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Advoco & Infor EAM white paper presentation

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Adv 067 eam-whitepaper_02

  2. 2. ADVOCO. YOUR EXPERTS FOR ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is gaining traction throughout the business world, as companies discover the efficiency gains it can deliver. Briefly, EAM enables businesses to optimize the management of physical assets by improving utilization and performance, reducing capital costs, reducing asset-related operating costs, extending asset life and ultimately improving ROA (return on assets). TAILORED TO YOUR BUSINESS But EAM is far easier said than done. To implement EAM effectively requires a combination of proven software and the kind of expertise that only real-world experience can provide. Why? Because EAM is not a one-size-fist all proposition. To provide EAM systems that really work, that truly deliver efficiency gains, technology is only the beginning. Real value is created when the EAM system is tailored to the customer’s business by EAM experts with customer-specific industry experience. Advoco delivers. A HANDPICKED TEAM OF EXPERTS At Advoco, we have assembled a team of EAM professionals that is unrivaled in our industry. Our people are comprised of some of the most experienced EAM gurus in the world. And over the years, the deep knowledge of these individuals has enabled numerous companies—from global Fortune 500 leaders to smaller, specialized firms—to implement tailored EAM systems capable of delivering real, measurable and significant value—on time and on-budget. Expect success.
  3. 3. TOTAL FOCUS ON PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES EXPERIENCED IN YOUR INDUSTRY Equally important, we focus our energy on proven In addition to our focus on the very best people and technology. For EAM, we dedicate our efforts technology, we also focus our energies only where we to industry leaders like Infor Global Solutions can be the most effective partner for our customers. ( and Blue Dot Solutions (www. To that end, the list of industries we support might Infor is the world’s third seem a little short compared to other EAM services largest business software company whose products firms. But rather than try to be a jack all trades and are put to the test successfully by over 70,000 master of none, we strive to be the absolute best customers around the globe. EAM company for: By staying tightly focused on proven technology, • Facilities Management we can continually refine our ability to wring every • Fleet Management last dollar of value out of your EAM investment. Our • Transportation technology partnerships can help you drive costs out • Manufacturing of your operations everywhere your equipment runs. • City/Municipal/State Governments • Oil & Gas Expect success.
  4. 4. EAM DESIGN, you already have in order to minimize training costs and time. The result: your team can use the IMPLEMENTATION new systems with minimal ramp-up time, and your business can start reaping the benefits of EAM faster. AND TRAINING— Of course, wherever training is required, we are ALL TAILORED TO prepared to dive in deep. Our proven approach to developing and delivering customized training to our YOUR BUSINESS BY clients ensures that professional, tailored material will ADVOCO effectively communicate and teach users how to use new technology—with minimal loss of productivity. Our approach incorporates a variety of different Your business is unique, which is why we never suggest a mechanisms, from pre-training conference calls to one-size-fits all approach. Instead we start with proven, increase awareness and set expectations, all the way off-the-shelf software, then we work with your team to through to fully interactive, exercise driven training tailor the ultimate solution to your unique needs. With courses. We conclude with post-training support and Advoco, you get the best of both worlds: the reliability, mentoring programs. flexibility and trust that only off-the-shelf software can offer, plus you enjoy the added value that only a custom Product training includes: Infor EAM, Infor EAM solution can create. Advanced Reporting, Infor EAM Web Services, Infor EAM Advanced Mobile, Datastream 7i, Infor EAM MINIMIZING TRAINING. AND MAXIMIZING IT Fleet, Infor EAM Facility Management, Infor EAM We pride ourselves in our ability to leverage the systems Enterprise Edition and Infor EAM Business Edition. THE ADVOCO APPROACH TO EAM DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION AND TRAINING • Comprehensive business process • Solution design, prototype and build PLAN PROJECT INITIATION • Governance • Plan: milestones, resources, budget assessment: review existing • Conference Room Pilot to demonstrate • Communications • Issues/risk identification operations and development of solution and gain user acceptance future business process flows • Training material development: DO EXECUTION • Data analysis: assess existing classroom, user documentation and/or • Meetings • Reviews • Controls data, develop the data structure/ computer based training (CBT) • Quality hierarchy for the solution and CHANGE • System Go-Live and user support • Change requests prepare data migration strategy • Change management • Post-go-live support: user mentoring • Integration analysis: define MONITORING AND REPORTING and transition to support organization • Progress integration/touch points with • Time, resources, costs • Risks and issues other systems, develop integration • Complete end-to-end business process technical strategy and evaluation and mapping CLOSE PROJECT COMPLETION interface design • Completion report • Final costs • Phased development/ • Lessons learned implementations Expect success.
  5. 5. EAM INTEGRATION WITH YOUR CURRENT APPLICATIONS As every business person knows, integrating IT systems can be complex, “Everybody talks about to say to the least. But with Advoco on your side, you’ll have the integrating applications, but expertise you need to simplify integration by knowing exactly how to few walk the talk. Advoco’s leverage Infor’s EAM Web Services. Infor’s Service Oriented Architecture expertise in utilizing current coupled with Advoco’s extensive knowledge of Web Services and EAM implementation methodologies provide you with the tools that you need technology like Infor EAM to successfully deliver a fully integrated solution. Further, with Advoco Web Services to make this and Infor, you’ll have the expertise and technology you need to build happen was invaluable. As “loosely coupled” integrations, which provides the flexibility to upgrade a result, I am confident our from release to release. vision will become a reality.” Premier Manufacturing Service EXPERTISE THAT COVERS THE MOST IMPORTANT APPLICATIONS IN THE BUSINESS WORLD Our expertise can help you integrate EAM systems with a wide variety of software and systems, including: • Oracle • SAP • Peoplesoft / JD Edwards • Geospatial systems: ESRI • Custom or Legacy Systems Key capabilities of the Advoco approach to integration include: • Seamlessly integrating applications using standard technologies (XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) • Exposing legacy applications’ business logic so it can be accessed and used in new ways • Allowing corporate portals to easily access the business logic of all Web services applications • Integrating Infor EAM mobile applications into base products without customizations Expect success.
  6. 6. TAKE EAM MOBILITY FARTHER. WITH ADVOVO In our opinion, mobility does not mean just moving desktop functionality to a handheld device; rather, it means providing the critical functionality technicians need in order to do their job more efficiently and accurately directly on a mobile device. ADVOCO, INFOR AND BLUEDOT. FINDING THE PATH TO SUCCESS, THE FUNCTIONALITY TO MOVE YOU THE RIGHT FORMULA FOR AND STAYING ON IT With Infor EAM Advanced Mobile you EAM MOBILITY Mobilizing an EAM system is not can go way beyond technicians simply At Advoco, we bring this definition plug-and-play. Careful consideration logging their hours. You can enable of mobility to life by drawing on must be given to your unique your employees to speed up processes our extensive experience with Infor needs, market dynamics and how while targeting a paperless solution EAM and Infor EAM Advanced technology might change down and much more. EAM Advanced mobile Mobile, based on the BlueDot the road. Which is why we place includes tools for: Solutions mobility framework. By so much emphasis on up-front working together with these two • Work flow management strategy and planning. Because if technology leaders, we ensure that you start out wrong, making things • Asset and Inventory management your mobile EAM solution is much right can soon become nearly • Inventory management more than just a dumbed-down impossible. We also bring extensive • Direct store delivery desktop on a handheld. training expertise to ensure smooth • Meter readings adoption and rapid ROI (return on investment). • Inspections & audits • RFID for preventive maintenance Expect success.
  7. 7. Advoco Inc. is a global consulting firm dedicated to maximizing the value of business processes by enabling clients to generate real-time, accurate data on operational performance across the enterprise and improve integration among systems. The company specializes in developing, implementing and maintaining tailored solutions based on industry-standard software for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Customer Relationship Management, Product Lifecycle Management (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Services include Strategy, Implementation, Training and Project Management. The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2001 and has offices in San Francisco, CA, Greenville, SC, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. GAIN THE ADVOCO ADVANTAGE FOR EAM To get started with Advoco for your EAM project, please email or contact one of our regional offices. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS TECHNOLOGY CENTER MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL OFFICE 649 Mission St, 5th Floor 101 College Street Dubai Internet City, Building 3, Room 203 San Francisco CA 94105 Greenville, SC 29601 PO Box 500058 Dubai UAE Tel: (415) 503-4380 Tel: (864) 233-1102 Tel: +971 4 391 4438 Fax: (415) 503-4387 Expect success.