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The End of Business as Usual


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Favorite quotes from Brian Solis’s new book, The End of Business as Usual.

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The End of Business as Usual

  1. 1. The End of Business As Usual           By Brian Solis Favorite Quotes Captured By Josh Duncan
  2. 2. A digital presence is just a way of life
  3. 3. People will always talk about you so,Give them something to talk about.
  4. 4. Attention is a precious commodity
  5. 5. The Millenial generation, or as they are often called, Generation Me, represent one-quarter of the American population. 70% of Millennials feel that once they find a company or product they like, they keep coming back. 47% will write about their positive experience online withcompanies and products online. On the flipside, 39% will share negative encounters.
  6. 6. You are the center of your ego-system. Yourconnections and networksbuild a framework for how, when, and where information finds you.
  7. 7. With or without realization, we have become curators, carefully selectingthe experiences that move us, coloredwith our thoughts and observations, to cater to our audiences of ouraudiences and hopefully to those who, in turn, follow them.
  8. 8. Connected consumers understand thatthrough the concentration of connections, their social experiences, digital literacy, and the value of content that populates their streams are intensified.
  9. 9. News nono longer breaks, it tweets.
  10. 10. The audience within the audience redefines the living room. It is the new consumer landscape.
  11. 11. If in the real world, actionsspeak louder than words, in the realm of digital influence, actions speak louder than scores.
  12. 12. To understand the mindset of the connectedconsumer, one must realize that everything begins with search and intent.
  13. 13. Sharing our purchases and experiences serve as social objects, which are catalysts for sparking conversations and creating perceptions.At the center of this discussion is the product.
  14. 14. Discerning consumers not only expect immediateaccess to information, they expect CLOSURE .
  15. 15. We are competing for the moment. We are competing for the future. We are competing for relevance.
  16. 16. The rise of the socially connected consumerwarrants much more than attention; it requires an understanding of what motivates them to click, act, and share.
  17. 17. Brands are either part of the conversation or they’re notand as a result, they’re either part of the decision-makingcycle or they’re absent from the heart, mind, and actions of the connected customer.
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