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Powerpoint presentation of privacy online.

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Privacy Online

  1. 1. By John Curry
  2. 2. Firewalls A firewall filters information through connection via hardware or software. Information gets flagged and will not pass through firewall. Proper configuration is crucial because if it isn’t, it is basically useless.
  3. 3. Cookies Cookies are a piece of text format information that a website embeds into your computer as a file to navigate more efficiently next time you visit that website. But this creates files and records of your activities, websites Ordering, anything you have done on the computer. Personal data is stored on both ends and both are susceptible to personal information falling into the wrong hands.
  4. 4. Privacy Policies A reliable website is responsible for making the privacy policies easy to access and recognize their own agreements. The policy should inform you about the use of information collected by that website and what the intentions are the company. As the consumer you have an option to either share that info with third parties or “op-out” which restricts the release of your personal info.
  5. 5. E Mail Email has quickened chain letters, sharing of videos, gossip, and maybe even water cooler talk about your boss. But did you know if all that was through a corporate or company account for you, they have a right to access that information. To ensure your privacy you can create a separate email account using a number of free hosting servers. Msn, Yahoo, Or search Google and you can find a number of options for free email options.
  6. 6. What To Look For Better Business Bureau and TrustE provide a seal of approval on select websites that are affiliated with a reputable company. When you see either of these you don’t have to worry about spam or any privacy violations. Truste is non profit to build consumer trust, these companies offer third party verification and monitor information.
  7. 7. Kids & Internet Many children have access to a computer either at home or school or even a friends house. Following trends as most do websites for public use creates a very friendly and sharing environment , allowing people to share their information. Children fall prey too easy useless supervised or at least run through situations with their parents making them aware of the dangers. Children Under 13 Should Always Ask Permission To Release Any Personal Info.
  8. 8. Software & Hardware <ul><li>There are a multiple amount of decisions to make when it come to protection online… </li></ul><ul><li>Software can create internal protection from damaging files or information. </li></ul><ul><li>Routers create a firewall to protect a network from an internet source </li></ul><ul><li>Again if your computer is not configured and managed correctly all these efforts will be in vein. </li></ul><ul><li>Many running systems and programs that are modern enough will automatically have such things already incorporated into your system. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Facebook & Myspace Websites such as these create a friendly networking environment if set properly. To ensure no one is getting your personal information settings should be changed according to what you want. Many people have the world checking out what they look like , who their friend Dennis is and where they live…. Enable the settings to allow someone to view your site that you know is looking at it. Just be careful.
  10. 10. Privacy Tips Checking the authenticity of a website by checking the domain name at , this will provide all info about that specific company. Clearing all history once you are done using the computer, especially if it is a communal computer and you have just used personal info while you were using it. Disabling the cookies removes traces of what and where you did during your session online. Always look for a privacy policy or a seal of approval from one of the preceding companies I had mentioned before.
  11. 11. Resources Privacy Guide :