Introduction to The Professional Diversity Network


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The workforce of a successful business must reflect the diversity of its customer base. Employers who make serious and measurable efforts to attract ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, veterans, women, and LGBT talent will win in the new global economy.

The Professional Diversity Network is the nation’s leading online network of diverse professionals, with over 2 million members. Over 60% of the Fortune 500 employers find diverse talent through PDN.

We reach 28 million people monthly with our diversity recruitment media, our network of diverse professional organizations, and our community websites:


Please contact Jorge Cosío ( to accomplish your diversity recruitment goals.

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  • Introduction to The Professional Diversity Network

    1. 1. Professional Diversity NetworkProfessional Networking is amplified withincultures, races and affinity groupsThe Professional Diversity Network• Single Source Diversity Recruitment Strategy• Eight Online Professional Diversity Networks• Diversity Media Reach of 28 million• 50 + Non-Profits• Job Postings Integrated Into The Social Graph - Amplified with Semantic Matching• Diversity Recruitment Branding• OFCCP recordation compliant• Diversity recruitment resource for over 12,000 companies in the past 18 months 2
    2. 2. PDN Affinity Networking Communities 3
    3. 3. Favorable Demographic Trends for Ethnic Diversity Actual 1980 Projected 2020 US Population US Population African-Americans 13% African-Americans 10% Hispanics/Latinos Hispanics/Latinos 82% 18.6% Asian-Americans (1) 63% 36.8% Asian-Americans (1) Total Minorities 17% Whites White Total Minorities 6% Native Americans (2) s Native Americans (2) 2% 6% 0.6% 0.8%1. Asian-Americans include Pacific Islanders2. Native Americans include Alaska NativesSource: US Census (based on 2000 Census)“The buying power of Hispanic Americans will have grown by 613%since 1990, a higher rate than any other ethnic group” 4
    4. 4. Proven SolutionInclusion & Diversity at The McGraw-Hill Companies“Diversity is a core value of The McGraw-Hill Companies, and ourcommitment to a diverse work environment spans generations.Today, our reputation for integrity, quality and innovation dependson our ability to transform the diverse experiences, perspectivesand ideas of our employees into outstanding information servicesand analysis that meet the financial, education and businessneeds of our customers worldwide.I believe that we are at our best when the men and women of TheMcGraw-Hill Companies work and thrive in a dynamic environmentwhere inclusion is encouraged, differences are respected, anddiversity is of paramount importance.“Harold McGraw IIIChairman, President and CEO “The McGraw-Hill companies have worked with iHispano since 2005 to increase their diversity talent pipeline of candidates, and Professional Diversity Network is our go-to solution to build a diverse work environment.” - Peter Castillo Senior Director, Talent Acquisition 5
    5. 5. Federal Regulation requires a commitment Diversity Recruitment The Federal Government requires diverse hiring practices by Federal agencies and Federal Contractor and Subcontractors. 6
    6. 6. Comprehensive Diversity Recruitment SolutionsNations Leading Culturally Relevant Diversity Recruitment Solution 7
    7. 7. PDN Product Platform Diverse Professionals Professional Jobs People Groups Networking Services Semantic Matching and Search Job Job Feeds Resume Social DiversityScrapes & Posts Parsing Integration BrandingCulturally Specific Diversity Recruitment Creative Services OFCCP Reporting Recruitment Media Single Source Diversity Recruitment Solution 8
    8. 8. Diversity Recruitment Marketplace Where Over 80% of Members Self Identify by Affinity, Culture or Race 9
    9. 9. Recruitment Productsthat Harness the Social Graph 10
    10. 10. Diversity Recruitment Talent Communities Culturally Relevant Recruitment Engagement and Branding• Company Specific Diversity Outreach• Interact with Diverse Candidates• Diverse Employment Ambassadors• Promote Company Culture• Company Specific Job Search Tool• Amplify Recruitment Media• Diversity Talent Pipeline• Facilitates Recruiter – CandidateInteraction 11
    11. 11. Optimized for Mobile EngagementFifty-one percent of Hispanics and 46% of blacks use their phones to access theInternet, compared with 33% of whites, according to a July 2010 Pew poll. 12
    12. 12. “PDN” Diversity Recruitment Media Network Reach Over 28 Million Diverse CandidatesRecruitment Specific Targeting & Optimization 13
    13. 13. PDN Helps You Reach 3 Distinct Diverse Audiences28 MillionAudience Reach Over 50 Professional Partner Organizations 14
    14. 14. 50+ Organization and Media Sites Media Organizations