Jennifer Craker Photography Dec2008


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Jennifer Craker Photography Dec2008

  1. 1. Jennifer Craker Photography The following pages of images are taken around rural Victoria Australia which is currently experiencing a ten year long drought. Most content on this site is currently of a landscape nature and is here to show the essence of the Wimmera-Mallee region of Victoria in Australia with an exploration of the senses of the outback and being close to nature or even at one with nature. Many images presented here are of the rural region surrounding Horsham and the Grampians National Park where wildly diverse locations include sparsley wooded plains, rising mountain ranges with splendid waterfalls and dark forests, canyons, sheer cliffs and rugged rock formations all contrasting against the blue skies and dense green bush land. Feel free to take a look at the images in the gallery and even post a comment about what you like or dislike about them or how they make you feel. More images by Jennifer Craker Photography Purchase a customised calendar for 2009 by Jennifer Craker Photography by clicking here… Now you’ve done it. You missed the holiday shipping deadline for that amazing work of art, t-shirt, calendar or bunch of greeting cards. Well, there’s one way to guarantee smiling faces this holiday and that’s by sending that special someone a RedBubble gift certificate. It’s simple: You choose the amount. They choose the art. Everyone’s happy and all is right with the world.* Purchase your RB Gift Certificate here…
  2. 2. Mackenzie Falls
  3. 3. Views of the Grampains from Lake Lonsdale
  4. 4. Mackenzie Falls in B&W
  5. 5. Noojee Walking Track
  6. 6. Steps to Mackenzie Falls
  7. 8. Views from Devil’s Kitchen State Park
  8. 9. JENNIFER CRAKER PHOTOGRAPHY About Jennifer Craker has a passion for the landscape and captures images of her surrounding area in both black and white and colour. Jennifer lives in rural Victoria, Australia and spends her spare time searching for a wide range of subject matter to photograph that often includes people, animals, old houses, shearing sheds, abandoned vehicles, rural farm equipment, landscapes and other curiosities. Throughout all of her photography is a desire to capture that soft morning or evening fading light and to shoot the amazing changing nature of the landscape that the early morning will often provide. “ The mood of the environment changes remarkably from dawn through midday to dusk, from summer heat to winter mist and chill, through dry periods, rain and even a flood or two.” – “This area is a playground for photographers offering the photographer every opportunity to capture a wide variety of shots. For further information regarding the content of these images and calendars, kindly contact: