Informative Speech Hobbies: Sample One


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Informative Speech Hobbies: Sample One

  1. 1. Billie CamlinInformative SpeechMs. Graham Good afternoon classmates, Ms. Graham, my name is Billie Camlin. Now I know, youwere probably expecting a Sara, or a Jane, or even maybe a Sally Sue, but not a Billie. I mean,how many female Billie’s do you know? Well I think that my name says a lot about who I amand what I enjoy doing most. Growing up as an only child, a tomboy at that, I learned a lot ofthings being a daddy’s little girl and living in a neighborhood full of nothing but boys. With thatsaid, my hobbies are spending time with my wonderful husband and three amazing children,playing softball as well as coaching my daughters team, and walking the canvas of nature tohunt wild animals that walk, run, or fly. From the time I was a little girl up until the days before I said my I do’s, I knew that Iwanted a big family. I met my husband Andy in 1996 and we later married in 1998. We havethree children, Cody, our oldest son of twelve years, Dru, our eight year old little girl in themiddle, and Emorey, our two year that brings up the rear. You know the saying that if I wouldhave had this child first he would be the only child? Emorey would be the only child had hebeen born first. My husband and I spend as much time as possible with our children supportingthem in their extracurricular activities and also instilling in them the importance of familytraditions and solid family values. Speaking of family traditions, athletes are born quite often in my family. I have loved aball of any kind from the days I was old enough to say ball, but my true passion is softball and1
  2. 2. my positions were catcher and third base. I have played softball all over South Carolina in manystate level tournaments for Andrews High School as well as local county leagues here inGeorgetown and in Andrews. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the South Carolina DixieDebs All Star team that played in the World Series in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in 1997. Icontinue to play in some local benefit softball tournaments with some of the same girls that Iplayed with year ago. My daughter has also acquired the love for the game of softball. I havecoached her since she has been old enough to play. Just this past season, our team made it tothe championship game for the Region title, however we placed as the runners up. From gunning down the runner steeling a base to pulling the trigger on my Remington1100 12 gauge shot gun, I get a natural rush of adrenaline. Going from one sport to another Ijust enjoy being outdoors. I killed my first deer when I was ten years old and yes it was a slickheaded doe. I enjoy turkey hunting the most; so much that I have a tattoo of turkey tracks onmy right ankle. Now that’s true love isn’t it? I love it all, especially the peaceful quiet time I getto spend with nature while sitting in the tree stand with my bow. As my son Cody would say, “Ifit’s brown it’s down and if it flies it dies.” As a result of growing up in a neighborhood full of bad boys and close family, playing agood old Sunday afternoon yard ball game, and learning the ropes of becoming a hard corehunter, I think I am a pretty well rounded person. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, thatis why I enjoy spending time with my family, playing and coaching softball, and hunting.2