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Welcome to Minarets Charter HS


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A brief orientation of Minarets Charter HS

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Welcome to Minarets Charter HS

  1. 1. The background
  2. 2. 2012-13: Approximately 500 students in Minarets and Minarets CharterA $70 million 300+ acre facility
  3. 3. MINARETS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL a new type of school for a new type of student• A new school for a new type of student....• Guiding Principles - Rigor, Relevance, Relationships and Engagement• Teaching Cyber Safety and Internet Responsibility• Young Professionalism• Connections to community and career.......
  4. 4. MINARETS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL a new type of school for a new type of student• School starts later• A different schedule - what could eight periods mean to students? More electives, more choices, more credits towards graduation.....• What does it mean to be student-oriented?• A better Freshman transition
  5. 5. MOST HIGH SCHOOLS Make students wait to use technologyVideo Production? Internet?You can start as a junior(if you make it into the ROP program) Only on lab day or tech elective (if you make it into the class) Wireless Access? Not for students Laptop? Don’t even bring one. School email? Nope. Not a chance.
  6. 6. But it’s a NEW CenturyWith NEW demands for our Students
  7. 7. Minarets High School Our technology is infused Internet? Have it anytime, anywhere - reallyVideo Production?freshman are producing one video per week Laptop? Wireless Access? Yes! Bring one, it’s ok! Campus-wide, secure wifi access School email? Yes, even at school, for assignments, tests and questions
  8. 8. Minarets High School Career Options We offer career pathoptions from day one in fields like:Media and the Arts, Science and Agriculture, Military Science, Fire Science and Information Technology
  9. 9. Charter Student Orientation
  10. 10. Welcome to Minarets Charter High School.We are glad you chose to attend our HighPerformance, 21st Century, 1:1 computer supplied,Project based high school.
  11. 11. Here are some things you will enjoy as a Minarets Charter High School Young Professional: • An unmatched degree of staff support - including access to teachers via Google Products, email and cell phones. • A rigorous, engaging and relevant learning environment - featuring state of the art technology which features, MacBooks, schoolwide wifi and Pro class software for each student. • A very safe, clean, learning environment.
  12. 12. Here are some things you will enjoy as a Minarets Charter High School Young Professional:• A wide variety of career paths, including-FFA Ag and Science, Music, Film, Art, Fire, Information Technology, MilitaryScience as well as college prep classes such as Honors and AP Certifiedclasses. Minarets Charter students have access to the California ScholarshipFederation, Key Club and many other groups and clubs.• Full access to a variety of CIF sports opportunities(almost 40% of Minarets students participated in sports in 2010-2011).• Many social opportunities, including FFA events -formals, prom, dances and Minarets original events like Camp Out for a Cause,‘Stangfest, the Minarets Media Awards and Senior Legacy Projects.
  13. 13. Here are some things you will enjoy as a Minarets Charter High School Young Professional: Summer Camp at Fresno State NEW FOR 2012: • Students attending Minarets Charter HS for the first time in 2012 will be eligible to attend a TWO day Summer Orientation Camp at CSU Fresno. Minarets Charter students will stay in the dorms overnight at CSU Fresno, eat in the Residence Dining Hall and work in the Kremen Education Building while they get to know each other, Minarets staff and Get a head start on Minarets culture, technology and workflows. The Minarets Charter Summer Orientation Summer Camp is NO CHARGE for MCHS students. The camp will be held in July, dates TBA.
  14. 14. Some characteristics of a potential Minarets Charter High School candidate:• Any 9 through 12th grade student who wants to be serious about their future and present.• A willingness to attend a Multiday Summer Tech Camp or a couple of evenings during the year• A willingness to have great attendance, great communication and great citizenship• A willingness to push oneself to be creative and aggressive in their use of technology. Minarets Charter High School accepts grade 9-12 students from a wide area of the Central Valley area, currently with student guests from as far away as Chowchilla and Visalia.
  15. 15. Behavior and performance:Minarets Charter High School students are guests ofChawanakee Unified and Minarets High School, and need to beaware that their attendance can be revoked at any time.
  16. 16. Minarets Charter HS is preparing our students for the workforce and our standards emulate the same standards one will find in most any employer’s policy handbook.This list is meant to cover common situations and is not to be considered “all inclusive”.
  17. 17. Reasons for DisenrollmentCitizenship1: If a Minarets Charter Student commits a crime thatinvolves any law enforcement agency, they will beremoved from MCHS. (examples: fighting, drug sale,drug use or drug possession, property destruction)
  18. 18. Reasons for DisenrollmentAcademic Effort2: If a Minarets Charter Student fails to provide theirbest effort (an abundance of missing assignments,poor classroom behavior or poor grades) they may beremoved from MCHS.
  19. 19. Reasons for DisenrollmentTechnology Use3: If a Minarets Charter Student fails to abide bytechnology use parameters set forth by the district(modifying or misusing their laptop or the Chawanakeenetwork, cyberbullying), they may be disenrolled fromMCHS.
  20. 20. Reasons for DisenrollmentCollaboration and Honesty4: Minarets Charter students are expected tocollaborate effectively with a wide selection ofof students, doing so effectively and honestly, any kindof copying of cheating can be a cause fordisenrollment.
  21. 21. Reasons for DisenrollmentAttendance5: Minarets Charter Students should not be absentmore than 5% of the school year. Minarets has amultiyear history of schoolwide attendance over than95%. If you aren’t here, you can’t learn.Poor attendance can be a reason for dismissal.
  22. 22. Participation Requirement:Support and Participation*6: As a Charter school, Minarets requires a higher degreeof parental support. This can be accomplished in one of twomanners: A donation of $150 to the MCHS Charter SupportFund or an agreement to volunteer 20 hours during theschool year as a chaperone, aid, snack bar assistant, guestlecturer or support person*. * There are many ways to satisfy the participation requirement, contact the Director of Charter for questions, ideas or concerns.
  23. 23. The items detailed are not every possibleexample, and unique situations may arise.
  24. 24. Thanks for choosing Minarets Charter High School,which is rapidly becoming a West Coast leader ineducational practice, with partnerships that includeApple Computer, Google, CSU Fresno,  UC Merced,Computer Using Educators that are bringing ourprogram to schools throughout our region.
  25. 25. Jon Corippo Director of