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General presentation 1

  1. 1. ROBIN ANTAR “M & M BAG #1”This sculpture is 30“h X20"w X 25"d and weighs 800pounds. The sculpture iscarved from stone andpainted.
  2. 2. NATALIE BLAKE “MOUNTAIN SCAPE”Handmade, sgraffito-carved, ceramicwall tiles by Natalie Blake Studios.Commissions available.
  3. 3. LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG “SUPER G”Lawrence Armstrong’slayered canvas is madefrom canvas, wood &acrylic. It is 40” x 50”and is a dimensionalwall hanging.
  4. 4. Sue SUE BLEIWEISS “SILK VESSEL”Silk Vessel- 24” x 5” x 10”fiber, silk, copper, rust, mixedmedia
  5. 5. RITA BLITT RITA BLITT “Dancing” 26’ x 10’ x 5’ Abstract figurative, metal sculpture
  6. 6. An abstract Asian Bamboo study from the FrozenZen series "Bamboo". This series was conceptualized for the contemporary interior with a common theme reflecting qualities to create a calming Zen-like ambiance. Prints are available in all sizes, on photographic and art papers, inkjets on canvas or other substrates. Special commissions for residential, hotels and hospitalsFROZENZEN- DUTOMBE are possible.
  7. 7. DANA BOUSSARD“COLLECTED PARTS OF A SHATTERED FOREST”79"x 54", oil on canvas, collaged and hand stitched
  8. 8. VICTORIA BLUMBERG“FLOWER PORTRAIT #018” Photograph printed on Epson Premium Luster Paper
  9. 9. SARAH BUSH“THAT CARRIES ME ALONG”30" x 40" Digital Collage onBrushed Metal. SheerMatte Finish by Sarah Bush,Float Mounted & Ready toHang. Limited Edition.
  10. 10. DEBORAH CAGAN “HAND COLLAGED TILES” Hand collaged paper with epoxyresin on stone tiles. Used as acoaster set for bar accessory orgift. The tiles can also be framedor used for kitchen backsplash,decorative border or countertrim.
  11. 11. in numerous public and private collections Caroline Christie is becoming one of Australia’s most exciting Abstract painters” Box Magazine Winter 2010 CAROLINE CHRISTIE “DO I BLEND IN” Oil on canvas. 1000mm x 1000mm. “With her paintings in numerous public and private collections Caroline Christie is becoming one of Australia’s most exciting Abstract painters” Box Magazine Winter 2010
  12. 12. JOHN NEVILLE COHEN “07 Butterfly Country”This digital image is created bypainting with light, a uniquetechnique used by thephotographer. You can go to learnmore about the techniquesthat John uses to create hishaunting images.
  13. 13. MAURA CUNNINGHAM “THE WIND CREEKS SLOWLY BY”Abstract landscape , oil painting on wood, 11" x 28"
  14. 14. DEBORAH COLTER “Reconnecting the Dots”60"x 48" original acrylic oncanvas, The artists is fromEdgartown, MarthasVineyard, Massachusetts
  15. 15. SIMONE DE KNECHT “Rotterdam De Koopgoot”Simone de Knecht, Artist ofArchitecture; InternationalContemporary Artist; AwardBest of Cityscapes 2010; 120 x100 cm, geometric patterns,mixed media, acrylic oncanvas,
  16. 16. ALICE DENNISON “PROSPERO”54”x 50”, oil on linen,2008-9; abstract, floral,blue, painting
  17. 17. JULIANA FERREYROS “DIAMONDS”Juliana Ferreyros is an abstractpainter from Miami Florida andColombia, TX. This piece is 36” x30” and is on canvas wrappedaround wood.
  18. 18. MARK FISCHER“MINKE KONOMENE”From the Minke MandalasSeriesA genuine AGUASONIC®mandala made from thesounds of a Minke whalerecorded northwest ofKauii.
  19. 19. BARBARA FLETCHERThis colorful dimensional fishaquarium created byBarbara Fletcher has lots ofdetail. Made of cast paperand mixed media materials.Aquariums are covered inPlexiglas for protection. Sizeis 25" high by 18" wide by 9"depth. The piece is backedwith wood and has hooksand wire for hanging. Thiswork is great for children,hospitals, restaurants andresidential space.
  20. 20. DOUGLAS FREEMAN “Light Towers - The Fountain of the Wind”Doug Freeman sculptorMinneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A.Light Towers - The Fountain ofthe Wind -Height 9’ materials -stainless steel, cast bronze,custom glass and gold leaf.