Part 11 - Year End Summary


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The year end summary tab and the information required to use this.

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Part 11 - Year End Summary

  1. 1. PAT 3 – Guide Part 11 – Year End SummaryThis tab is optional. Choosing not to use it will not affect otherareas of the workbook
  2. 2. PAT 3 – GuideOne of the limitations of the workbook comes when preparing summaries for accounts other than theGeneral Account (as only transactions entered under the general account appear on thereceipts/payments summaries and budgets and the ad-hoc summary).In order to prepare a summary of these additional accounts, you can use the year end summary byfollowing these simple steps:1. Select the Account you wish to show a summary for (in the green cell).2. Press the blue refresh list button.3. Enter your previous years comparative figures in the green cells.4. You can show all rows by clicking the incorrectly named red button (ie. for columns read rows).
  3. 3. PAT 3 – Guide5. You can hide any rows by first Then right click anywhere on the highlighted row highlighting the rows you wish to numbers and select hide (different versions of hide. excel may look different, but the principle is the same).
  4. 4. PAT 3 – GuideIn order to produce summaries for additional accounts, you can use the year end summary.If you have more than one account for which you wish to use this form, you can use the “new/copy”function in Excel to produce your own duplicate tabs. 1. Right click on the Year End Summary Tab and select Move or Copy 2. Ensure that the Year End Summary tab is highlighted in the Before sheet list and tick the Create a copy box
  5. 5. PAT 3 – Guide3. Once this is done, click OK4. You can do this multiple times if you havemany additional accounts and these can bere-named by following step 1, but selectingrename instead of Move or Copy