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IntellAct + DIVA 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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IntellAct + DIVA 2013

  1. 1. IntellAct+DIVAIntelligent Actions In Omnichannel CommerceJeff 848-8869
  2. 2. ConsumerInternetMobileSocialConsoles/AppliancesPrint/TabletIn-StoreOmnichannel Commerce Demands IntelligentActions…IntellAct
  3. 3. IntellActIntellActwill provide retailers and brand marketers withdata, analytics, measurement and metrics generated through and byomnichannel retailing & marketing. This will be accomplished viaour DIVA platform by the application of quantitativeanalysis, attribution and other science across disparate datasets todiscover and render actionable insights applicable acrossmarketing, merchandising and IT channels. Estimated savings andproductivity exceed $1 billion globally in these channels alone.
  4. 4. IntellActIntroduces DIVA The DIVA (Development, Intelligence, Visualization&Analytics) platformtakes statistical analytics andmethodologies and applies them designated business issuessuch as ROI on marketing and advertising dollars againsthard client data such as sales or market share, forecastingand customer segmentation DIVA is the world‟s first DIY “cause and effect” softwareplatform allowing LIVE data analytics to increase grossmargins through savings, maximization of ROI, etc.
  5. 5. IntellActDIVA EcosystemOmnichannel will be driven by a „Retail 3.0‟ mentality. Marketing planning, technology platforms, datastreams, content, merchandising and analytics must operate seamlessly & intelligently.
  6. 6. CentrifugeCause and effect; the closer in, the more the effect
  7. 7. Relative Market Positioning
  8. 8. Specific Marketing Medium Effectiveness
  9. 9. Cause and Effect for Performance
  10. 10. Hard Data Relativity
  11. 11. Natural Brand Communities
  12. 12. Forecasting/Econometrics
  13. 13. Marketing Analytics budgets set to exceed$100 billion by 2015.Spending on Marketing Analytics by Company Size (in sales revenues)
IntellAct aims to be a key driver of this growth.
  14. 14. DIVA Normalizes Multiple Data Sources Sales – POS/eCommerce Market Share/Awareness Inventory Net Marketer Scores Marketing Activities (eg above and below the line advertising, online, sponsorships, promotions etc) Outside sources (eg weather, consumer confidence, interest rates etc) Other
  15. 15. DIVA Integrates EnormousMarketing, Merchandising & IT Efficiencies• The omnichannel challenge makes marketing, merchandising an ITdepartments prime stakeholders• Tier 1&2 retailers may have the greatest need, followed by brands• Delivers actionable business intelligence• Allows store-centric& brand data to interface to other BImetrics, including other marketing events, social businessintelligence, etc.• Offers additional modules to enhance enterprise level capabilities andrecurring revenue streams, i.e., attribution, insights, creativeservices, apps, research, etc.• Provides lead generation for other products & services• And much, much more...
  16. 16. How we’ll get there……….
  17. 17. PaaSIaaSSaaSClient Portal Company Portal3 3rd Party VendorPortalRTB/DSPInterfacePackaged Applications….Application Servers Database Servers Video Conferencing ServersStorage SystemOperating SystemHypervisorCloud InfrastructureVM Provisioning & Elastic ScalabilityFailover, Backup & DRMonitoring & MeteringCustom ApplicationsUI + Portal Service MeteringAuthentication and AuthorizationUser and Organization ManagementMulti-Tenancy Services(All available through Web Interface)Application Services (Deployable on IDIVA Cloud)App Server Database SearchVideo/Audio Conversation ServiceDocumentManagement ServiceRules Engine AI Integrations Reporting EngineDIVA iOS DIVA AndroidDIVA Technology OverviewSaaS + PaaS + IaaS
  18. 18. DIVA Product DevelopmentDIVA’s exploitation of omnichannel products and services will require asubstantial number of strategic relationships and partnerships to createvaluable, revenue producing opportunities and more rapid acceptance andgrowth. The categories of these relationships and partnerships include, but arenot limited to:•Business intelligence/analytics/attribution platforms•Social business intelligence technologies•Shopper application developers•Agencies and shopper marketing companies•Brand& retail consultants•Retail system suppliers & integrators•Data/Analytics/Measurement/Metrics suppliers•Vizualization & infographics suppliers•Other
  19. 19. Appendix
  20. 20. "Removing the barriers that separate web, mobile and in-store commercerepresents one of the hottest trends in retail.” –Internet Retailer, January 17, 2012“Macy‟s CEO: Retail‟s new path to purchase is „omnichannel‟ marketing”– Inside Tuscon Business, April 20, 2012“While multi channel shoppers spend, on average, 15% to 30% more with aretailer than someone who uses only one channel, omni-channel shoppers willspend 15% to 30% more than multi-channel consumers.”–IDC Retail Insights“Today‟s successful marketers are taking a customer-centric approach and deliveringa brand experience that‟s compelling, personalized and consistent across alltouchpoints.” –Forbes, Feb 12, 2012“As Internet Sales Grow, Retailers Go Omni-Channel” – Wharton Today, November25, 2011“Multichannel is dead…long live omnichannel” – Fourth Source, January 22, 2012Omnichannel Is The Future Of Retailing
  21. 21. What Is Omnichannel Retailing and Why Is It A Game Changer?Omnichannel Retailing is: “A seamless approach to the consumer experience through all availablechannels, i.e., mobile, Internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, catalogue, mobilepoint-of-sale, and so on.” – WikipediaGame Changer?: Technology and connectivity are driving dramatic changes in how consumersapproach virtually every aspect of their lives. These changes are stimulating a new generation ofdevices that allow consumers to access information where they live, work, play and shop. This willcontinue to have a dramatic effect on retail marketing and customers as purchasing habits, predictivebehavior, personalization and relevant messaging ROI will outperform conventional marketing andmerchandising ROI. As a result:•Consumers have the ability to be more empowered by being more knowledgeable.• Retailers can appeal to this emerging, always on consumer by properly leveraging the newchannels available to them.This is the omnichannel opportunity.• The identification, accumulation and processing of data will enable hundreds of billions ofdollars worth of efficiencies to be gained in the marketing, merchandising and IT omnichannel ofretailers and brands.
  22. 22. The IntellAct Omnichannel MatrixActionRendering & DisplayActionable IntelligenceThird Party Data IntegrationMeasurementAttribution & InsightsRetail DevicesConsumerDeviceseCommerce POS