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ABM Presentation


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Presented to Salesforce on ABM Event in Mountain View California on April 23rd.

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ABM Presentation

  1. 1. Maximizing Your Salesforce Investment Jack Corrao, Managing Partner ● COO/CMO at Technology firms 18yrs ● Public and Private startups ● Founded Corrao Group 2002 ● National Business Consulting Form
  2. 2. Our History 720+ 1300+ 5/5 890+
  3. 3. What is ABM? Trend: The strategic process of analyzing individual business’s assets and weaknesses, prioritizing them, and personalizing marketing efforts towards them specifically rather than distributing generic messaging to all accounts at once. - Began in the 1990’s but has become a rising industry buzzword since 2016 - Concept: Addressing client’s unique wants & needs on a deeper level
  4. 4. Life Before Salesforce Little to no visibility into company-wide KPIs ➢ Marketing, Sales, Financial, Operations, etc. Poor task management ➢ Individually and throughout the company Zero Marketing ➢ No integration Incomplete process of sharing information ➢ Poor Project Management communications 6-7 days of work with 10-14 hour days Pre 2008
  5. 5. Life With Salesforce2009 - Present Real-time visibility to all key business indicators: ➢ Company-wide KPIs are two clicks away ➢ Managing individual and project tasks is automated and self-monitored ➢ Opportunity and Project management supports seamless communication ➢ Allowance for Marketing integration – one database for storing statistics ➢ More time invested with customers instead of reacting to issues ➢ Allowed for maximum company employee productivity
  6. 6. Life Before PardotPre 2014 Not proactive with lead/customer nurturing Zero insight into the content/webpages our prospects were engaging with ➢ Restricts Sales from knowing what the prospect really wants to hear in order to make the sell Marketing was handled by an external, third-party app with limited connection to Salesforce ➢ Difficult to present consolidated statistics to Sales relating to their pipeline No real-time alerts on prospect engagement ➢ Uncertainty if the recipient opened the email, clicked a file, etc. Manual Marketing
  7. 7. Life With Pardot, Engage, Wave2014 - Present Company-wide uniformity on content and when it is being sent. Excellent visibility into the content our audience interacts with; what content actually interests them. Automatic nurturing programs for: ➢ Lost opportunities, legacy customers, partner updates, unqualified leads, etc. Accelerates every department in our business: Marketing, Sales, Accounts Receivable, Project Management, and more.
  8. 8. Marketing Automation vs. Sales Automation Pardot makes it easier than ever to create marketing campaigns, know your customer, and monitor their engagement. Create advanced partner recruitment, growth programs, and more. Sync up your Sales and Marketing departments to turbocharge your Sales pipeline. Know who to call and when is the optimal time for closing. Use Salesforce Engage and take your engagement to a whole new level.
  9. 9. Optimizing Salesforce Segmentation Lists ➢ Product/Service, Date Last Active, Geo, Job Title, etc. Automation ➢ Automatic Prospect Assignment based upon their information. ➢ MQL Alerts - Nurture your Prospects until they’re sales-ready, then assign a Sales rep. ➢ Extremely customized Engagement Studios going beyond sending emails. (Notifications, field updates, etc.) Aligning Sales and Marketing ➢ Marketing Calendar –View scheduled content and upcoming events. ➢ Lifecycle Report – Monitor your Sales cycle’s health and Sales and Marketing alignment. ➢ Scoring and Grading – Only MQLs reach your Sales team. Using Pardot Beyond Sending Email Marketing Automation
  10. 10. Each Persona is given a representative name and profile picture to make them relatable and memorable. A profile narrative lends context to the Persona’s outlook and objectives. Goals enumerate some of the overarching objectives and desires each Persona holds. Concerns and Pain Points list the scenarios that Persona’s typically try to address and/or avoid. Conversation Matrices provide messaging starters for objective-based, trigger-induced scenarios, organized by buyer’s journey stage. The Anatomy of a Persona
  11. 11. Salesforce Expansion Making Initial Contact – A Marketer’s Agony ➢ No contact, no opportunity, no deal. ​ The Automated 360 Approach – A Marketer’s Paradise ➢ Advanced Engagement Studio to support direct mail and Sales call alerts ➢ Using PrintSF, we began to send direct mail to avoid the junk folder ➢ Accelerated Partner Recruitment Reports and Wave Analytics ➢ Advanced dashboard to track ROI The Results ➢ 35% response rate increase and a 16% conversion rate increase ➢ The Junk Folder is no longer a problem ➢ Superior, more personal relationships with your prospects and contacts EZ-MarketThinking Outside the Box
  12. 12. Staying Engaged - Sales Salesforce Engage ➢ Real-time alerts on when your contacts or prospects are engaging ➢ Personalized interactions based on buyers’ online activities ➢ Templated (156) vs. non-templated Email statistics Salesforce1 ➢ Add prospects or customers to nurturing programs with one click ➢ Manage your Salesforce, align your team, and drive Sales from your phone ➢ Complete customization – Modify layouts for easier, quicker access Marketing Activity Insights ➢ Grading, scoring, engaged content, prospect activity, etc. Marketing stats inside your Email client
  13. 13. Staying Engaged - Sales Sending a Salesforce Engage Email Real-Time Alerts
  14. 14. Salesforce Wave - Managing QBRs
  15. 15. Salesforce Expansion EZ-SalesThinking Outside the Box A Day in the Life of Sales – Never Enough Time ➢ On average, it takes 16-22 touches to close a deal with a prospect Automating for Sales Efficiency ➢ Preconfigured Sales Scoring model and automations ➢ Nurture, nurture, nurture ➢ Numerous Salesforce Engage templates to support our Sales Cycle’s stages Reports and Wave Analytics ➢ Advanced dashboard to ensure ROI is met The Results ➢ Dramatic increase in Sales efficiency due to Salesforce Engage templates ➢ Real-time alerts and reporting dashboards with Salesforce Engage ➢ Ability to handle a larger pipeline with more predictable outcomes
  16. 16. ABM to Corrao Group - Been consulting businesses via ABM for 20+ years - BPRs & QBRS - Utilized MarTech: Pardot - Taking ABM 1 step further: - Not just about aligning sales and marketing teams, about aligning entire company - Personalization increases referrals and retention rates - Targeted campaigns based on company vertical - Carefully planned email drip campaigns - Increases ROI - Leads from Salesforce made it easy to analyze businesses due to being on the same CRM
  17. 17. ​“I didn’t purchase Pardot, I hired it. I pay a virtual assistant $0.34 per hour.” Pardot, Your New Employee Works 8 hours a day 22-day work month 176 work hours per month Works 24 hours a day 30-day work month 720 work hours per month 8 hours x 22 days = 176 hours per month 24 hours x 30 days = 720 hours per month
  18. 18. Salesforce Expansion EZ-ARThinking Outside the Box Cash is King – Reducing Accounts Receivable ➢ Over 730 customers requiring numerous accounting transactions per month Accelerate Accounts Receivable (EZ-AR) ➢ Automated invoice generation and follow-up, leveraging Salesforce and Pardot technology ➢ Pardot provides real-time notifications internally and to customers based upon exceptions Reports and Wave Analytics ➢ Advanced dashboard to ensure maximum cash flow is achieved The Results ➢ Reduction of 10-12 hours per AR agent per month ➢ Daily Sales Outstanding reduction from 42 days to 21 days ➢ Quicker Project kickoff and completion
  19. 19. ABM - Sample Customers Segment: MID Industry: Technology Products Used ● Sales Cloud ● Pardot Project Info ● Migration from Hubspot to Pardot ● Marketing process optimization Location: California Segment: SB Industry: Transportation Products Used ● Sales Cloud ● Pardot Project Info ● Salesforce Optimization ● Marketing Services Agreement Location: Florida
  20. 20. Our Locations Toronto, Canada Atlanta, Georgia San Jose, California Irvine, California (Large Training Facility) San Diego, California (Headquarters) New Optimizing Expanding Questions for Corrao Group? Salesforce Services
  21. 21. Custom Salesforce Solutions
  22. 22. Ride with Emilio’s Annual Impact ​ 162,000+ hours spent in a van ​ 107,000+ miles traveled ​ 4,500+ rides ​ 250+ patients served ​ 2,300+ appointments Our 1-1-1 Commitment Flagship Program: Ride with Emilio ​ Provides free transportation for underprivileged children and their parents to and from the hospital for cancer-related appointments ENF’s Goal ​ Bring “Ride with Emilio” country-wide. ​ San Francisco is next! The Emilio Nares Foundation