Jersey City Reservoir - Preparing for the Future


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This is a brief overview of the recently completed Preservation Plan project, undertaken by the City of Jersey City and the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance, funded by the Hudson Coutny Open Space Trust Fund.

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Jersey City Reservoir - Preparing for the Future

  1. 1. Jersey City Reservoir No. 3PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance
  2. 2. 2006The City & Alliance applied forand received a $300,000 grantfrom the Hudson County Open Space Trust to develop a Preservation Plan.
  3. 3. PurposeProduce an Historic Structures Report Assess the stability of structures Create stabilization planSubmit nomination to NJ Register ofHistoric PlacesCreate a Concept Design for the future
  4. 4. Selection Process A formal vendor selection process wasconducted. 21 teams responded to our Request for Proposals.
  5. 5. World-class TeamJohn Milner Michael Van Weidlinger Robert SilmanAssociates Valkenburgh Associates Associates AssociatesPreservation Landscape Civil StructuralArchitects Architects Engineers Engineers
  6. 6. Historic Structures Report Explored the history of the site Documented Existing Conditions Engineers tested and scanned the structures Tested water Established priorities and costs for stabilization Defined overall costs for the development
  7. 7. Historic Structures Report Existing Conditions / Buidings and Structures Conservation Assessment
  8. 8. Historic Structures Report Cultural Landscape Conservation Assessment
  9. 9. Historic Structures Report Cultural Landscape Conservation Assessment
  10. 10. Historic Structures Report Cultural Landscape Conservation Assessment
  11. 11. Historic Structures Report Cultural Landscape Conservation Assessment
  12. 12. Historic Structures Report Preliminary Environmental Sample Report
  13. 13. Historic Structures Report Stabilization Drawings
  14. 14. Historic Structures Report Stabilization and Schematic Cost Estimates
  15. 15. NJ Register of Historic Places Submitted our application to NJ Register. Getting added to the Register makes it easier to get funding and protects the site by requiring any development to be approved by the State. On April 10, 2012, the nomination was approved and The Reservoir was added to the NJ Register Now will go on to Federal register
  16. 16. Concept DesignEstablish a vision of what the future couldlook like for The ReservoirRetain the beauty and unique character ofThe ReservoirIncrease the ability for more residents toaccess and use The Reservoir schools, boating, walking, gathering, resting, fishing, etc.
  17. 17. Schematic Design Concept
  18. 18. Increased circulation
  19. 19. Stabilize buildings for mixed use
  20. 20. New buildings for boat storage, restrooms, and an office
  21. 21. Special new spaces
  22. 22. A New Peninsula adds space for people to gather, rest, picnic.
  23. 23. Concept Design This is a possible vision. We have a long way to go.YOU are part of making this happen.
  24. 24. TodayThe Reservoir is safe from demolition.Start fundraising in significant ways.Work with City to move forwardConduct activities to keep the publicengagedWork with education partners to makeThe Reservoir useful and accessible
  25. 25. For more