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Set up a Justgiving page - NDBF

  1. 1. Creating a Justgiving page to receive text donations 1. Click on the Make your page button on the JustGiving homepage: 2. Enter your email address. If you have a JustGiving account, simply enter your password. If you dont, click on No, I dont have an account and you will be taken to set one up. Once complete, click Make your page 3. You will then be asked to search for the cause you wish to support. In the search box, type: 249318 and click search. The first result you will see is for Norwich Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd. Click on the words as highlighted on the below image.
  2. 2. On the next screen, select the Personal challenge option.You will then be taken to the following page. You need to enter text in the Choose a namefor your activity box, we used text giving. Please ensure that the box regarding charitycontributions is set to No, as per the example below. You are free to choose whether youreceive additional information as per the two check boxes. You will also need to decide onthe justgiving web address, enter in the box your pcc name or a name which can be easilylinked to your parish (please ensure there are no spaces, hyphens (-) can be used). Oncecompleted, click Create your page.
  3. 3. Once completed, you will see something similar to the following. You may wish to edit thisas potentially donors may access this page directly. If they do this and make a donation viathe webpage, justgiving will deduct a small admin charge. However, text donations will incurno deductions.Please make a note of the JustGiving page name as the Diocese will need this to identify andforward any donations you receive.If you are considering sharing the details of this page with potential donors, you may wish toedit the details of the page by including a fundraising target, adding a photo or updating thestory of where donations are going to go.When you are happy with this page (it can be amended at a later date), click Continue.
  4. 4. You will then see your justgiving dashboard. To setup your text code, click the Justtextgivingby Vodafone, Ask your friends for text donations option under Share your page (near thebottom right of the below example or alternatively, click this text in the We recommend box,if this is displayed as shown below).
  5. 5. You will then see the following screen. The website will automatically generate a randomtext code for you. However, you can change this by clicking the very tiny link entitled Editwhich is just below the shaded text code (which is for information purpose only and notamendment).You can then specify the code you would like in the highlighted area of the below image,which must comprise of four letters and two digits. If your choice of code is unavailable, youwill need to try another code. Once you are happy with an available code, click Save.You now have a text code which you can promote in order to receive donations. This can bedone in various ways. Some ideas include putting up posters both outside and inside yourChurch, including it in parish magazines or other correspondence you have with people,especially those who may not be regular givers.Ensuring you receive your donations from the Diocese
  6. 6. To assist the Diocese in ensuring that you are credited with all of the donations for your PCC,please email the text code and the web address for your justgiving page also confirm:The name of the PCCThe name of the PCC Bank account: e.g. ABC PCCThe sort codeThe account numberEmail address so we can send confirmation of monies being forwarded to the PCC.Donations are received around 40 days from the date the text is sent as donations have tobe collected from the donors mobile phone bill. Gift aid where applicable, will be received afew weeks after the donation is received.You can visit your justgiving page to see what donations have received. This information islive so you should be able to confirm a donation has been made within a few minutes of thetext being sent. The name will appear as Anonymous, unless the donor completes a gift aiddeclaration. When completing this, they can opt not to remain Anonymous if they wish.