A Thousand Times Yes, 5 Creative Literature Projects for High School Students


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This Presentation includes an explanation of student created Twitterature (Rewriting classic novels by tweeting them), student created Google Docs for school systemwide bell ringing activities, student created Graphic Novels using Pixton, student created audiobooks through Audacity, and finally, student created crowd-sourced novels. (An Example from 30 Days to Empathy, the World's First Crowd-Sourced High School Novel ever published is included. Links to viewer participation in future crowd-sourced novels are also provided in this thorough PowerPoint Presentation by 2014 CPS Tech Innovator of the Year, Jay C. Rehak.

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  • The learning environment is enhanced because:Melding of different talents creates synergyDifferentiated instruction occurs naturallyPeer to peer learning/differentiatinstruction occurs naturallyCritique of final product is less personalStudents more motivated from desire not to let group “down”Students recognize difficulty of motivating otherwise indifferent studentsStudents suddenly empathize with the difficulties of the instructor (see f. above)
  • Students favorite because they enjoy music and we reintroduce music from 150 years ago. It creates a link from the past to the present.
  • A Thousand Times Yes, 5 Creative Literature Projects for High School Students

    1. 1. Y E OU NGAGING Jay C. Rehak S TUDENTS Twitter @jaycr1 By
    2. 2. Learn to Say…. Every time a teacher can YES legitimately say to a student, the teacher is…  Empowering the student to learn by doing  Allowing students ownership of the assignment.  Validating the students’ desire to learn
    3. 3. Why Engage Students in Technology?  Functional tech literacy required for most jobs in the future  Critical thinking skills developed  Students made comfortable with rapid technological advances  Teacher educated through students
    4. 4. st 21 The Key to Century Success is…
    5. 5. The Value of Collaboration Students do more and the teacher does less.
    6. 6. Five Examples of Integrating Technology into the Curriculum  Students read a novel and create a book of “Twitterature” using Twitter accounts  Students read a novel and then use PIXTON to create to create a graphic novel  Students generate Google Doc Spreadsheet to create a meaningful daily “Bell ringer”  Students use Audacity or Garageband to record a famous short story, essay, or poem, making it available to classmates  Students create publishable collaborative literature (short story collections, essays, grammar books, novels)
    7. 7. Create “Twitterature” Have students work in groups to recreate a novel or play using “Twitterature.” “Twitterature” is having students write 140 character dialog and descriptions as a way of retelling a famous work of literature.
    8. 8. Example Twitterature Christina, Nitzah, Elijah American Lit Period 4  Scarlet Letter Tweets  @hestaprynne: ugh, this prison is so drab!  @hestaprynne: Thank the Lord for the rose bush outside #pretty  @hestaprynne: these ppl gotta stop starin’ at me and my baby #nosy  @womaninthecrowd#1: You disgust me! #gross
    9. 9. Scarlet Letter Twitterature Continued  @hestaprynne: these adults gotta teach their kids some manners  @hestaprynne: ugh.why'd I marry a misshapen scholar many years my senior  @hestaprynne: can't believe what's about to happen.  @rogerjustchillin: I'm heeerreee
    10. 10. Use Free Cartoon Websites to Retell Stories - Create a Graphic Novel The value of retelling a story (novel) through the creation of comics:  Students must read literature to reinterpret  Visual learners team with verbal learners  Students more aware/comfortable with tech
    11. 11. Use Pixton to Create Graphic Novels (Black Boy
    12. 12. Black Boy as a Graphic Novel
    13. 13. “Wordle” Break  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DuDLw0Zftc Okay Valentine.
    14. 14. Student Created Google Calendars  Students create Google Calendar used by the following year’s students  Students “credited” with site, and quoted by peers  Calendar a “bell ringing” exercise engages students in writing daily journal  Calendar can be shared with other classes or schools  Assignment creates “legacy” students take pride in
    15. 15. Google Calendar Bell-Ringers
    16. 16. Create Audio Archives  Have students record a short story, poem, or famous speech. This gives students the opportunity to “star” in the classroom without the pressure of “live performance.” Share the files with students, or make it a homework assignment to listen to a short story, poem or famous speech read aloud by a peer.
    17. 17. Write Crowd-Sourced Novels
    18. 18. Someone Else’s Shoes Our latest crowd-sourced novels have six first draft versions
    19. 19. Coming Soon!
    20. 20. BTW: CORE CURRICULUM is COVERED Listening Speaking Reading Writing Reviewing
    21. 21. Other Ideas…
    22. 22. Student Movies  An Okay Valentine  Waitin' For the Train Google Doc of Songs Use Google Docs to organize the songs; have students input the data 2013- 2014 Music Award Ballot Students vote on their favorite videos
    23. 23. Students’ Favorite Websites
    24. 24. You know what to reach for….
    25. 25. Any Questions?
    26. 26. Thanks for listening  If you want to reach me: Jaycrehak@gmail.com or jcrehak@cps.edu  Follow me on Twitter @jaycr1 or @WYTV4u or @ Official30days  Watch WYTV at wyoung.org  Scan this barcode for my website.
    27. 27. Recommended Websites  http://www.Pixton.com http://www.Createspace.com  http://www.twitter.com http://www.audacity.com  http://www.wordle.net  http://30daystoempathy.blogspot.com  http://someoneelsesshoesnovel.blogspot.com  http://www.dropbox.com And of course, make sure you have a Gmail account and start using Google’s tools for educators.