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  • Before the start:Load Maria’s video and powerpoint onto local drive or keep on your flash drive (both must be in same folder)Insert your name and directors name into Slide 2If you will be running the You Tube video on Slide 17 open it so it is ready to go when you get to it (this will not play if the internet is not working)- you will need to maximise this, icon on bottom right hand sideSlide 19 has link to the Staff Spaces site on red button, it may help to open first, if not be ready to input your login- check Maria’s video link on Slide 4, if not working, right click the icon and choose Edit Hyperlink and browse to find video file on your flash drive.- IT staff have been arranged to be on each campus, please ring ITS for help if you have any problems.
  • *MC please insert the Director’s name and don’t forget to include yourself.*Welcome guests to the Chisholm awareness DayIntroduce Director and yourselfPurpose of the session – Raising awareness of RPL @ Chisholm with all staff
  • MCRead agenda items
  • MCRecognition of prior learning has many benefitsLearners have:The opportunity to have their skills, knowledge and experience recognised with a formal qualification faster. They will have more time to acquire new skills and knowledge Improved employment outcomes Savings in time and moneyDepartments:Gain student contact hours/incomeMeet key RPL performance agreementsIndustry employers:RPL can help o identify skills gapsEnhances staff skills development and wellbeingCan be customised, its cost effective and is a flexible approach to workforce developmentChisholm:Increases its goal of being an Institute of choice for learnersGains financiallyProvides a valued service to our community and learnersAustralia:Up-skilling the workforceCOAG strategic goals
  • MCHas anyone here today experience this? You are in a department store looking for a customer service staff member and when you find one and ask for assistance, their reply is “That’s not my department you will need to speak with someone else” and they send you somewhere else. (Now you are left scratching your head, and asking yourself, don’t they work here?)We all play a part no matter how large or small in supporting learners on their RPL journey?
  • MCDiscuss briefly with the people around you what you know about your department’s RPL processes.
  • What might a best practice RPL model look like?All staff would have thorough knowledge of RPLDocumentation would be clear and easy for studentsEvery prospective student would be encouraged to RPLDelivery and assessment would include RPL as a normCandidates would be supported throughoutA range of evidence options would be givenWhat else could you do to develop RPL uptake?
  • MCCurrently there are resources and support for staff to increase their RPL skills and knowledge including:A new Staff Spaces site called RPL @ ChisholmSupport from your Education Consultants and Education LeadersYou can also seek assistance from RPL assessors in your areaYour manager will be happy to support you as you improve RPL processes
  • DirectorI encourage you to look at RPL and look at how it can be improved and increased. It is one of the ways forward for ChisholmLook at your RPL processes?Can they be improved?Discuss with your manager and set an action plan for who, when and howIn department meetings inform staff of your RPLUse the Staff Spaces site to increase your knowledgeShare your RPL resources with your colleagues, inside your department and outJust to finish, evaluation of this session is online and the link will be sent via email tomorrow
  • Rpl admin adv2

    1. 1. RPL @ Chisholm<br />A New Way to RPL<br />
    2. 2. The Professional Learning and <br />Development team is pleased to <br />announce the first of a series of <br />Recognition of Prior Learning <br />(RPL) workshops.<br />RPL AdministrationUnpacked Workshop<br />
    3. 3. Workshop Focus<br />The main focus of this workshop is to analyse the administrative processes of RPL from a student’s first contact through to graduation.<br />
    4. 4. Workshop Program<br /><ul><li>Administration of RPL (QMS, enrolment, backing sheets, costs, RPL vs CT, etc)
    5. 5. Concepts of RPL/CT
    6. 6. Model RPL systems and processes
    7. 7. Supporting candidates/customer service
    8. 8. Promoting RPL in your department
    9. 9. Costing scenarios</li></li></ul><li>Who should consider enrolling in this program?<br /><ul><li>Key departmental RPL contacts
    10. 10. Frontline staff
    11. 11. Coordinators and teachers enrolling and processing RPL applications</li></li></ul><li>RPL processes in your department:<br />Does the process support candidates?<br />Is it documented?<br />Is everyone aware of who does what?<br />Is the documentation user-friendly?<br />Does everyone share their resources?<br />Discuss with the people around you how your Department RPL processes work<br />What do you know?<br />
    12. 12. All staff would have thorough knowledge of RPL<br />Documentation would be clear and understandable<br />Every student would be encouraged to RPL<br />Delivery and assessment would include RPL as a norm<br />Candidates would be supported throughout<br />A range of evidence options would be given<br />Link to RPL Online <br />Network Top Tips video <br />What might a best practice RPL model look like?<br />
    13. 13. Staff Spaces site including:<br />RPL Blog site (for sharing and discussions)<br />Education Consultants<br />Education Leaders<br />RPL assessors in your area<br />Management support<br />Support available now<br />
    14. 14. Go to the Chisholm PD site:<br />Link through intranet or<br />https://staff.chisholm.vic.edu.au/ldg/Pages/default.aspx<br />To enrol:<br />