 2• Protect flats.• Deep halves. C DE NT DE C OLB OLB ILB ILB SS FS
  9. 9. CoveragesCover 3• Protect flats and the middle of the field.• Deep thirds. C DE NT DE C OLB OLB ILB ILB SS FS
  10. 10. CoveragesMan• Short yardage coverage.• Physical. C DE NT DE C OLB OLB ILB ILB SS FS
  11. 11. Bringing Pressure: Defensive Line Angle Slant DE NT DEDE NT DE Pinch Opposite DE NT DE DE NT DE Contain DE NT DE
  12. 12. Bringing Pressure:Inside Linebackers• Backside A-Gap • Playside B-Gap • Playside C-Gap DE NT DEOLB OLB ILB ILB • Playside A-Gap
  13. 13. Bringing Pressure:Outside Linebackers • B-Gap • A-Gap • C-Gap DE NT DE OLB OLB ILB ILB
  14. 14. Bringing Pressure: Defensive Backs• Corner Blitz C DE NT DE C OLB OLB ILB ILB • Free Safety Blitz SS FS • Strong Safety Blitz
  15. 15. Bringing Pressure: Combo BlitzInsideOutsideOverload C DE NT DE C OLB OLB ILB ILB SS FS
  16. 16. Review• Maximizes athlete skill.• Balanced• Fast to the ball.• Easy to shift formations.• Disguise coverages.• Brings pressure from all over the field.