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Uber Geeky Keynote Trix


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Dive deeper into Keynote, including animation, in-slide animation, picture adjustment, green screening with Keynote, tours and MORE.

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Uber Geeky Keynote Trix

  1. 1. U B E R G e e k y K e y n o t e T r i x NOW FOR KEYNOTE 6!
  2. 2. ? ?? The Keynote 6 freakout. Where’s my stuff????????
  3. 3. A couple warmups.
  4. 4. Don’t do your titles like this
  5. 5. Do do your titles like this Don’t do your titles like this
  6. 6. A little 6.1 Love
  7. 7. Keynote REMOTE is now FREE
  8. 8. Speaker notes and LIVE PREVIEW on your iOS Devices
  9. 9. AND!!!
  11. 11. My BMX life
  12. 12. Type here: The magical blue tab guides you!
  13. 13. Voilá
  14. 14. Animation.
  15. 15. Honey Badger.
  16. 16. Honey Badger. Sees a cobra.
  17. 17. DINNER!!
  18. 18. Pick Action. Pick Move. Drag that badger.
  19. 19. The badger moves. It’s not really an attack though.
  20. 20. 
 To make it a battle. Add Action. Decide the action. KEY:With or AFTER
  21. 21. Add Another Action. On the Cobra. Build out, Dissolve. With OR After?
  22. 22. Make your Keynote into a QuicktimeVideo Use the vids in: This one seems cannibalistic
  23. 23. Use Keynote forVideo Graphics.
  24. 24. Graphics by Mr Andy Losik’s kids Awesome Keynote Art for Production Logos
  25. 25. All those pics can be animated and saved as a video to use as Intros and Outros.
  27. 27. Insert the background FIRST Insert the overlay clip! Pick Green Screen
  28. 28. When it’s RIGHT!
  29. 29. To clean up your green screen
  30. 30. Last Tips If your camera has autofocus, turn it off USE A TRIPOD Don’t move the camera The background won’t the camera shouldn’t It ruins the fantasy The camera will “hunt” to focus In general, closer is better
  31. 31. Go green screen!
  32. 32. SIGNAGE + +
  33. 33. Keynote for your school signage
  35. 35. Put the images in iPhoto Share them to Flickr
  36. 36. Set the following settings on your Apple TV
  37. 37. Apple TVs all over campus will respond
  38. 38. Tours.
  39. 39. This is an important option With cool implications
  40. 40. Common Core Ideas and Tools ELA Tools Math Tools History Tools Science Tools
  41. 41. ELA Tools Math Tools History Tools Science Tools HOME
  42. 42. ELA Tools Math Tools History Tools Science Tools HOME
  43. 43. Add an Audio Track.
  44. 44. Good picture? Needs an adjustment. This button. Opens this. Auto enhance.
  45. 45. Charter Director - Minarets High School • Minarets Charter HS Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Teacher CUE Presenter 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 Creator, CUEMACUL RoadTrip 2012
 Madera Country Teacher of the Year (2010) Central Valley Computer Educator of the Year (2010)
 “Best of CUE” Presenter Creator of “Rock Star Teacher Camps”
 Creator of “CUE” education strand at MacWorld 2010 Credentials: Jon Corippo Assistant Superintendent Mariposa County Office of Ed @jcorippo Apple Distinguished Educator