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How to Dashboard your Digital Strategy


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All digital channels have metrics and almost everyone has a built-in or third party dashboard to manage or control them, but the new brand ecosystem requires an integrated understanding that now goes beyond channel metrics to measure brand-people interactions, which drive value exchanges.

By Juan Carlos Robayo / 2012
Head of Digital
Proximity Colombia.

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How to Dashboard your Digital Strategy

  1. 1. B:9” T:8.5” B:11.5” T:11”Dashboarding Your Digital Strategy JULY, 2012
  2. 2. B:9” T:8.5”Contents B:11.5” T:11”Introduction 2In search of digital relevance 3Social media dashboards 8Digital dashboards 10Developing a digital brand dashboard 22
  3. 3. B:9” T:8.5”IntroductionData has become increasingly important in all businesses, critical to the day-to-dayoperations of the vast majority of companies. The birth of business intelligence as acompetency within companies is driving better decision making and innovation basedon deeper and real-time knowledge of the market, industry and especially theconsumer.For agencies, access to customer data to drive customer insight and optimizecommunications investment has never been more important. Tracking campaign B:11.5” T:11”impact along the path to purchase means combining data from multiple brandtouchpoints and visualizing campaign outcomes in ways that grab the attention ofbrand marketers responsible for meeting acquisition, cross and up-sell targets atacceptable ROI levels. Moreover, agencies are bringing together data from research,benchmarking and analysis to find the most effective approach to one-to-onemarketing.Meanwhile, the digital world has seen significant growth in interactive marketing, withincreasing investment in websites, campaign microsites, multiple formats of digitalads, video channels and mobile with new tools to track and capture customer dataand a huge variety of information about the behavior and participation of users insocial networks.Today, information comes from many sources and is used for monitoring andmeasuring, but there is often a delay and reports are loaded with unnecessary data,making it difficult to identify evolution opportunities.Dashboards offer the opportunity to present the user with information and controloptions for understanding and directing actions across multiple digital brandchannels. Defining key measures that align with the business objectives, selecting theright tools and information sources and setting the criteria for visualization will makesure that the dashboard solution is “fit for purpose.” 2
  4. 4. B:9” T:8.5”In Search ofthe Digital RelevanceNot more than five years ago, investment in interactive marketing companies did not exceed XX%of the total investment in corporate or brand communications. Their presence was limited tocorporate websites and/or its brands, so, clearly, interactive marketing was not paramount in thecommunication strategy.It was all about TVIn today’s unstable economy, the effectiveness of marketingexpenditure targeted at driving profitable transactions is beingchallenged. Interactive media spend is forecasted to showsignificant growth over the coming years. Forrester recently RADIOpublished its forecast for interactive marketing spend within the WEB B:11.5” T:11”U.S. up to 2016 (“Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016”),showing a compound annual growth rate of 17% with an estimated TVspend of nearly $77 billion — or 26% of all advertising — oninteractive marketing by 2016.Growth rates will vary by country and industry sector. However,the overall outlook is very promising for those working in printinteractive marketing.The study also reports that increases in interactive marketingspend are most likely to come directly from traditional marketing. “How will you fund increases in your company´s interactive marketing budget?” 60% We will increase budget for interactive by shifting money away from trafitional marketing We will increase budget for interactive with no budget change to traditional marketing 15% We will increase budget for both interactive and traditional 14% We have no plans to increase our interactive marketing budget 7% Don´t know 8% Base: 204 marketers (multiple responses accepted) 3
  5. 5. B:9” T:8.5”Most revealing is the percentageof total media time consumers Forecast: U.S. Interactive Marketing Spend By Industry, 2011 to 2016spend with each media, with $80,000interactive media capturing over Automotive $70,000 B2Ba third of the time that $60,000 Consumer products Financial servicesconsumers allocate to media, in Interactive $50,000contrast to the percentage of marketing Health spend $40,000 Lead generationadvertising spend allocated to (US$millions) $30,000 Technology Media & communicationsit. In the vast majority of countries $20,000 Retail & wholesale Telecommunicationsthe Internet is now one of the $10,000 Travel Othermost popular media types $0consumed every day. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 CAGR Automotive $2,086 $2,643 $3,483 $4,293 $5,271 $6,248 24.5% B2B $2,907 $3,417 $4,021 $4,601 $5,178 $5,703 14.4% Consumer Products $1,826 $2,284 $2,955 $3,708 $4,542 $5,322 23.9% Financial Services $6,856 $8,139 $9,805 $11,537 $13,342 $15,001 17.0% Health $1,746 $2,164 $2,729 $3,338 $3,979 $4,573 21.2% Lead Generation $2,463 $2,845 $3,385 $3,943 $4,505 $4,978 15.1% Technology $2,288 $2,629 $3,068 $3,492 $3,879 $4,214 13.0% Media and $1,786 $2,115 $2,534 $2,979 $3,456 $3,945 17.2% B:11.5” Communications T:11” Retail and Wholesale $5,824 $6,766 $7,912 $9,040 $10,165 $11,200 14.0% Telecommunications $1,179 $1,427 $1,785 $2,178 $2,600 $2,981 20.4% Travel $2,522 $3,105 $3,869 $4,692 $5,579 $6,465 20.7% Other $2,973 $3,467 $4,088 $4,714 $5,373 $5,990 15.0% Total $34,456 $41,003 $49,571 $58,515 $67,888 $76,620 17.3% Source: Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016 (US) Consumers spend less time with traditional media “In a typical week, how many hours do you spend doing each of the following?” Percent of ad spending Percent of total media time individuals spend on each media type with each media type in a typical week 34% 31% Watching TV 31% 35% 31% 37% Internet time 34% 2010 33% Including 12% 34% personal 2009 and work 8% 29% 2007 12% 6% Reading 14% 7% newspapers 18% 8% 8% 15% Listening 7% 18% to the radio 19% 8% 5% 5% Reading 5% 6% magazines 6% 7% Base: U.S. Adults (percentages may not total 100 because of rounding) Source: North American Technographics Benchmark Survey, 2007; North American Technographics Benchmark Survey, 2009; and North American Technographics Benchmark Survey, 2010; Forrester Research Online display Advertising Forecast, 2011 to 2016 (US)
  6. 6. B:9” T:8.5”For many brands, their ecosystem is built based on a model of interconnected channelsand spaces that serve different functions in the path towards building a valuablerelationship with the consumer. The ecosystem integrates social and digital channels in theoverall strategy of the brand.With a center dominated by the digital world and the challenge ofbuilding and nurturing sustainable relationships withconsumers, there is a need to manage, track andoptimize a brand’s performance within this newbrand ecosystem. tv ONLINE SEARCHEach brand determines the levels ofimportance and the roles that each of Mobile app B:11.5”the channels will have within its T:11” Facebookstrategy, taking account of how the Twittercompany and brand is perceived, the siteinterests of their target consumers and Mobile Site YouTubewhere they spend their time in order to radioengage with them. PRINTThus, the migration of massivechannels to digital channels hasallowed brands to discover their online displaymeasurement capabilities, increasingthe credibility of the results deliveredbetween marketers.As investment levels in interactive marketing rise, the responsibility for efficientcontrol grows. This intensifies the demand for tangible, useful results for Senior Managementand the different levels of command. 5
  7. 7. B:9” T:8.5”From “Raining data” to“Storming Information”As interest and investment in Internet and mobile In the mid 90s Webtrends and Urchin createdhas evolved and increased, agencies and clients some interesting options for measuring websiteshave begun to look at delivering enhanced user until Urchin was acquired by Google in 2005 withexperiences and using free tools that record the the promise to provide casual users with aactions of visitors to better understand customer high-level dashboard.behavior, providing something like this. Google became the king of the free hostedBefore 2005, the logs from our servers were data! service model, and different business solutions started to build and grow their market with freeDesktop applications allowed us to visualize and paid services (hosted/self-hosted) like B:11.5”online data using tools such as Awsat to interpret Omniture, Webtrends, ComScore, Clicky, T:11”the data. Woopra and a few others that measure Web activity. 6
  8. 8. B:9” T:8.5”AdobeSiteCatalystAdobe’s acquisition of Omniture in 2009 is still Reinvigorate: All of Reinvigorate features areringing in the ears of analytics kids. With the based on real timing, as they offer heat mapslargest Web-analytics footprint of any vendor, and live analytics in one package. StandardAdobes Omniture Business Unit has continued features like Live Visitor Tracking letsto grow and execute within a broad product moderators see a list of the users currentlydevelopment strategy comprised of organic browsing a website listed by their username.development, acquisitions and partnerships. Comscore Digital Analytix: People recognizeAdobes commitment to keeping pace with Comscore Digital Analytix as a serious Webmarket demand has recently been reflected in analytics vendor for its speed, ability toSiteCatalysts expansions into social media, access data and flexible analysisaudience measurement and data management. capabilities. One of its most representativeTo further maintain its leadership position, features is the capability to integrate withForrester says Adobe must manage the email service provides voice of customercomplexity of delivering a broad set of digital tools, multivariate testing tools, Googlemarketing tools, both in terms of underlying Adsense, and social networks. It also has thetechnology and overall usability for analysts and ability to integrate directly with a backendmarketers. database either via Data Lookup (a SQL database hosted by DA) or through data Webtrends W/agency. Webtrends is the last merge (data that is uploaded nightly), which major independent enterprise Web-analytics allows easy combination of offline and online vendor. Webtrends stands out thanks to its data. robust support for mobile and social channels, and it has somehow managed to It’s true that these tools are becoming more pull off a total user interface redesign and a specialized in metrics models, data makeover of the user experience with visualization, user tracking, and real-time Analytics 10. dashboarding, but new channels and services like social or mobile are now integrated into the marketing mix, creating new data and a need for new management systems. 7
  9. 9. B:9” T:8.5”The SocialDashboardsSocial Media has demonstrated it has a critical role to play in digital branddevelopment, brand reputation and customer relationship management;there is an ocean of tools and services that allow big, small and personalbrands to manage their entire social presence and reputation, generating avariety of solutions that track and manage a brand’s social media activity.
  10. 10. B:9” T:8.5”Salesforce Radian6: Lithium: Lithium has an excellent workflowRadian6 offers users comprehensive coverage manager that allows the social team to haveof discussions on the social Web, covering expert control over sentiment analysis andhundreds of millions of blogs, comments, the customer interrelationship management.public Facebook API and the full Twitter Lithium enables teams to identify keyfirehouse. Recently acquired by Salesforce, influencers to drive real-time action to theseRadian6 offers one of the most robust platforms customers.for social listening and management. They offer Sysomos: With Map and Heartbeat as the mainmultiple services based in three main tools: tools, Sysomos covers the most essential andInsight Manager, Engagement Console and the advanced tools to monitor and track socialSummary Dashboard, which presents the most conversations. They offer multilingual accuracyrepresentative social data. of 80% and use native machine learning algorithms for contextual sentiment withThe main platform (Insight Manager) has a different engines for long form and short formmodular method to build visualizations around content. It has a pleasing colorful dashboard,the entire brand conversation and, with a very workflow and user-friendly options that make it B:11.5”useful wizard, brings interpretation of the most T:11” one of the favorite platforms in the market.acquired widgets to satisfy the needs of theentire team at the different points of the Alterian SM2: Monitors the daily volume,conversation. One of its very important features demographics, location, and tone of conversationsis the ability to add insight packages (Radian surrounding a brand and aggregates results intoDemographics, Klout, OpenAmplify, OpenCalais) positive and negative categories for quickto your listening and use it to segment the entire review. They have a wide range of analysis thatconversation and workflow. include: daily volume, share of voice, tone of voice (is a result positive or negative), tagcloudsSocialbakers: a fast-growing social media and and popularity of search results (reach).digital analytics company that measures theeffectiveness of social marketing campaigns There are also growing marketer tools that offeracross the major social media channels and social media management systems withintegrates new services like “Builder Pro” that integrated metrics and analytics tools likeempower the social team to manage the entire Buddy Media and Wildfire.conversation. . 9
  11. 11. B:9” T:8.5”DashboardsDashboards are now part of the vast majority of digital measurement tools,developed in response to the growing need for a macro and relevant visionof the behavior of each channel, a vision that is essential to managing abrand’s digital strategy.
  12. 12. B:9” T:8.5”With the continued emergence of related digital ChartBeat: Simply read the description ofchannels, an integrated understanding has Chartbeat to understand what they offer:become essential. Some solutions are “We’re not for the back-office analyst. Ourbeginning to crop up in the market, allowing real-time data tools are built for yourinformation from different sources to be websites front-line, get-your-hands-dirty,displayed in a single interface through widgets action-focused people.” They offer fouror visualization controls. segmentation fronts of the data: Content, Social, Traffic Sources and Geo.Here are some excellent examples: Unilyzer: Unilyzer is another good option in the market, with multiple service models and Ducksboard: Ducksboard is a Spanish bet a diversity of configuration options. It brings that aims to focus on interactive marketing together analysis from Google Analytics, professionals, offering them tools with a nice Facebook Insights, Twitter, YouTube, Digg visual environment, to group all the Twitter and LinkedIn to provide a holistic view of the statistics (followers, RTs, latest entries, brand’s network status. Enables the creation B:11.5” T:11” custom searches), and interactions on and parameterization of new sources of data Facebook and other social services like to be displayed within the platform. Foursquare. Dashboards provide a new answer to the old The list of widgets to be set can be extensive, necessity of generating reports: you only need but Ducksboard allows the user to configure the right tool to access data, obtain visual the sources, frequency actualizations and information, real-time graphics and create new patterns of visualization of the data that are analytical views. required. Geckoboard: Offers a given variety of widgets that provide ways to integrate information from Google Analytics, Twitter, GetSatisfaction, UserVoice, Chartbeat. This could be an excellent and economic option for having a general overview of your digital landscape. . 11
  13. 13. B:9” T:8.5”A DIGITALBRANDin A BOARDThe thing is that all digital channels have metrics and almost everyonehas a built-in or third party dashboard to manage or control them, butthe new brand ecosystem requires an integrated understanding thatnow goes beyond channel metrics to measure brand-peopleinteractions, which drive value exchanges.
  14. 14. B:9” T:8.5”Brands and agencies are confronted with a new reality that provides team members withdifferent models for measuring and monitoring a brand’s digital investment. There are nowtools that uncover relevant information for businesses to make decisions and develop smartopportunities, while making sure the digital ecosystem is fully aligned to business objectives.But reality brings us to lose ourselves in likes, views, fans, followers, etc., and thus, lose thevalue built up through all these simple numbers.We define the Brand Marketing Board as a marketing dashboard that, looking to go beyondmetrics reflected by the different measurement tools of digital channels (e.g., Owned, Earnedand Payments), will allow brand managers and their agency to understand the full interactive B:11.5” T:11”space of a brand, communicating value-based metrics, strengthen strategy and drivemarketing insights into the enterprise. “A highly visual decision support application to consolidate, measure, monitor and distribute operational and key performance indicators related to marketing activity.” -Forrester definition of marketing dashboard 13
  15. 15. B:9” T:8.5”What makes a BrandBoard effective?Forrester identified four key elements found in a Visual displays: information using highlyhigh-performance dashboard: visual techniques rather than reports with a pool of numbers. Users need an intuitive Real-time insights to reduce data latency by interface display to quickly derive insights incorporating the most recent data available. and determine whether further action is Boards don’t necessarily need to process warranted. data in real time, but they must make current Data in context: A standalone metric is rarely data available at the point in time where users informative to business users. This means want and need it. using KPIs to give metrics a sense of Simplified access: Optimal dashboards are achievement, time, change, or other deployed within infrastructure that is familiar benchmark from which to derive insight into to users; for example, through a simple URL the meaning of the data. or on the company intranet. Limiting the need These four elements should correlate to create for users to search for dashboards ensures the best dashboard. In the search for the best that they will continue to access and use tool to view and follow a digital brand, it is them. necessary to take these into account. 14
  16. 16. B:9” T:8.5”Proximity Colombia’sApproach to Developinga Digital Brand Dashboard?It was clear to us that a brand’s digital performance was being interpreted from different perspectives.We saw how each new digital channel (RS, mobile, etc.) that entered into the brands’ digitalecosystem required specific tracking as well as dynamic measurement and reports created for brandand agency teams.The drawback was that there were an infinite number of metrics that had limited or no meaning ,andin some cases sounded disconnected from the objectives of the brand or business.It was necessary to start with a solid foundation that allowed us to apply a top-down approach that atits core was powered by metrics present in the vast majority of the tools seen before.With multiple interconnectedinformation fronts: People – Brand Dialog Social Voice Metrics Social Channel Metrics Web Channels Metrics Customer Knowledge Metrics +and with some objectives: People – Brand Channel Interaction Foster Dialog Promote Advocacy Facilitate Support Spur Innovation +We focused on our knowledge and Peoplemanagement fronts in three main areas of the Knowledgebrand board: 15
  17. 17. B:9” T:8.5”People – BrandDialogThe dialogue with the brand is based on conversation metrics. Theversatility and capacity of the tool are essential to obtain more precisemetrics that reflect the actual market for digital media conversations.This focuses on conversations in the brands channels (Facebookpages, Twitter profiles, Fourquare accounts, YouTube or Vimeochannels, Pinterest profiles, etc.) and natural conversations in externalmedia (won channels).
  18. 18. B:9” T:8.5”Conversation Indicators: Share of Voice: Distribution of the volume of Engagement and Influence Rank: Value delivered conversation between brand and competition. mainly by external entities that generate precise measurements and of global reference (Klout and Edge Rank). Content Engagement: Based on the contents distributed by the brand through various digital media, the impact on the audience is tested and an engagement index is reflected for every publication generated in the selected time period. Engagement can be calculated with the following formula: Conversation Reach: Distribution of the volume of conversation among industry, central themes B:11.5” T:11” and brand positioning. User Dialog Trend: Demonstrates the categorization and tendency of the dialogue established between consumers and the brand in their own and won channels. Sentiment Ratio: Sentiment index generated in conversations in own channels and won channels. Mainly segmented into 3 levels of feeling: positive, neutral and negative. . 17
  19. 19. B:9” T:8.5”People-BrandChannelInteractionThe interaction with people is made through our digital channels. This is thebest indicator of where a customer is in their journey towards a relationshipwith the brand. That’s why we based this on our digital marketing funnel:
  20. 20. B:9” T:8.5” The Funnel Board Adquisition Adquisition Activation Activation Loyalty Advocacy Retention Value Advocacy B:11.5” T:11” Data and statistics relating to user interactions across all the digital channels are mapped to each stage in the marketing funnel. Value An example of how data is distributed according to each digital channel: Tablero de Control - Web Aloha Version: 30 Fecha de Actualización 8/25/12 sabado a sabadoCanal Métricas e Indicadores 06-08-11 13-08-11 20-08-11 27-08-11 03-09-11 ADQUISICIÓN Visitas 1,841 1,370 1,145 1,003 980 Variación -25.6% -16.4% -12.4% -2.3% Visitantes Exclusivos 1,609 1,288 1,065 1,039 912 Variación -20.0% -17.3% -2.4% -12.2% Visitas Nuevas 1,557 1,251 1,027 876 877 Variación -19.7% -17.9% -14.7% 0.1% Visitas por Tráfico Directo 970 724 637 502 608 Variación -25.4% -12.0% -21.2% 21.1% Visitas por Búsqueda 77 96 83 91 55 Variación 24.7% -13.5% 9.6% -39.6% Visitas de Sitios de Referencia 794 550 425 410 317 WEB Variación -30.7% -22.7% -3.5% -22.7% ACTIVACIÓN Porcentaje de Rebote 55.46% 66.06% 67.07% 61.62% 69.18% . Variación 19.1% 1.5% -8.1% 12.3% Páginas Vistas 5,067 2,406 1,935 1,685 1,871 Variación -52.5% -19.6% -12.9% 11.0% RETENCIÓN Visitas de usuarios recurrentes 284 119 118 127 103 Variación -58.1% -0.8% 7.6% -18.9% Páginas por Visita 2.75 1.76 1.69 1.60 1.91 Variación Tiempo de Permanencia en el sitio 0:03:11 19 -36.0% 0:01:00 -4.0% 0:01:13 -5.3% 0:01:08 19.4% 0:01:04 Variación -68.6% 21.7% -6.8% -5.9%
  21. 21. B:9” T:8.5”PeopleKNOWLEDGE B:11.5” T:11”Knowledge of our consumers will depend on our objectives and our abilityto store and interpret data across the whole life cycle of our consumers.
  22. 22. B:9” T:8.5”In this case, we recorded all activities made by the users and the brand; we identified thesubject and tone of their actions or comments; we recorded the frequency and impactthrough automatic and manual means to build valuable segments for the brand. Brand/Product Lovers Content Shareholders Ideas Prosumers B:11.5” T:11” Participants Influencers Event Activators 21
  23. 23. B:9” T:8.5” B:11.5” T:11”theresultProximity.coBrand Board
  24. 24. B:9” T:8.5”How we found valuein the Brand BoardFor almost a year, we have been working to build stage (just paid advertising, no content strategy),the main metrics that could be part of the brand low activation, loyalty, advocacy and value.board based on a special brand. Aloha is an icecream line from Crem Helado, the most This gave us a very clear focus. Based on thereknowned ice cream brand in Colombia. brand board we needed “a strategy aimed at increasing loyalty and advocacy with zero spendIn 2011 Aloha had a digital ecosystem with a on acquisition, uisng the power of advocacy tobasic brand website, a Facebook Page, Twitter, maintain acquisition.and YouTube, built around advertising and someisolated activations. For the Aloha team this was the first time theyThere were metrics… clicks, vsits, views, fans, had been shown an integrated vision of their B:11.5” T:11”followers, etc, with a feeling that their investment brand strategy, digital channels and databases,wasn’t being tracked with meaningful results. and the brand board has since become the most meaningful tool to understand the real timeRather than disrupt the customer’s digital impact of their strategy with the capability toexperience, we continued the brand dive into specific data to extract more valuableconversation and interaction as before, and insight.began to collect data across all existing digitalchannels to give a first impression of the brand Now, we have a community with the highestin a board. interaction level in the ice cream market, with a growing base of brand advocates and a naturalWhat we discovered was that “Conversations,” activation rate that proves the referral effect ofthe ability to encourage people to talk about the the advocates, allowing us to overpass thebrand, had very low volumes. hundred fans with a true high level ofWhat was most revealing was “Interactions”. We engagement. All gained by continuous evolutionfound a funnel clearly based on the acquisition of their digital channels, content and conversations and no ads! 23
  25. 25. B:9” T:8.5”Key benefits to buildingand operationalizinga Brand BoardMaking better operational andstrategic decisions. Thanks to the process improvements Monitor activity across all digital channels for associated with producing the dashboards, operational support to quickly identify the interactive marketing team can customize problems and proactively address them. KPIs for each line of business as needed. Generate reports faster and focus the team Quantify interactive marketing’s performance. on understanding data, rather than collecting Measuring the effect of interactive marketing it, and respond more rapidly, clearly and with B:11.5” T:11” on revenue by tracking the quantity and valuable data to management’s requests. quality of leads generated and the related downstream conversions. 24
  26. 26. B:9”T:8.5” B:11.5” T:11” 13
  27. 27. B:9” T:8.5”SOURCESCMSWiRE ReinvigorateAlterian Radian6Web Analytics SysomosForrester AlterianPlataformas B:11.5” T:11” 25