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Resume, as of 4/2


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Resume, as of 4/2

  1. 1. Jim Davis 2027 Stillwater Dr ▪ Mesquite, TX 75181 214.502.5772 ▪ SUMMARY A PMP-certified project manager with an MCTS certification in MS-Project. Extensive IT and Manufacturing experience in the semiconductor industry. Key strengths include developing detailed project plans, building effective project teams, and negotiating scope/schedule. Focus of recent projects has included: • Application development & deployment • Application/data entitlement • Hardware/software upgrade • Feasibility analysis PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 1983-Present Project Manager / Business Analyst (2002-2009) Perform project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring/control, and closure activities throughout the product life cycle. Strong organizational skills, ability to prioritize multiple tasks, solid experience with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Teleconferencing software.  Managed an international project team, migrating approximately 1500 users from an obsolete UNIX-based desktop client reporting application to a Windows-based web client reporting application providing additional functionality and increased stability. Reduced schedule by over 30% through focused critical path reduction efforts.  Lead team that transferred equipment data for several factories from a proprietary database to an industry standard database, resulting in reduced support costs and increased entitlement for several existing reporting applications.  Co-managed worldwide effort to deploy software upgrades to over 2000 testers, minimizing both unplanned downtime and material processing disruption.  Mitigated risk of unverified reports prematurely overwriting production locations through close communication with stakeholders and implementation of a phased training approach.  Negotiated cost and schedule expectations for decommissioning an application through analysis and communication of several resource-based scenarios.  Fostered integrated use of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate both effective meetings and issue tracking/resolution. Application Developer (1998-2002) Develop and deploy Real Time Dispatch (AutoSimulations) programs for several wafer fabs  Developed an algorithm for comprehending several factors (lot priority, reticle, reticle quantity, train length, current lot, line balance, etc.) in building and prioritizing the queue of a $2M stepper. Translated the algorithm into a Real Time Dispatch program for all steppers within a factory, resulting in a throughput increase conservatively estimated at 5%. This program was used as the template for creating similar programs at other factories, significantly reducing the time to deploy.  Created and delivered a Real Time Dispatch training program to multiple factories, reducing the central support cost for the application and enabling factories to develop new dispatch programs and modify/maintain existing ones.  Built several PERL scripts to facilitate Real Time Dispatch installation and administration. Application installation was reduced from several hours down to less than one hour. Training Manager (1996-1997) Initiate, design, and implement training programs to transition over 500 employees from a lab to a cleanroom environment. Manage a staff of 8 exempts & non-exempts.  Designed, developed, and delivered cleanroom protocol training to over 500 employees in less than two months using computer-based training technology.  Provided introductory Manufacturing Execution System training to over 300 engineers, technicians, and specialists in less than two months, again using computer-based training technology.  Negotiated the sponsorship of a company vice president to resurrect the “Skills Upgrade Program”, designed to improve the math and reading skills of all specialists and technicians. 090402LHH
  2. 2. Jim Davis 214.502.5772 ▪ Page Two PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (continued) Wafer Fab Manufacturing Section Manager (1989-1996) Manage various wafer fab manufacturing sections (Diffusion, Implant, Deposition, Photolithography) with emphasis on several metrics (cycle time, throughput, etc.). Coordinate annual non-exempt compensation process. Participate on the Operational Methods Strategy Team.  Managed manufacturing team of over 70 exempts, non-exempts, and contractors in advanced Photolithography section. Implemented aggressive cross-training program, resulting in significant throughput gains and cycle time reduction.  Managed manufacturing team of over 50 exempts, non-exempts, and contractors in Diffusion, Implant, and Deposition sections. Developed and adopted cadre specialist program, leading directly to process yield gains.  Served as Operational Methods Strategy Manager, helping define requirements for a next generation Manufacturing Execution System. Participated on a team to promote nomenclature standardization as a means for facilitating communication amongst factories.  Coordinated annual compensation process for over 200 non-exempts, introducing a process that quantitatively linked ranking to increase amount and type. Wafer Fab Manufacturing Supervisor (1988-1989) Supervise 2nd shift wafer fab manufacturing operation of approximately 15 employees.  Supervised 2nd shift Diffusion, Implant, and Deposition operation of approximately 15 employees. Highly favorable metrics led to a Section Manager promotion in less than one year.  Identified and drove both a process change and machine reconfiguration at one operation to eliminate yield loss due to human error, estimated at over $100K/year. Design Support Engineer (1983-1988) Develop circuit simulation programs to identify faulty analog/digital components in defense electronics systems.  Developed test programs for numerous analog and/or digital circuit boards.  Served both formally and informally as a lead engineer. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS PMP (Project Management Professional) – Project Management Institute MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) – Project 2007 EDUCATION MBA, Management Information Systems, University of Dallas, 1988 BS, Electrical Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1983 AFFILIATIONS Project Management Institute (PMI), Dallas Chapter Microsoft Project Users Group (MPUG), Dallas Chapter MILITARY Technical Sergeant, Air Force Reserve, 1983 090402LHH