Part 2 - The Details Tab


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Description on the details tab and the information required.

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Part 2 - The Details Tab

  1. 1. PAT 3 – GuidePart 2 – The Details Tab
  2. 2. PAT 3 – GuideYou will need to complete the following information, as this willappear on the Return of Parish Finance formNamePosition: e.g. TreasurerDate of submitting the Parish Finance FormContact (Phone or email)
  3. 3. PAT 3 – GuideYou will then need to select your Parish from the drop down listThis should then populate the Churches Included data automatically. If thisinformation is incorrect, you can manually correct this. We would also begrateful if you could advise the Diocese of any incorrect Church/es listed.You will then need to select the year for which you are preparing accounts
  4. 4. PAT 3 – GuideBoxes 1 to 4 should automatically populate when you pick a Parish Name fromthe drop-down list.The information input into boxes 5 and 6 will feed through to the Return ofParish Finance form (you cannot enter any data into the form directly).Therefore, if you undertake activities which relate to Fresh Expressions, pleaseenter them in these boxes.The agreed Parish Share Ask appears on other areas of the spreadsheet. It isimportant to include this so that people who view the accounts are aware ofwhat Parish Share is expected, even if the full ask is not met.
  5. 5. PAT 3 – GuideColumn 1 includes the different accounts which are used in the year. General Accountand Petty Cash should not be changed. However, Account A to Account J inclusive canbe renamed as you wish.Column 2 should be used to indicate the type of fund. These are Unrestricted bydefault, but can be changed to Restricted, Designated or Endowment.
  6. 6. PAT 3 – GuideColumn 3 distinguishes the type of account this is. By default, the general account willbe the main bank account, so is shown as a cash balance. If you have holdings in CCLA(such as Income Shares, these should be Investment).Column 4 should be the opening balance for the respective accounts. This should bethe same as the closing balance for the prior year.
  7. 7. PAT 3 – GuideColumns 5 to 9 cannot be adjusted. They are populated by completing information onthe following tabs:• Column 5 – Receipts• Column 6 and 7 – Transfers• Column 8 – PaymentsColumn 9 is calculated as the total of Column 5 plus Column 6 less Column 7 and 8
  8. 8. PAT 3 – GuideThe information in these boxes should be entered as these carry across to theReturn of Parish Finance form.The Year End Checklist is there to help ensure that key year end actions havebeen completed before accounts are finalised.